One Page Premium WordPress Theme – Gaga Pro : Update Logs

Version 1.1.5
September 06 2017

        Shop section background issue fix
        Portfolio section background issue fix
        Page header background issue fix
        Service content not displaying on mobile issue fix

Version 1.1.4
July 26 2017

 	Google Map API key added

Version 1.1.3
August 14, 2016

 	Add Pre loader enable/disable opti

Version 1.1.2
June 21, 2016

 	Testimonial and about section BG image issue at responsive fixed
 	Map section issue fixed

Version 1.1.1
June 9, 2016

    Logo link issue solved

Version 1.1.0
May 19, 2016

 	Service section design issue solv

Version 1.0.9
May 04, 2016

 	Service section issue solve

Version 1.0.7
April 26, 2016

 	Team page design refine
 	Update js on portfolio and blog page

Version 1.0.6
April 20, 2016

 	Shop Section Issue Solve
 	Header Background issue solve

Version 1.0.5
April 12, 2016

 	Blog and Portfolio archive page js issue solve
 	Team page design and footer nav bar issue solve
 	Comment section on posts issue solve

Version 1.0.4
Mar 31, 2016

 	Update responsive menu issue
 	Update team section issue

Version 1.0.3
Mar 20, 2016

 	Woocommerce Compatible
 	Added Header Layout
 	Fixed Blog and Portfolio Page issue
 	Added Full Window slider

Version 1.0.1
Feb 6, 2016

 	Fix designing issue
 	Added Home Page section Re-Order function

Version 1.0
Jan 6, 2016



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