Cookie Notification Plugin for WordPress : WP Cookie User Info Pro – Documentation

Installation Instructions

  • Unzip file.
  • Upload all the files to the /wp-content/plugins/wp-cookie-user-info-pro.
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • For customizing the plugin’s settings, click on ‘WP Cookie User Info Pro’ menu in WordPress left admin menu.

Get Started

Once you have successfully installed the plugin, check for the WP Cookie User Info Pro on the left admin menu and click on it.

Once you click on that menu, you will see the plugin’s landing page with various tabs on the left. Now, you have to click on the menu “WP Cookie User Info Pro” or sub-menu “Cookie Info Manager” which will take you to the tab list page. There you can see the cookie info on the list.

Now, click on the Add Cookie Info button.
Here you set the behavioural and display settings for your new Cookie Notice. This page consist of three basic tabs menu which are as:
• Content Settings
• Layout Settings
• Extra Settings

The Content setting allows you to set the display text for the different cookie notice components such as the Content Area, Confirmation, More info and Close button.

The Layout setting allows you to select a layout and built-in template for the cookie info. Also, the position and additional customization to the cookie info.

The Extra setting allows you to set the occurrence and re-occurrence behaviours of the cookie info.

General Setting

This setting page enables the use of Cookie Notice. Users can enable/disable the Cookie Notice for mobile devices also and choose on which pages it gets displayed, either Home Page, All Pages or Specific Pages.

The Cookie info can be applied default for your whole site. Enable the plugin from the General Setting and select a cookie info and save it. The default cookie is applied to all pages, homepage or specific pages in the site.

The Cookie info can be applied specifically for a specific page in your site. While adding or editing a post, you can choose your own cookie info for the page or disable it. The change will avoid the default selection.

Custom Template Setting

Custom Template allows you to include additional display features to the Cookie Notice. A Custom Template is chosen from the Layout Settings. The user can edit the Custom Template from this list.
Initially, the list is empty, on Adding a Custom Template. we are redirected to a page to add.

The Custom Templates setting is composed of customization along the different components of Cookie Infos, namely, Content Area, Confirmation, More Info and Close Button.

Selecting a Custom Template

Once a Custom Template has been added, it has to be selected in a cookie info setting so as to apply it in the frontend layout.
Select the Custom Template from the layout setting tab of the Cookie Info Settings Form.


The cookie info and custom templates can be exported to a new site easily from this section. The exported JSON data is auto-generated depending on the selections made. The JSON data can be copied or downloaded as a JSON file.


The JSON code generated from exporting the plugin data from the source site is imported from this page. Depending on whether the JSON code is copied or downloaded from the source it is either pasted or uploaded to the destination site.

Demo Import

The Demo Examples of Cookie Infos showcased in our plugin’s demo site can be imported into your site too using the demo import property. Choose the required cookie info from the list and click on ‘Import Demo’ button.

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Themes Compatible with the Plugin :

WP Cookie User Info Pro works best with every WordPress theme.


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