WordPress Responsive Touch Slider for a Layman – WP1 Slider Pro

Yes, WP1 Slider Pro - is a WordPress multi-purpose slider plugin for Layman! Most of the slider plugins are too technical and need a lot of time to configure/make a slider. So we made it for the non-programmer and non-tech users. This plugin is easy to use, has all useful features…
WordPress Responsive Touch Slider for a Layman – WP1 Slider Pro
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WordPress Responsive Touch Slider for a Layman – WP1 Slider Pro

Yes, WP1 Slider Pro – is a WordPress multi-purpose slider plugin for Layman!

Most of the slider plugins are too technical and need a lot of time to configure/make a slider. So we made it for the non-programmer and non-tech users. This plugin is easy to use, has all useful features and you can create stunning sliders in just no time, with absolutely no coding knowledge.

You can easily create image galleries, content sliders, slideshows, post sliders, WooCommerce product sliders, video sliders, testimonial slider, team slider, slider in laptop/mobile/frame, logo slider, SoundCloud Audio slider, partial view slider, full width & auto width slider. You can also have kenburn effects in your slider images.

Not only this, you can create sliders/galleries with your Facebook and Instagram images! Just authorize your social account and pull and use images directly.

It is greatly responsive, touch / gesture-friendly, cross-browser compatible, load speed optimized and SEO friendly. A greater level of themes/plugins compatibility/conflicts is tested.

The WP1 Slider Pro comes with 23+ different animation effects, 15+ beautiful layout options, full configuration power to pagination styles, arrow styles, auto-controls styles, fonts, colors etc. You can also upload your own custom arrow.

Get a hassle-free WordPress slider for nontechies now!

Full features of the plugin 

  • Images Slider
    • Upload unlimited images in different layers
    • Assign them animation and effects.
    • Create a great looking image slider
  • Video Background & Video Slider
    • Easy to use with Youtube, Vimeo, Html5 videos.
    • Thumbnail pager images for Youtube, Vimeo, and Html5 videos.
    • 3 awesome templates for single video sliders and 4 different templates for videos carousel slides with video dynamic settings.
    • 2 awesome templates for video background slider with video dynamic settings.
  • Post Sliders
    • Create a slider from posts, pages, categories, or any custom post type.
    • 2 awesome templates for single post slider and 6 awesome templates for post carousel slides with dynamic settings.
  • Layer And Animation Sliders
    • 15 awesome templates for animated layer slider.
    • Multiple layers which can be text or images with 22 animation features and different entrance timing settings for each title, description, button, and layers.
    • 2 different text animation for text on each layer.
  • SoundCloud Audio Slider
    • Easy to use with SoundCloud audio slider
  • WooCommerce Slider
    • Create a slider with WooCommerce products
      • Add to cart, view details – buttons included
      • 3 awesome templates for WooCommerce product.
  • Social Media Slides
    • Create sliders with your Facebook pages images and Instagram images.
    • Just authorize your Face and Instagram and pull images on-the-fly to make sliders
    • 3 Awesome templates for Facebook and Instagram slides.
  • Image Galleries
    • Not just sliders – make image galleries to be placed anywhere on the page.
    • Many gallery layouts
  • Carousel Layout
    • Carousel slide effect on image slide or post slide or video slide.
    • 6 awesome templates for carousel layout of images and posts.
    • 4 awesome templates for carousel layout of videos.
    • 2 awesome templates for carousel layout of Instagram, Facebook, and WooCommerce.
    • All templates have its own dynamic settings configurations.
  • Lightbox Effects
    • Lightbox effects in carousel effect of image slide, video slide and post slide.
  • Thumbnails layout
    • 16 beautiful thumbnail pager (navigation) layout, both vertical and horizontal.
  • Kenburn Effect in image slides
  • Partial View Slider
  • Auto Width Carousel Slider
  • Content Slider
  • Mixed Slider which can be a mixture of image, video, content slide.
  • Slider in laptop/frame/mobile.
  • Touch-friendly
    • Scroll/navigate the sliders with your fingers in touch devices (phones/ tabs)
  • Fast loading
    • 100% optimized code
    • Excellent framework to make sure the slider loads fast
  • Search Engine Optimized
    • All slider components are Search Engine Friendly.
  • General Features:
    • Add an unlimited amount of images to the slider.
    • Add unlimited sliders on one page.
    • Enable/disable buttons (with/without a link) on the slider.
    • Separate slider settings for each slider.
    • Separate caption settings for each slider.
    • Four different caption layouts for each slider.
    • Separate pager setting (slider navigation pager) for each slider.
    • Seven different dot pager(slider navigation pager) layouts for each slider.
    • Thirteen different horizontal thumbnails page(slider navigation pager) layouts and three different vertical thumbnail page layout for each image, video and post slider.
    • Separate navigation / Arrows setting for each slider (25 designs to choose from).
    • Two different box shadow for slider image.
    • Nine different positions for slider title and description within the image.
    • Ability to change colors of title, description, buttons, and button hover on the slider image.
    • Ability to change the font size of slider title and description on the image.
    • Ability to change the background color and active color of dot pager navigation on the slider image.
    • Add unlimited sliders in widgets.
    • The slider is fully responsive.
    • Easy usage via Shortcode.
    • Shortly Slider Drag and Drop functionality: Drag and drop images to rearrange their sequence in the slider.
    • Shortcode button for easy insert of the slider into post/pages
    • Six different transitions for the slider.Horizontal ,Vertical,Fade,Skew Horizontal,Skew Vertical,Zoom In.

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Watch this short video to know the plugin better!

WordPress Responsive Touch Slider for a Layman – WP1 Slider Pro

Version 1.1.7
28th June 2018

 Fixed code standard.

Version 1.1.6
29th May 2018

  Fixed issues related to Instagram slides.
Fixed issues related to video popup slides.

Version 1.1.5
29th May 2018

 Fixed compatible issues related to wordpress 1.1.5.

Version 1.1.4
29th November 2018

 Fixed few bugs.

Version 1.1.3
9th July 2017

  Fixed few bugs related to version 1.1.2.

Version 1.1.2
7 April 2017

 Fixed few enqueue issues.

Version 1.1.1
18 Feb 2017

  Fixed slide counts issues and post delete related issues.

Version 1.1.0
18 Feb 2017

  Fixed few bugs.

Version 1.0.9
19 Jan 2017

  Fixed the issue related to limit of the post and woocommerce product.
Fixed issue related to delete and add the post in post type slide.

Version 1.0.8
31st October 2016

  Fixed few design issues.

Version 1.0.7
26th October 2016

  Added crop functionality for main image of post slide and image slide.

Version 1.0.6
21th October 2016

  Fixed few backend bug
        Few code modification
        fixed few css issues

Version 1.0.5
15th October 2016

  Fixed fade transition issues in animation mode

Version 1.0.4
7th October 2016

  Added team slider.
  Added testimonial slider.
        Fixed bugs.

Version 1.0.3
4th October 2016

  Fixed css issues for slider in laptop/frame/mobile.
  Fixed sound effect of SoundCloud audio slider.

Version 1.0.2
1st October 2016

  Added Youtube/Vimeo/HTML5 video background slider.
  Added Youtube/Vimeo/HTML5 video layer in slider.
  Added Soundcloud audio slider.
  Added kenburn effect in image slider.
  Added partial view slider.
  Added next and previous image preview in arrow navigation control in slider.
  Added auto width carousel slide in slider.
  Added slider in laptop/mobile/frame.
  Added content slider layout.
  Added mixed slider layout which can be image,video and content slider.
  Added four different autocontrols variation in slider.

Version 1.0.1
31st August 2016

  Updated backend structure of plugin.

Version 1.0.0
30th August 2016

  An initial release of a plugin.


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