Free Responsive WordPress Business Theme – AccessPress Ray : Update Logs

Version 1.17.6

  • Fixed the event slider breakpoints
  • Changes on css of event slider
  • Added option for blog more text and view all text
  • Tested on WordPress v4.6

Version 1.17.5

  • Fixed the event slider options
  • Fixed minor css bugs

Version 1.17.4

  • Removed unwanted tags from style.css.
  • Fixed bugs of events slider in mobile.
  • Fixed posts per page issue in shop page of woo-commerce.
  • Fixed column in shop and related products section.

Version 1.17.3

  • Fixed bugs at WordPress 4.5 version

Version 1.17.2

  • Woo commerce compatible Design

Version 1.17.1

  • Fixed the footer widget and sub footer while updating theme

Version 1.17.0

  • Updated TGM Class
  • Recommended plugins via TGM

Version 1.16.9

  • Fixed demo content as preview
  • Fixed default menu design in both (header and footer)

Version 1.16.8

  • Fixed several section title color
  • Fixed bugs on blog section css
  • Changed screenshot

Version 1.16.7

  • Fixed the default color option
  • Added default image for testimonials and featured section

Version 1.16.6

  • Added template with extra design
  • Added background image option for testimonials and featured section

Version 1.16.5

  • Dynamic color added to the theme
  • Minor css changes

Version 1.16.4

  • Change in website demo links in the admin panel

Version 1.16.3

  • Fixed responsive issue for the RTL Support

Version 1.16.2

  • Fixed translation text domain issue
  • More Themes Page Added

Version 1.16.1

  • Responsive issue in the Blog slider fixed
  • Minor Issue in admin panel CSS fixed.

Version 1.16.0

  • Slider text overlapping out of the slider image in responsive layout fixed
  • Options field misplacement in Theme option panel fixed
  • Other Minor Changes

Version 1.15.9

  • Bottom blog slider responsive bug fixed
  • Minor Changes of style in Theme panel

Version 1.15.8

  • Minor Changes in Theme panel
  • TGM plugin updated

Version 1.15.7

  • PHP syntax error in page/post siderbar metabox fixed.
  • Link added to title in archive pages.

Version 1.14

  • Option to disable view all button in blog section added.
  • Slider Problem in RTL direction fixed.
  • Minor Changes in Theme Option Panel.

Version 1.13

  • Sidebar Issue for Static home page solved.
  • Emails removed from theme option panel due to over spam emails.

Version 1.12
Feb 17, 2014

  • Section in Theme Option page rearranged to make it more user friendly.

Version 1.11
Feb 5, 2014

  • Screenshot Change
  • Minor CSS changes
  • Sections in Home Page tab of the theme option panel arranged in the order as they appear in home page.

Version 1.10
Jan 31, 2014

  • Woocommerce compatible

Version 1.09

  • Slider Read More button design issue fixed.
  • Minor Changes in Admin Section
  • Flitered Widget to support Shortcodes.

Version 1.07

  • Bug on Featured Post fontawesome icon fixed
  • Read More text on Archive page made dynamic
  • Minor Bugs Fixed.

Version 1.06

  • Minor Changes in styles and Layout of the website
  • Minor changes in admin interface of Theme option interface
  • Minor Bugs Fixed.

Version 1.05

  • Google JavaScript Maps API V3 added
  • Minor Changes in styles and Layout of the website
  • Minor changes in admin interface of Theme option interface
  • Minor Bugs Fixed.

Version 1.0
Oct 19, 2014

  • Theme Released


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