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How Do I Install My wordpress Accesspress Theme?

Once you have installed WordPress on your site, it’s really quite simple. First follow the methods outlined the documentation.

What is a premium WordPress theme?

A premium WordPress theme is a high-quality, feature-rich, search engine optimized WordPress web template built for customers who want a polished design. For a tiny fraction of the price of a custom design, you can save time, money and the hassle of building your website from scratch using one of our pre-built themes.

How do I pick the right theme?

It depend on your requirement. We have crafted all our theme to suit your requirements.

How do I purchase a theme?

Simply click on the “Buy Theme” button and you can pay through our secure online system via credit card or PayPal. Once payment is remitted, you’ll be sent a link to you email address for download.

Will your themes work on

No, our themes are designed to be used on self-hosted versions of WordPress.

Can I call you?

No, we do not offer phone consulting. This enables us to keep our prices as low as possible for our customer community. We do answer email as fast as possible and offer our active support forum.

How Do I Customize My Accesspress Theme?

Customization option is found in both free and premium themes but more features and access are available in premium themes. We make it possible to include lots of customizable options in each theme. Meaning you don’t necessarily have to touch code to customize your theme. Things like the ability to upload your own custom logo and or background to your theme, choose the typography from Google’s webfonts, and many other options included in each theme.

Can I remove the credits in the footer?

Yes, you will have easy interface option either to remove it or change it in the pro version but in the Free version the credit links are hard coded so you need to make changes in the theme files which is not encouraged so far.

I have some pre-purchase questions… how can I reach you?

The easiest way to get in touch with us is to either use support forum or our support email.

Which browsers and operating systems do you test the themes on?

We test the theme on the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and two latest versions of Internet Explorer. Regarding the operating system, the theme should work in any operating system, as long as WordPress is installed correctly.

Will i get support after my subscription period is over?

Sorry, no you won’t be getting any support after the subscription period is over. For a single theme purchase, you will have to renew the support subscription that only costs $20. This only covers support for a single theme that you requested. For Membership club, you will have to renew the subscription that costs $100. This subscription will give to access to all the new themes and future release theme and support upto next 1 year. For lifetime club, you will have access to all the themes and supports for lifetime.