Free Education WordPress Theme – Enlighten : Update Logs

Version 1.1.4
August 25, 2017

 	Fixed Sidebar Issues in blog page
        Minor Design Fixes

Version 1.1.3

 	Typo Error in customizer fixed
        Footer copyright text mistake fixed

Version 1.1.2

 	Added the Custom Editor Styles
        Added Welcome page with demo import functionality

Version 1.1.1

 	update theme Description

Version 1.0.9

 	Edit js for owl carousel js plugin

Version 1.0.8

 	Found Sanitize and escaping issue and solve

Version 1.0.7

 	Got Dynamic CSS issue and solve

Version 1.0.6

 	Got Designing issue and Solve

Version 1.0.5

 	Add More Dynamic css

Version 1.0.4

 	Add more js for customizer live preview

Version 1.0.3

 	Change client section js
 	Customizer live preview js added

Version 1.0.2

 	Fix spacing and font size
 	Archive page design issue fixed
 	Add more customizer option

Version 1.0.1

 	Add More feature
 	Add responsive css
 	Fix js bug

Version 1.0.0

 	Submitted theme for review in


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