Effectively Add & Customize Icons For WordPress Menus – WP Menu Icons

WP Menu Icons – Integrate Menu Icons For WordPress

Step: How to assign Menu icons using our plugin. Check video below:

A) Installation Instructions

  • Unzip wp-menu-icons.zip
  • Upload all the files to the /wp-content/plugins/wp-menu-icons
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • To enable plugin main settings, go to Appearances > Menus Page.
  • On Menu Page left metabox section, WP Menu Icons Settings, check Enable WP Menu Icons? in order to enable menu icon options for specific menu.
  • To add specific icon for specific menu, simply hover over the menu item, you will find “Add Menu Icon” button then configure your settings.

B) Plugin Introduction

WP Menu Icons is premium plugin which is used to assign advanced font icons to display visually informative menus with splendid appearance for WordPress Site.
Simply Integrate a wide range of font icons for WordPress Menus to configure and display it for each menu items individually using WP Menu Icons
WP Menu Icons is one of the best WordPress premium plugin to display icons in a unique, responsive and best way.You can display different icon for different menu items.
Resulting your site to the better online performance, visually informative menus display with splendid appearance.

C) WP Menu Icons Main Settings

To enable our plugin’s main settings, go to Appearances > Menus Page and on
left section you will find metabox with “WP Menu Icons Settings”.
Here you have to enable option “Enable WP Menu Icons?”.This will be useful since this is main settings which let you to assign icons for all menu items of specific navigation menu.

You can even hide all menu title of specific menu’s by setting other option
“Hide Menu Title?” as True. This is hide all the menu title at once.

D) Add Menu Icons Button

After enabling above settings, you can see “Add Menu Icons” button on each menu items separately where you can configure settings as per your requirement for each menu items.

Generally, each options has total 4 main tab settings. They are described below:

E) General Settings

This is main settings tab for each menu items where you can configure general settings such as:

  • Disable Icon On Desktop?: Enable this option in order to hide menu’s icon on desktop version.
  • Disable Icon On Tablet?:Enable this option in order to hide menu’s icon on tablet version.
  • Disable Icon On Mobile?: Enable this option in order to hide menu’s icon on mobile version.
  • Hide Menu Name Or Title: Enable this option in order to hide menu’s title.
  • Icon Position: Set icon position as left of menu title, right of menu title or at top of menu title.

F) Icon Settings

In this tab settings, you can assign different icon for different menu items.
There are total 14 pre available most advanced font icons. They are mentioned below:

Available Icon Fonts

  • 1) Font Awesome 4.7.0 and Latest Version
  • 2) Dashicons (WordPress core icons)
  • 3) Genericons
  • 4) Lineraicons
  • 5) Icomoon
  • 6) Themify Icons
  • 7) Elusive icons
  • 8) Typicons
  • 9) Foundation Icons
  • 10) Captainicon
  • 11) Devicons
  • 12) Elegant Icons
  • 13) Ionicons
  • 14) MFG Labs Icon Set

Using our plugin, we can even display custom image/icon for menu by uploading through WP Media Library directly and set width and height as required.

G) Animation Settings

Once you have assigned icon for specific menu item, we can also set animation for icon on hover. There are 10+ icon hover animation available.

H) Custom Settings

Our plugin also provide custom styling option to customize icon with your own custom style designed font color, font hover color, enable icon divider, set icon divider color as well as custom Menu label settings with feature to customize custom font color and font hover color for menu label.

Menu Icons Styling Options

Menu Label Styling Options

If you’ve any questions, please submit a ticket in our support system: