Documentation : WP Facebook Review Showcase – FB Page Review Plugin for WordPress

WP Facebook Review Showcase – FB Page Review Plugin for WordPress

Check out the plugin’s full features: View Plugin’s Full Features
Check out the plugin’s demo: View Plugin’s Demo

Installation Instructions

  • Unzip
  • Upload all the files to the /wp-content/plugins/wp-fb-review-showcase
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • Firstly, setup default plugin’s settings, click on WP FB Review Showcase option menu in WordPress left admin menu.

Plugin Introduction

WP Facebook Review Showcase is a Premium FB Page Review Plugin for WordPress which showcases Facebook page reviews with incredible ease, and hands you the liberty to display page reviews from your multiple accounts. This most powerful review display platform offers 10 beautifully designed templates for page reviews with user ratings and 10 beautifully designed attractive badge templates with ribbons attached which displays page information in the most creative way.

Once the plugin is installed and activated you will find a menu named “WP FB Review Showcase” in the left menu bar of the admin menu. If you click on that menu, you will reach the plugin’s FB Reviews lists page where you can add multiple Facebook Pages Reviews.

There are basically 2 Main Plugin Settings: API Settings and Cache Settings. Both of the settings, alongside some more settings are described below briefly.

View Plugin Full Features

View Plugin Demo

A) All WP FB Review Showcase

WP FB Review Showcase All reviews lists

Create multiple FB page reviews and set its specific data separately. There are mainly 4 main settings to create FB Page review.

B) API Settings

In API Settings, after installation of our plugin, you have to create API Key to display facebook page to create specific page reviews. Please fill API key on this API Settings input field. To get API key simply follow these steps:
View All Steps
or follow the steps below to get FB API Key.

WP FB Review Showcase API Settings

  • Log in to your Facebook account and then navigate to Facebook Developers Page and click “My Apps” > “Add a New App” in the top right menu.
  • After you click “Add a New App” a popup shows up where you are supposed to name your new app. When completed, click on “Create App ID”.
  • When created, you are redirected to your new app account – the very first step is to choose a product. Please choose Facebook Login.
  • After that when you are asked to select a platform for your app – please choose “Web” type.
  • You are now in Quickstart. Provide your URL, save it and then navigate to Settings> Basic (in the left menu).
  • In “basic settings”, fill out the “App Domains” field with the name of your domain. Only the website from this domain will be able to use your Facebook app. You also have to fill out the “Contact Email” with a valid email address.
  • You will then have to fill out the fields “Terms of Service URL”, “Privacy policy URL” and add “App Icon”.You can see your app id and app secret which is required in our plugin’s API Settings Section. When done click “save changes”.
  • Now, navigate to the ‘Facebook Login’ menu and then its Settings. You will have to set ‘Valid OAuth redirect URIs’ here – insert your website URL (Eg: If you don’t do this Facebook will display an error when you try to connect pages: “Can’t load URL: The domain of this URL isn’t included in the App’s domains. To be able to load this URL, add all domains and sub-domains of your app to the App Domains field in your app settings.
  • Now, navigate to App Review section (left menu) and make the app public.
  • You will need both “App ID” and “App Secret” key when configuring the Facebook App inside our plugin’s API Settings Section. Enter your app id and app secret then click on login.
  • After that, you will either get a Facebook login screen or if you are already logged in, then you will see a screen which will ask you to use your information. Click on “Okay”.
  • Now all of your Fb account pages will be listed. Choose the page from which you want to retrieve reviews from and the pages reviews will be retrieved.

Steps to create Facebook API Key:

WP FB Review Showcase API Settings

C) Cache Settings


WP FB Review Showcase Cache Settings

D) Facebook Reviews Settings

This is the configuration settings for reviews display.

WP FB Review Showcase General Settings

  • Show 5 Star Only: Display only the 5-star rating reviews.
  • Total Number of Reviews: Set the total number of user reviews options.
  • Hide User Image: In order to hide all user reviewer’s image, enable this button.
  • Hide Description: Enable this checkbox to hide reviewer’s review text.
  • Description Character Limit: Set description limit to display at first and show read more and read less button.
  • Read More Text: Display text such as Read More, View More after set limit for user rating description.
  • Read Less Text: Display text such as Read More, View More after set limit for user rating description.
  • Display Order: Option to displays the review from the reviewer in some order.

F) Badge Settings

This is configuration settings for badge display.

WP FB Review Showcase: Badge Settings

  • Enable Badge: Enable this button in order to display badge as the header with Page Information.
  • Hide Average Rating: Enable this checkbox to hide average rating from the badge.
  • Choose Badge Template: Choose any one template among 10 pre available badge templates. Below shown with template preview images.
  • Enable Badge Animation: Enable this checkbox to display the badge with animation.
  • Choose Badge Animation: Choose any one animation among the pre available animation types.

G) Reviews Display Settings

This is configuration settings for all user reviews display according to the total number of reviews display.

WP FB Review Showcase Reviews Settings

  • Show Reviews: Enable this button in order to display user reviews with its details.
  • Layout Type: Select the layout in which you want to display the review.
  • Template: Choose any one template among 10 pre available reviews templates. Below shown with template preview images.
  • Enable Review Animation: Check this to enable review animation.
  • Choose Animation: Choose any animation type for review displaying.
  • Pagination Type: Select how you want to view per page as – loadmore – pagination.
  • Review Per Page: Choose how many reviews you want to view per page while paginating.

Settings for Slider and Carousel Type Layout.

WP Facebook Review Showcase : Settings for carousel and slider

J) Shortcode Usage

FB Review Shortcode Usage

Similarly, in order to add the shortcode on any section of your site, you can get shortcode of specific facebook page from its edit page “FB Review Showcase Shortcode Usage” meta box shown on right section or else you can get shortcode on All WP FB Review Shortcode lists page for specific Facebook pages.

Shortcode Parameters

You can get shortcode of the specific Facebook page from its edit page > Facebook Review Shortcode Usage meta box shown on right section or else you can get shortcode on main review lists for specific facebook page review.
You can use shortcode for the display of the specific page reviews in the contents. Optionally, you can enter the id of specific page review from our plugin “WP FB Review Showcase”. The reviews will be displayed in order with the specified id parameter and its layout options.
Example 1: [wpfrs_reviews id=’4’]

Available shortcode parameters:

  • id : This parameter is specific attribute for specific page reviews.[wpfrs_reviews id=”79″]
  • review_template : Our plugin contains altogether 10 pre designed template layouts. You can pass reviews template layout using shortcode by using review_template=’template-1′ or review_template=’template2′ and so on as parameter on shortcode.e.g., [wpfrs_reviews id=”79″ review_template=”template-2″]
  • badge_template : You can even change template of badge parameter as badge_template=”badge-template-2″ to display different badge template beside specified default template for specific review using shortcode.e.g.,[wpfrs_reviews id=”79″ badge_template=”badge-template-1″]
  • show_badge : You can even change enable or disable badge display on frontend by passing parameter as show_badge=”1″ to display badge and show_badge=”0″ to hide badge as page information using shortcode.e.g.,[wpfrs_reviews id=”79″ review_template=”template-2″ badge_template=”badge-template-2″ show_badge=”0″] to hide badge.
  • show_reviews : You can even change enable or disable to show or hide reviews parameter as show_reviews=”1″ to display reviews and show_reviews=”0″ to hide it using shortcode.e.g.,[wpfrs_reviews id=”79″ show_reviews=”0″] to hide reviews.
  • number_reviews : You can display specific number of reviews using shortcode parameter.e.g.,[wpfrs_reviews id=”79″ number_reviews=”2″] to show only 2 reviews.

K) Widget Integration

Also, our plugin provides features to display your reviews on the widget area. You simply have to go to widget page on the backend and then Appearances > Widget, after which you can simply drag our plugin widget “WP FB Review Showcase” to the specific sidebar. In “WP FB Review Showcase” widget, you can simply choose which reviews you want to show on widget section from drop-down lists of the facebook page that you have created with specific templates and configuration.

Themes Compatible with the Plugin :

WP Facebook Review Showcase works best with every WordPress theme. It’s even more remarkable when used with popular themes like VMagazine and AccessPress Parallax.


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