Free WordPress Social Login Plugin – AccessPress Social Login Lite : Update Logs

version 1.2.6
15th June 2016

  • Fixed google login issues.
  • Fixed facebook login issues.
  • Fixed the buddypress undefined index issue while saving settings.
  • Added the notifications about the instagram API change for the instagram login.

version 1.2.5
14th April 2016

  • Added buddypress xprofile mapping.
  • Added Email template design for new user notification email.
  • Easy Digital Download(EDD) Integration – Added the social connect buttons in checkout page, login and register shortcode.
  • Fixed login redirect link issue for the login form.
  • Fixed the user link issue for facebook and vk profile.

version 1.2.4
9th Jan 2016

  • Fixed the design issues for themes.

Version 1.2.3
2nd Jan, 2016

  • Done the bug fixing for the facebook login with the newer API version v2.5.
  • Done the bug fixing for the email notifications for the admin with the blank user details when user deny the app for login.
  • Done the modification of the user notification email function to work with wordpress version greater than 4.3.1
  • Addition of the header_sent method checking in the plugin’s main class for the session start.
  • Done the google+ app creation note section modifications.

Version 1.2.2
14th October, 2015

  • Theme-1 hover effect fix for facebook icon.
  • Theme 10-15 fix hover effect and colour update.
  • Theme-2 fix hover effect on buffer icon fixed.
  • Theme-4 hover on buffer icon fixed.
  • Theme-8 hover animation added.

Version 1.2.1
8th October, 2015

  • Done the minor bug fixing for the display of the error message if user not authorize the apps.

Version 1.2.0
4th October, 2015

  • Added account linking feature during login/registration to the site.
  • Added options to allow user to enter their custom username and email address.
  • Done the default creation of username using firstname only and if username already exist the number will be appended to user after underscore.
  • Email notification to user with custom email body.
  • Theme 3 and theme 5 hover color fixes.
  • Added woocommerce meta data of the users.
  • Upgrade of the Facebook sdk to latest version. This will fix the issues regarding the facebook login.
  • Added the normal login form with social login as widget and shortcode.

Version 1.0.3
30th June, 2015

  • Done the css fixes for the themes icons and done changes in the social icon buttons to maintain color consistency with social medias.
  • Addition of more user details to wordpress user database where available from social network as social network doesn’t provide much information we are limited on this.
  • Modification of the user’s username. Now the user’s username will be based on the social network provider’s identity instead of user’s email address.
    We will gradually add features to make the options for users to choose the username and email address as they want in future releases of plugin update.
  • Added the various options in other settings tab
    • Logout redirect link options.
    • Login redirect link options.
    • User avatar options.
    • Email notification settings.


Version 1.0.2
June 23rd June, 2015

  • Fixed the icons color issues for vk.

Version 1.0.1
June 19th June, 2015

  • Fixed the google redirect uri issue for the frontend shortcodes and widgets.
  • Fixed the font issues with theme 11 to 15.
  • Added the login error message text field for user customization of a text.

Version 1.0.0
June 17th June, 2015

  • Plugin first release in codecanyon.


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