Multipurpose WordPress Theme – AccessPress Staple : Update Logs

Version 1.8.2
August 31, 2017

 	Updated bxSlider
        Updated Font Awesome Fonts

Version 1.8.1

 	 Fixed Minor Bugs.

Version 1.8.0

 	Fixed Woocommerce Compatibility issues in the latest version of woocommerce.
        Added Welcome Page with the demo import functionality.
        Added Support for the custom editors style

Version 1.7.9
August 25, 2016

 	Tested on WordPress v4.6
 	Fixed css on WooCommerce Account page
 	Updated .pot file

Version 1.7.8
May 27, 2016

    Removed deprecated tags from style.css file
    Changed the footer coptyright section
    Fixed style of footer widget section
    Updated .pot file

Version 1.7.7
May 11, 2016

    Fixed sidebar bugs at single post page and woocommerce product page
    Updated the woocommerce templates

Version 1.7.6
March 21, 2016

    Plugins recommended via TGM
    Fixed text domain
    Updated .po file

Version 1.7.5
February 01, 2016

    CSS fixes for WordPress 4.4

Version 1.7.4
October 19, 2015

    More theme Pages added

Version 1.7.3
October 16, 2015

    Issue of Social Icon hidding in hover fixed
    WooCommerce depreciated File removed
    .pot File updated

Version 1.7.2
October 04, 2015

    Home Page blog section pagination bug fixed
    Side title tag change from H1 ko H3 for better SEO

Version 1.7.1
September 25, 2015

    New Header layout added
    Minor fixes in CSS

Version 1.7.0
September 14, 2015

    Translation text fixes
    Link error on sidebar Layout metabox on page fixed
    FontAwesome updated to latest version

Version 1.6.9
September 04, 2015

    Background rendering bug (in chrome) for call to action section and testimonial fixed

Version 1.6.8
August 26, 2015

    TGM Plugin Activation plugin updated to latest version
    Demo Link Changes
    Changes in some other author links from http to https

Version 1.6.7
August 03, 2015

    Home Page Testimonial section and Call to action section background bug fixed
    Minor Change in Theme Option panel Info texts
    WP Editor height decreased.

Version 1.6.6
July 25, 2015

    Clean up in styles
    Added new Fonts
    Navigation bug fixed
    Changes in style.css for better experience
    Minor Changes in Markup and CSS
    Search window CSS bug fixed
    Minor changes in Styles
    Home Page slider overlay bug fixed
    Jquery bug for the theme option panel tab fixed

Version 1.6
April 30, 2015

    Minor layout changes in admin panel
    Cleaning up the php formatting
    TGM-Plugin-Activation Updated with latest version
    Theme slug prefix added for scripts name and image size
    Prefixed images size replaced every files

Version 1.5.6
May 17, 2015

    Change in Theme Option Interface
    Added TMG Plugin Activation for Theme Related Plugin
    Escaped Missed String
    Change Theme Description
    Screenshot changed
    Added New File demo.php

Version 1.5.4
May 05, 2015

    Added new option for latest post
    Escaped String in the theme
    Removed JS/Analytics

Version 1.0.2
Jan 09, 2015

    Portfolio Archive and Team Member archive page bug fix
    Facebook popup fix

Version 1.0.1
Dec 14, 2014

    New Responsive Menu
    Single Post Feature Enable/Disable Feature Added
    Single Post Author and Date Enable/Disable Feature Added
    Single Post Pagination Enable/Disable Feature Added

Version 1.0
Dec 1, 2014

    Theme Released


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