WP Media Manager – Easiest WordPress Media Manager Plugin

11th July 2017

  • Updated : Updated the javascript code and manged to add drag and drop media files of specific folders to drop on another folders/sub folders using drag and drop method.
  • Updated: Easy Drag and drop media files of one folders to another sub folders from right folder lists section of media library.

4th July 2017

  • Fixed: Issue related with import specific taxomomy’s terms order while importing as folder fixed.
  • Refining: Some css refining on backend and frontend design.

30th June 2017

  • Fixed: Debugged Issue on remove folder at once .
  • Refining: Some css refining on backend design.

28th June 2017

  • Initial release of a plugin.

Ultimate Author Box – Responsive Post/Article Author Section Plugin for WordPress

1.0.8 (24th May 2017)

  • Post Tab date fix, now the post format is based on your wordpress date/time and language settings (Suggested by
    Delbert Warkentin).
  • Feature added: Disable Template Customization for Individual Users (Suggested by AlphaBrand).
  • Latest post in Author Pop-up limited to 4 Latest Posts to unify Popup design (Suggested by
    Delbert Warkentin).
  • User restriction to Author Box improved.

1.0.7 (13th May 2017)

  • Two new independent shortcode alternatives for Author Box Widget and Author List Widget added.
    Please check the How to use section for details on the shortcode. (Suggested by
  • All profile images restricted to 200x200px image size. Now the recommended profile image size is 200x200px.
  • New Video tutorial Section added to the How to use section of the plugin.
  • Made the Company description editor and WYSIWYG editor shortcode friendly.
  • External user-role case handled.

1.0.6 (6 May 2017)

  • Add sort by Post view count feature to Author List widget (Feature suggested by MhendiZ)
  • Minor bug fix with Show/Hide Author Info Pop-up with Author Box.

1.0.5 (3 May 2017)

  • Add option in General Settings to Show/Hide Author Info Pop-up with Author Box. (Feature suggested by efrenjr)
  • Fix Shortcode $atts parameter.
  • Author List Widget ‘echo’ bug fix.
  • Hide Author Box if Author Biographical Info is empty option bug fix.

1.0.4 (25 April 2017)

  • Fix to auto append Author Box to posts making it compatible with AccessPress Anonymous Post direct post publish feature.
  • Add Author information pop up feature to Author List Widget.(Feature suggested by krishkusuma)

1.0.3 (21 March 2017)

  • How to use and about us page available to user roles with post edit permission.
  • Template 13 background image position fixed.
  • RSS title color fix for custom templates.
  • Add Author Page link to Author Box Widget.
  • Change in image thumbnail in Template options.
  • Page and Custom post Type Metabox option fixed.
  • User role restriction fixed for both frontend and backend.
  • Administrator now has ability to set up all user profile by themselves, even when restricting other users to access Author Box.
  • Author box profile restriction message changed from notice level to information level.
  • Added Author Box Video tutorial link in how to Page.
  • Screenshots Update

1.0.2 (14 March 2017)

  • admin_enqueue_scripts limited to General Settings, How to use page, About page, profile.php and user-edit.php

1.0.1 (10 March 2017)

  • Frontend array index error fix.
  • Custom Template settings improved.
  • Translation strings improved.
  • Author Post Selective post listing fixed.
  • Author Biography information accepts HTML tags.
  • wpautop function added for Pages and Custom post types.
  • Twitter API class conflict fix.
  • Gravatar class conflict with themes fixed.
  • Frontend template margin and padding fix.
  • Frontend template redundant div removed.
  • Author Post Count added to Author List Widget.


  • Initial release of a plugin.

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Apex Notification Bar -Responsive Notification Bar for WordPress


  • Code Modification : We have slight modified the process to select specific pages to display notification bar. In this new update, we have to modified to check the specific pages from multiple selection field and the selected pages/posts will be listed below lists section where bar will be displayed according to your choice.
  • Refining Works: Some refining of js and css file has been done.
  • Fixed Issues: We have fixed the issue related with save button not displaying on Notification Bar Settings Pages.The issue was due to client site having multiple posts for not displaying save button as described by using technique with some code modification process, we have fixed the issue.


  • Added Features:
  • 1) Customization Design Options Added : Call To Action Button Hover Background Color/Hover font Color,Set Background color,Font color,Hover background color,Hover font color, font size for a tag html element.
  • 2) Open Panel : Design Layout Changes for Open Panel Layouts
    Fixed Issues: Fixed Issues related with over-riding with theme fonts, line height due to css conflict.
  • Fixed Issues: Responsive Design issues fixed for three column bar.
  • Refining Works: Some of the refining works related with javascript and css according to changes made on open panel layout.


  • Added Features: To display notification bar on specific single post page by choosing
    multiple categories of any posts, post type.
  • Refinement: Slight changes of back-end inner design layouts, refining on frontend 15 pre
    available designs as well as custom bar layouts. Refining on CSS and JS regarding few issues
    of header hidden by notification bar while using open panel.


  • Fixed Issue: Issue related with JS and CSS resolved with scroll javascript added on open panel.
  • Refinement: Some of the back-end as well as front-end CSS Refining.


  • Initial release of a plugin.

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Education WordPress Theme – Enlighten Pro : Update Logs

Version 1.0.3
March 10, 2017

  • Home Sections reorder issue solve.
  • Countdown two issue solve.

Version 1.0.2
February 21, 2017

  • Update css for IE.
  • Fix Event countdown issue.
  • Add latest blog widget.

Version 1.0.1
February 02, 2017

  • Update responsive css.

Version 1.0.0
January 27, 2017

  • Release Theme.


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