Premium WordPress Testimonial Plugin – AP Custom Testimonial Pro

WordPress Testimonial Plugin: AP Custom Testimonial Pro

AP Custom Testimonial pro plugin allows you to create custom testimonial without losing any sweat and writing single code. Simply, you can generate shortcode either through testimonial shortcode generator page in plugin, pages, post along with widget. You can simply design your own custom layout with any of the predefined template layouts from the plugin. With multi-configurable shortcode attributes, you can build custom and strong testimonial simply like never before.


A complete solution for your video / text custom testimonials needs for your WordPress website.

Full feature lists

Multiple Template Layout

  • List layout
  • Slider layout

Beautifully designed 12 template layouts

– 12 predefined beautiful template layouts

– 11 most popular Social links included matching your need to connect with social feeds

Custom Number of Testimonials

– You can choose to show either custom number of testimonials or those testimonials only that you want to, while generating shortcode either single or multiple testimonials with additional sorting order feature available to display in specific order as you need.

Multi-Configurable Shortcode

– Shortcode with multi-configurable attributes to display strong testimonial in your site

Custom Template Layout Design

– Allow you to change default template layout to change various components of testimonial as per your need or to match any of your theme design.Various editable components are listed below:

  • Image radius of image displayed
  • Image radius color for image
  • Image color radius width
  • Font color the title
  • Rating Icon Color
  • Font color for the content
  • Testimonial background option either plain color or background image
  • Typography Font size
  • Custom text for Read More/ Read Less for excerpt content

Ability to Enable/Disable Custom Layout Design

-You can enable or disable custom layout. If you enable custom layout you can change the testimonial display layout using Custom Display Setting page. Else, default design for the specific template will be assigned.

Dynamic Shortcode Generator Popup

– Dynamic shortcode generator in for simplified shortcode implementation in post/pages

Eased Widget Control

– Plugin’s own widget with simplified select options for layout and template

Slider Control Option

– You can configure slider layout control option individually for each slider shortcode while generating dynamic shortcode. Options to control slider layout

  • Slider Speed
  • Show/Hide Pagination
  • Show/Hide Slider Controls
  • Enable/Disable Auto Slide Feature
  • Pause Duration for Auto Slide

Formatting and Html Entities Readable

– You can input various HTML tags and paragraphing/formatting and make simple testimonial look more interesting.

Video Testimonials

– You can use video id from Youtube and Vimeo .

– You can also upload video directly.

You can create video testimonial instead of simple image testimonial.

Multi-configurable Review Submission Form

– You can create frontend testimonial review submission form. With multiple configurable fields, you can create testimonial form to get review directly from a customer. Then, you can review it, edit it as you see fit and approve or reject and delete submitted a testimonial and as you approve it, testimonial will be displayed into frontend. It’s that simple.

You can sort your own order and control show/hide, required, label and placeholder attribute for following fields in testimonial form.

  • Username
  • Email
  • Company Name
  • Url of Company
  • User Position in Company
  • Rating
  • Date
  • Image
  • Description
  • Social Site Link

You can create video testimonial instead of simple image testimonial.

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Free WordPress Testimonial Plugin – AP Custom Testimonial

Free WordPress Testimonial Plugin – AP Custom Testimonial

AP Custom Testimonial – This plugin allows you to create multiple testimonials. Its easy because you can create, customize and build the testimonial so easily and without any unnecessary unwanted settings to confuse you or take your precious time. This plugin allows you to have your own layout customized from setting section in backend and unlimited numbers of testimonials using dynamic shortcode.

You can choose the 2 different buildin layout while generating shortcode from shortcode generator section.


  • Unlimited testimonials
  • Dynamic functionality using shortcode( either default or generate custom shortcode)
  • Buildin 5 different layout to choose from
  • Customizable
  • Ability to enable/disable custom layout design
  • Available Fields in setting section to customize layout of testimonial
    • Font family
    • Font size
    • Font color
    • Image radius
    • Image radius color
    • Image size
    • Background color
  • Responsive – compatible with mobile devices
  • Available Fields in shortcode generator section to generate custom testimonial shortcode
    • Type of layout(available: slider, List)
    • Types of template(available: 5 templates to choose from
    • Number of testimonial to show(either all or custom number.)
  • Display option to choose whether to display contents of testimonial or not as:
    • Display title
    • Display date
    • Display author email address
    • Display company details
    • Display featured image
    • Content length either excerpt or full length
    • Order by option (either by ID,date or author name) along with order type either ascending or descending order
  • Widget feature
  • Unlimited support
  • Free updates

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