Ultimate Author Box – Responsive Post/Article Author Section Plugin for WordPress

1.0.12 (9th October 2017)

  • Pop-up summary latest post title fix.
  • Update to Author List Widget
  • Change in Author List Widget Design
  • Adaptive Number of Authors in Author Slider according to container
  • Change is grid number for Full width Grid
  • Added option to show/hide Post/View count
  • Added option to show/hide Author’s Latest post
  • Added option to show/hide Author’s Social links in List and Grid View
  • Exclude Author list sorted in alphabetical order
  • Total view and total post icon changed to text to complement new design
  • Updated the how to use within the plugin with instruction for the above changes

1.0.11 (24th September 2017)

  • Added Latest post to Author List Widget in list view (Suggestion by Sencer Girgin)

1.0.10 (11th September 2017)

  • Social icons option issue fixed

1.0.9 (16th August 2017)

  • Responsive CSS add to Full Grid Author List Widget
  • Email hide option added.

1.0.8 (24th May 2017)

  • Post Tab date fix, now the post format is based on your wordpress date/time and language settings (Suggested by
    Delbert Warkentin).
  • Feature added: Disable Template Customization for Individual Users (Suggested by AlphaBrand).
  • Latest post in Author Pop-up limited to 4 Latest Posts to unify Popup design (Suggested by
    Delbert Warkentin).
  • User restriction to Author Box improved.

1.0.7 (13th May 2017)

  • Two new independent shortcode alternatives for Author Box Widget and Author List Widget added.
    Please check the How to use section for details on the shortcode. (Suggested by
  • All profile images restricted to 200x200px image size. Now the recommended profile image size is 200x200px.
  • New Video tutorial Section added to the How to use section of the plugin.
  • Made the Company description editor and WYSIWYG editor shortcode friendly.
  • External user-role case handled.

1.0.6 (6 May 2017)

  • Add sort by Post view count feature to Author List widget (Feature suggested by MhendiZ)
  • Minor bug fix with Show/Hide Author Info Pop-up with Author Box.

1.0.5 (3 May 2017)

  • Add option in General Settings to Show/Hide Author Info Pop-up with Author Box. (Feature suggested by efrenjr)
  • Fix Shortcode $atts parameter.
  • Author List Widget ‘echo’ bug fix.
  • Hide Author Box if Author Biographical Info is empty option bug fix.

1.0.4 (25 April 2017)

  • Fix to auto append Author Box to posts making it compatible with AccessPress Anonymous Post direct post publish feature.
  • Add Author information pop up feature to Author List Widget.(Feature suggested by krishkusuma)

1.0.3 (21 March 2017)

  • How to use and about us page available to user roles with post edit permission.
  • Template 13 background image position fixed.
  • RSS title color fix for custom templates.
  • Add Author Page link to Author Box Widget.
  • Change in image thumbnail in Template options.
  • Page and Custom post Type Metabox option fixed.
  • User role restriction fixed for both frontend and backend.
  • Administrator now has ability to set up all user profile by themselves, even when restricting other users to access Author Box.
  • Author box profile restriction message changed from notice level to information level.
  • Added Author Box Video tutorial link in how to Page.
  • Screenshots Update

1.0.2 (14 March 2017)

  • admin_enqueue_scripts limited to General Settings, How to use page, About page, profile.php and user-edit.php

1.0.1 (10 March 2017)

  • Frontend array index error fix.
  • Custom Template settings improved.
  • Translation strings improved.
  • Author Post Selective post listing fixed.
  • Author Biography information accepts HTML tags.
  • wpautop function added for Pages and Custom post types.
  • Twitter API class conflict fix.
  • Gravatar class conflict with themes fixed.
  • Frontend template margin and padding fix.
  • Frontend template redundant div removed.
  • Author Post Count added to Author List Widget.


  • Initial release of a plugin.

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