Best Free WordPress Magazine Theme – AccessPress Mag : Update Logs

Version 2.4.6
August 29, 2016

 	Added Welcome Page
        Added Support for Editor Style

Version 2.4.5

 	Fixed the search bugs at header and widget area

Version 2.4.4
October 04, 2016

 	Removed the plugin slug from tgmpa function which doesn't exist

Version 2.4.3
September 07, 2016

 	Fixed rtl css at mobile device
 	Fixed the function about excerpt value at archive page 
 	Updated .pot file

Version 2.4.2
August 22, 2016

 	Fixed the bugs on excerpt length
 	Fixed the minor css bugs
 	Tested on WordPress v4.6 and updated .pot file

Version 2.4.1
August 15, 2016

 	Fixed the Highlighted section slider in responsive
 	Fixed the minor bugs in homepage sidebar

Version 2.4.0
August 02, 2016

 	Fixed the slider bugs in ipad
 	Fixed prefix issue for functions/variable/class name
 	Changed the date function at header

Version 2.3.9
July 15, 2016

 	Fixed the bugs on homepage sidebar
 	Fixed minor css bugs

Version 2.3.8
June 29, 2016

 	Removed woocommerce template and files
 	Fixed woocommerce pages by using hook and filter

Version 2.3.7
June 16, 2016

 	Fixed woo-commerce archive page and its single page
 	Fixed shop page in 3 columns and 12 products
 	Added more themes section

Version 2.3.6
May 11, 2016

 	Fixed top menu section functionality
 	Fully compatible woocommerce color
 	Fixed template version of woocommerce

Version 2.3.5
April 26, 2016

 	Fixed sidebar widget bug

Version 2.3.4
April 18, 2016

 	Fixed homepage widget bugs
 	Compatible with WordPress version 4.5

Version 2.3.3
April 08, 2016

 	Fixed header tag for widgets

Version 2.3.2
March 11, 2016

 	Fixed shop widget at woo-commerce archive and single pages

Version 2.3.1
March 09, 2016

 	Fixed default index file settings for posts

Version 2.3.0
February 29, 2016

 	Fixed slider and highlighted section bugs in firefox browser

Version 2.2.9
February 20, 2016

 	Fixed padding between slider and highlighted section
 	Changed screenshot

Version 2.2.8
February 14, 2016

 	Fixed slider caption bacground color
 	Managed position for search and random icon at mobile device
 	Removed top menu wrapper from mobile device

Version 2.2.7
February 04, 2016

 	Added new features of highlighted section beside slider section

Version 2.2.6
January 27, 2016

 	Fixed some layout design for RTL support

Version 2.2.5
January 19, 2016

 	Updated woocommerce template
 	Refine and removed unused/comment codes
 	Fixed css for header ad section

Version 2.2.4
January 2, 2016

 	Fixed bugs at archive page
 	Fixed multiple textdomain issue
 	Removed unused code in widgets-fields page
 	Updated language .pot file

Version 2.2.3
December 14, 2015

 	Fixed Theme Option layout accordint to updated WordPress version 4.4
 	Fixed bugs in widget filed file
 	Fixed layout comment box layout

Version 2.2.2
November 27, 2015

 	RTL ready bugs are fixed

Version 2.2.1
November 10, 2015

 	Added additional css for RTL ready

Version 2.2
October 31, 2015

 	Added option to show/hide homepage slider

Version 2.1.9
October 19, 2015

 	Added dropdown option in latest and random post widget to show post count.

Version 2.1.8
October 14, 2015

 	Added custom css field in theme option panel
 	Used get_template_part function palce of require
 	Updated pot file
 	Changed theme uri at style.css

Version 2.1.7
October 9, 2015

 	Added slider pause option
 	Removed unused function codes
 	Suggested New plugins via TGM Activation

Version 2.1.6
October 4, 2015

 	Fixed slider design in ipad device.
 	Fixed sidebar and layout bug for existing Posts.

Version 2.1.5
September 25, 2015

 	Added lightbox features for gallery images.

Version 2.1.4
September 19, 2015

 	Fixed small bugs and removed post layout update function

Version 2.1.3
September 14, 2015

 	Translation .pot file updated
 	Make AccessPress Instagram Feed plugin compatible and mention in TGMPA
 	Removed Postviews function for posts(suggest by theme reviewer)
 	Updated version of TGM Class

Version 2.1.1
September 7, 2015

 	Added Current date at top header section.
 	Complied translation fields

Version 2.1.0
September 1, 2015

 	Fixed about setting of archive template and remove unused file.
 	Added function to change post template layout if condition meet.

Version 2.0.9
August 19, 2015

 	Added features of random post at primary menu section.
 	Fixed bugs listed by our theme users

Version 2.0.8
August 06, 2015

 	Added sticky menu behaviour for only primay menu
 	Fixed design bugs in news ticker content area
 	Updated mo file for language translate

Version 2.0.7
July 28, 2015

 	Display full post of slider in mobile device
 	Fixed bugs about page sidebar for old posts

Version 2.0.6
July 17, 2015

 	Added news ticker option
 	Added few animation at home page banner

Version 2.0.5
June 30, 2015

 	Fixed design of slider in ipad screen
 	Transfer some option from theme option panel to customizer
 	Fixed bugs in widget section

Version 1.1.8
May 30, 2015

 	Fixed bugs
 	Worked on responsive design

Version 1.1.3
May 18, 2015

 	Theme Released


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