Premium WordPress Testimonial Plugin: AP Custom Testimonial Pro : Update Logs

3rd November, 2016

  • Resolved and updated some code issue for google recaptcha for frontend submission form
  • added some additional field for submission form message on form submission success or failure
  • Done some code cleanup.

4th August, 2016

  • Updated template div structure.
  • Added option to enable disable frontend submission form.
  • Done some code cleanup.
  • Added additional control options for testimonial widget.

31th July, 2016

  • Added option to allow user to change date or use default date.
  • Fixed some design issue in the front-end template.
  • Fixed and updated code for text formatting.

15th July, 2016

  • Resolved issues with design and code bugs for testimonial review form.
  • Updated the short-code generator option in plugin resolving issues.
  • Added feature to allow user to have additional ability to review and edit submitted testimonial review before approving.

24th May, 2016

  • New feature addition in plugin to add video testimonial.
  • Added new feature to add review submission form in front end for user review.
  • Fixed few programming bugs and CSS bugs.

30th May, 2016

  • Initial release of a plugin.

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