Free WordPress Infinite Post Loader (Scroller) Plugin – Smart Scroll Posts

Free WordPress Infinite Post Loader (Scroller) Plugin – Smart Scroll Posts

Smart Scroll Post is a FREE WordPress plugin, which allows you to load your infinite posts while scrolling. It is useful when you want your readers read another blog/post right after one just by scrolling. No need to go back and find next/previous posts/blog and click again. Just keep scrolling and keep reading. This plugin currently allows single post to scroll and load another. You can apply this to all or a specific category of posts, custom posts types

Install Smart Scroll Posts and give your readers a super comfort while reading!

Load your infinite WordPress posts on scroll! Give the great user experience to your blog / website visitors.


  • Infinite load posts in scroll (Infinite scrolling, smart scrolling)
  • Easy to read articles/blogs without clicking article titles/next/previous etc.
  • Change URL of the post when it loads another (when you scroll)
  • Option to apply smart scrolling to all categories or specific categories.
  • Option to choose the default loader or upload your own.
  • Simple to use – just add a CSS CLASS to your code.
  • Option to define HTML Markup

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