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#1 Free WordPress Theme

#1 Free WordPress Theme - AccessPress Lite With our years of experience, we've developed this theme and given back to this awesome WordPress community. It is feature rich, multi purpose and flexible free WordPress theme Suitable for Agencies, Small Biz, Corporates, Bloggers - Anyone and Everyone! The theme is complete with…
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#1 Free WordPress Theme - AccessPress Lite

With our years of experience, we’ve developed this theme and given back to this awesome WordPress community. It is feature rich, multi purpose and flexible free WordPress theme Suitable for Agencies, Small Biz, Corporates, Bloggers - Anyone and Everyone!

The theme is complete with many useful features. The intuitive theme options let you manage all the possible options/features of the theme. You can use it to create your next superb website in no time and all for FREE.

AccessPress Lite - is our first WordPress theme and its still rocking the market, its #1 Free WP Theme!


  • Multi - purpose
    Travel, corporate, portfolio, photography, green thinking, nature, health, small biz, personal, any other creative and minimalistic style website, corporate, agencies, bloggers anyone and everyone.
  • Responsive Design
    Fully responsive on all devices
  • Cross browser compatible
    Tested in all major browsers
  • Theme Options Panel
    Easy to use theme option panel, configure your theme easily
  • Featured Slider
    Beautiful, easy to configure slider
  • 3 Post Layout Options
    Make your website beautiful with 3 post layout
  • Custom Featured Post
    Feature your content on home page
  • Menu Alignment Options
    Align menu on the right, left, center - full control
  • Social Links
    Configure and place social links/icons on header/footer
  • Sidebar Options
    Place sidebars on left, right
  • Custom Logo Option
    Upload logo right from theme options panel
  • Custom favicon Option
    Upload favicon right from theme options panel
  • Multiple Homepage Layouts
    Select home page layout from many available
  • Portfolio Layout
    Design a better portfolio page
  • Event/News Layout
    Design a better events/news section on your website
  • Testimonial layout
    Design a better testimonial section on your website
  • Blog layout
    A separate feature rich blog layout
  • Call to Action
    Convert your website visitors to your customers!
  • CSS3 Animations
    Add smooth CSS3 animations
  • Translation Ready
    Translate the theme into any language you need
  • WooCommerce compatible
    Want a shop? Add WooCommerce!
  • bbPress compatible
    Want a forum? Add bbPress!
  • RTL support
    RTL support needed? We’ve it!
  • Custom CSS/JS
    You can add your custom CSS/JS codes right from theme panel!
  • Single click install
    Click & install. Get all sample data!
  • Dedicated forum support
    Any questions? Post on the support forum
  • Online chat support
    Never seen before? But yes it’s true! We are on chat!
  • Youtube tutorials
    You’ll get youtube video tutorials to configure/use the theme!
  • Easy and detailed documentation
    You’ll get detailed documentation to configure/use the theme!
  • Pro version available
    Need more options? Upgrade to pro!


Translation Contributors

Behzad Damghani (French)
Spain José Roldán (Espanish)

Also check out,


  • Regular updates
  • Amazing support
  • Upgrades available


  • Regular updates
  • Amazing support
  • Upgrades available

Built on Theme Options

Configure the site using easy to use intuitive theme option panel.


Translation Ready

Display the site in your own custom language with the translation ready theme.

Yes Yes

Multi Color Scheme

Choose any color for the site from the unlimited color options.

No Yes

Header Layout

Choose any one header layout from the available four header layouts.

1 4

Website Background

Set either color, image or pattern to the website background.


Breadcrumb Option

Set the breadcrumb to keep the track of the location with the website.

No Yes

Countdown Page option

Setup the countdown page if you are currently making some modifications within your site.


Slider Layout

Choose any one slider layout from the available two slider layouts.

2 3

Custom Post Types

Distinguish between various types of posts using different custom post types.

0 4

Event Page Layout

Choose any one layout for the event page from the available layout options.

1 2

Portfolio Layout

Choose any one layout for the Portfolio page from the available 5 layouts.

1 2

Inbuilt Widgets

Create a feature rich website using easy to configure inbuilt widgets.

0 4

Preloader Option

Set the preloader option for lazy loading effects in the site.

No Yes

Custom Footer Text

Set your own custom footer text.

No Yes

Inbuilt Shortcodes

Build a feature rich pages and posts using easy to use theme shortcodes.

0 13

Fully WooCommerce Compatible

Yes – Stop your WooCommerce theme search here

No Yes

Version 2.72

 	Updated bxSlider Plugins
        Added updated version of Fontawesome

Version 2.70

 	Minor Bug Fixes

Version 2.60

 	Addition of Welcome Page with Demo Import functionality

Version 2.50

 	Change Screenshot
        Post Title issue solve
        HTML validation

Version 2.46.9

 	Add feature section title input field

Version 2.46.8

 	Fixed the theme tag
        Fixed text domain issue
        Updated .pot file

Version 2.46.7

 	Update sidebat testimonial title issue
        Add Sticky sidebar js
        Minor css Fixed
        Screenshot change

Version 2.46.6

 	Menu Align Issue solve

Version 2.46.5

 	Update Template selection issue

Version 2.46.4

 	Update Template selection issue

Version 2.46.3

 	Footer Gallery Issue Fixed
 	Change Default content

Version 2.46.1

 	Change Screenshot
 	Fix design issue at footer
 	Fix menu design issue

Version 2.46.0

 	Add new home page layout with new design

Version 2.45.9

 	Espanish Translation Added
        Contributer - José Roldán <>

Version 2.45.8

 	Added theme support for the title tag and remove the hardcoded Title Tag

Version 2.45.7

 	Tested with WordPress 4.4 and minor bugs fixed

Version 2.45.6

 	Minor CSS fixes
 	Translation .pot file updated

Version 2.45.5

 	Fixes in CSS for Full RTL support

Version 2.45.4

 	Fixes in CSS for Full RTL support
 	More Themes page added

Version 2.45.3

 	FontAwesome Updated to latest version for New icons Compatibility
 	Pot file updated with latest change
 	New Plugin Suggested via TGM-Plugin-Activation

Version 2.45.2

 	Made fully compatible with RTL
 	Minor fixes in Option Panel

Version 2.45.1

 	String Count bug fixed for accesspresslite_excerpt function
 	Responsive bug for grid layout fixed

Version 2.45.0

 	Demo Url in the theme description changed
 	accesspresslite.pot file updated with latest changes

Version 2.44.9

 	Documentation and Demo link updated according to new change in the website
 	Few Other link changed from http to https in theme option panel
 	Unused code remove from the theme option panel
 	TGM-Plugin-Activation updated to 2.5.2

Version 2.44.8

 	Addition and modification of Info in theme option panel

Version 2.44.7

 	Plugins recommended Via TGM
 	Minor Fixes in theme option panel

Version 2.44.6

 	Translation bug for the variable fixed
 	Spelling mistake in meta tag(viewport) fixed

Version 2.44

 	Font Awesome updated to latest version
 	Minor bug in Home page slider fixed

Version 2.43

 	Minor adjustment in theme option panel
 	New .pot file created
 	Translation bug fixed
 	Screenshot changed

Version 2.42

 	Translation Issue fixed for the month name for event date metabox
 	Minor adjustment in theme option panel
 	New .pot file created

Version 2.41

 	New Translation Language added(Italian)

Version 2.40

 	Changes in theme Option panel
 	Email removed in theme option panel due to unnecessary spam emails
 	Social Links Changed with icons in theme option panel

Version 2.39

 	Support for header text added
 	Unwanted Images removed.

Version 2.39

 	Support for header text added
 	Unwanted Images removed.

Version 2.36

 	HTML bug Fixed in Theme Option Admin Panel
 	Event date set to current date as a default value.
 	Added Title Tags as WordPress v4.1 recommends

Version 2.35

 	Yet another new translation Language added(Portuguese)

Version 2.34

 	New translation Language added(Russian)

Version 2.33

 	Minor bugs found and fixed

Version 2.32

 	Screenshot changed

Version 2.30

 	Fontawesome Font Rendering bug fixed

Version 2.29

 	Minor bugs fixed

Version 2.28

 	Feature to disable Homepage Event sidebar added
 	Few Minor CSS bugs fixed

Version 2.26

 	New Translation Language added(Danish)
 	Minor bug in array merging fixed

Version 2.24

 	Small bug fixed in for array warning in Theme Option
 	Three new Translation Language added(French/Japanese/Persian)

Version 2.23

 	Options for Page added in Welcome and Featured Post
 	Previously only Post can be added.

Version 2.22

 	Minor changes in Theme Option Interface
 	Minor CSS bug fixed

Version 2.20

 	Minor Changes in the admin Section
 	FontAwesome Icons updated to 4.2

Version 2.19

 	Testimonial section responsive bug fixed
 	Main Navigation Jquery bug fixed

Version 2.18

 	Made Woocommerce compatible

Version 2.17

 	Theme Screenshot Changed
 	Video tutorial link added in Theme Option Panel
 	Tumblr and Myspace Social link added

Version 2.15

 	Theme Screenshot Changed
 	About AccessPress Theme Tab content Updated in theme option panel
 	Alt tag added to slider Images for better SEO

Version 2.14

 	Welcome Image text Changed with own building
 	Option to show/hide event date added
 	Css for Captilized text in headertext removed.

Version 2.13

 	Call To action Section added
 	Option to show full content in the welcomepost added
 	Option to replace event section in homepage by widget added
 	Few changes in admin Interface
 	Dummy texts edited

Version 2.12

 	Multiple content in Event category fixed
 	Translation Issue fixed
 	Bug in Slider pause Fixed

Version 2.11

 	Slider Pause option added
 	Option for Custom Event date added

Version 2.10

 	Sidebar Bug still persists so Fixed

Version 2.06

 	Sidebar Bug Fixed

Version 2.04

 	Theme Homepage and Author changed
 	Social Skype Link Bug fixed
 	Minor glitches fixed
 	Change in Header For Better SEO

Version 2.03

 	Display slider by category bug fixed
 	Design conflict between clear and clearfix class resloved
 	Feature to disable featured bar above the footer added
 	Fontawesome icon updated to latest version
 	Field for custom css and script(analytics) added

Version 2.01

 	Testimonial Title bug fixed
 	Welcome Post undefined error fixed

Version 2.0

 	Option to set the number of character to show in the welcome post added
 	Option to set the number of Event Posts to show in the home page added
 	Option to set own Read more text in excerpt added
 	Testimonial section is made replacable by custom widget
 	All Hard coded codes removed
 	Cropping a logo into fixed sized Removed. Now Logo into any size
 	New Option(Instagram and Sound Cloud) for the social media buttons added in the header
 	Made the theme translation ready
 	Image align for small sized image in the slider solved.
 	Feature to show category posts as a slider added along with previous 4 single post feature
 	index-one.php and index-two.php merged in to a single index-one.php
 	Spelling mistakes for the word Testimonial solved

 If you find any bug please feel free to report though our contact page or Support Forum


AccessPress Lite

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  • GPL v3
  • Availability Instant Download
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