Premium Viber Contact Button Plugin for WordPress : WP Viber Contact Button – Documentation

Installation Instructions

Download Viber application on Desktop/Mobile to use WP Viber Contact Button

  • Unzip file.
  • Upload all the files to the /wp-content/plugins/wp-viber-contact-button.
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • For customizing the plugin’s settings, click on ‘WP Viber Contact Button’ menu in WordPress left admin menu

Get Started

Once you have successfully installed the plugin, check for the WP Viber Contact Button on the left admin menu and click on it.
Once you click on that menu , you will see the plugin’s landing page with various tabs on the left.

Here you set the content and behavior of the plugin. WP Viber Contact Button basically consists of 5 major tabs in the plugin menu which is individually described below

    • General Settings
    • Menu Settings
    • Floating Button
    • About
    • How to use

General Settings

This setting allows you to

        • select the setting configuration for Page,Post,widget

Show/Hide Content

        • Enable Button :Enable/Disable viber buttons option
        • Enable In Desktop:Enable/Disable viber buttons option in desktop only
        • Enable In Mobil:Enable/Disable viber buttons option in mobile only
        • Enable Button Text:Enable/Disable button text on viber buttons
        • Button Text:Add Text to display on viber buttons
        • Button Text Align:Select the button text on left/right of the viber icon
        • Button Text Only In Button:Select if you want button text only without icon
        • Enable Sticky:Enable/Disable sticky button
        • Enable Tooltip:Enable or Disable tooltip option

Template Settings

          • This setting allows you to ten different button template are avialable and can select on the your choice

Color Options

This setting allows you to

          • Icon Color:Customize your icon colors
          • Icon Backgroung Color:Customize icon background color
          • Text Color:Customize text color
          • Button Color:Customize button color

Animation Settings

          • This setting allows you ten different button animation add on the selected button template

Button Position

          • This setting allows you to nine different button position are available and can select on the your choice

Contact Number

            • This setting allows you to add contact number with whom you want yo communicate via viber through this plugin.
            • Be careful! This contact number is your (or your business) valid Viber
              contact number on which your website users can contact too. Enter your valid Viber contact number along with country code in this format:

              Eg: Use number as :1234569871 for (+1)1234569871 as country code has selection option
            • If you’re not sure of your country code –find it there

Generate Shortcode

          • This setting allows you to click on button to generate shortcode to generate shortcode

Once you have completed making the necessary changes in the settings as per your requirement,once shortcode is generate you can copy generated shortcode anywhere either post, page or widget. Also, on clicking the ‘Generate Shortcode’,without selecting any option available,shortcode is generated with default setting of the plugin.

Menu Settings

Menu Options

            • Show button on Menu:Select enable or disable option to show/hide viber buttons on menu
            • Menu Position:Select the First or Last the menu location option
            • Show Button Text:Enable button text to add the text on button with icon
            • Viber Button Text:Can add the text on button.
            • Template layout:Five different templates are available in the option,select the template of your
            • Menu Option:Shows the available menu option in the theme and select the menu where you would like to
            • Viber Contact Number:Add viber contact number to connect via viber.
              • Be careful! This contact number is your (or your business) valid Viber
                contact number on which your website users can contact too. Enter your valid Viber contact number along with country code in this format:

                Eg: Use number as :1234569871 for (+1)1234569871 as country code has selection option

Save the settings on selecting the options to add viber on the menu option,saving the settings it will add the viber button on menu.

Floating Button

Viber Button Display Option

            • Pages:Allows to select the specific pages and all pages
            • Post:Allows to select the specific posts and all posts
            • Category:Allows to select the specific category and all category

      Select Pages/Post/Category

              • Select Pages:Shows the list of pages in selection of specific page
              • Select Posts:Shows the list of posts in selection of specific post
              • Select Category:Shows the list of category in selection of specific category

        Floating Button Shortcode

                • Add the shortcode generated in general setting tabs and save.To display the viber button in selected pages.

          Widget Settings

          Select the configuration option of the wp viber button plugin option and copy the shortcode and paste in the widget.

          Themes Compatible with the Plugin :

          WP Viber Contact Button works best with every WordPress theme. It’s even more remarkable when used with popular themes like VMagazine and AccessPress Parallax.


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