Documentation: Ultimate Author Box Lite – Free Responsive Post/Article Author Section Plugin for WordPress

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Installing Instructions

  • Unzip
  • Upload all the files to the /wp-content/plugins/ultimate-author-box-lite
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • For customizing the plugin’s settings, click on Ultimate Author Box Lite option menu in WordPress left admin menu.
  • To display the author box in the frontend, please use [ultimate_author_box] shortcode wherever necessary.

Once you have successfully installed the plugin, check on the left admin panel for Ultimate Author Box Lite. Clicking on it will lead you to the Author Box General Settings.

How to use the plugin

Once you have successfully installed the plugin, check on the left admin panel for Ultimate Author Box Lite. Clicking on it will lead you to the Author Box General Settings.

General Settings

In General Setting, you can control where and how Author Box appears in the frontend.

  • Disable Ultimate Author Box: This will disable the Author Box completely, even shortcode will not work.
  • Choose place to show Author Box: This options allows you to append/add author box to your post/pages/custom post type. If you have custom post types and want to show the Author Box, a list of registered custom post types should appear and you can check the custom post types.
  • Show Author Box at: Choose the positions where you want the Author Box to appear. The available positions are top/bottom or none.
  • Hide Author Box if Author Biographical Info is empty: Sometimes if you have many authors, some people may not have filled their profile Biographical information in their Profile page. In such case, enable this feature to not show Author box for respective users.
  • Show Default Biographical Info if empty: Sometimes if you have many authors, some people may not have filled their profile Biographical information in their Profile page. In such case, set a default message.
  • Frontend link target options: Set this so that all links in the Author Box open in either a new page or the same page.

Permission Settings

In Permission Settings, you can select which Registered User Roles can have access to the Author Box settings in their Profile Page (Dashboard-> Users-> Your Profile). Some User roles may not have a Profile Page by default; in such cases the author box for those users cannot be set.

Please check WordPress Roles and Capabilities to check your User accessibility.

Layout Settings

Set how your Author Box appears in the frontend.

  • Select Template: Choose a Template to represent the Author Box according to your preference. We provide you with 5 ready to go templates to select from or select the Custom Template Option.
    This is a general template setting which can be overwritten by Template setting from the individual User Profile Page (Dashboard-> Users-> Your Profile).
  • Enable custom CSS: Use this to enable the Custom CSS Section.
  • Custom CSS Section: Enter custom CSS code here to custom modify our templates in the frontend.

Custom Settings

If you have selected Select Template as Custom Template, you can choose from a set of the pre-available templates and choose to modify its, primary and secondary color according to the Template. All custom options may not appear in all templates.

Save Changes

Click on save changes to save your settings.

Restore Default Settings

Revert all setting to its initial installed settings.

The Default Settings are:

Option Status
Disable Ultimate Author Box False
Choose place to show Author Box Post/Page/Custom Post Type
Show Author Box at Bottom of Posts
Hide Author Box if Author Biographical Info is empty False
Show Default Biographical Info if empty True
Frontend link target options New Page
Permission Settings All Enabled
Select Template Template 1
Enable Custom CSS Section True
Custom CSS Empty

Go to Profile Settings: Once you are gone with General settings, click on Go to Profile Settings to begin editing your individual User Profiles.

Profile Settings

After setting your General Settings, the next thing is the Profile Settings. To set your Profile settings go to Dashboard-> Users-> Your Profile.

If you are the admin, you can go to Dashboard-> Users-> All Users-> Select a User and choose to edit any of your User profile.

The default user information such as Display name publicly as, Email, Website, Biographical Info, Profile Picture(Gravatar Image) provided by WordPress will be used by the plugin as name, email, website, description and default image. For additional settings you can configure Ultimate Author Box Profile Settings.

If you are not the admin and you do not have Ultimate Author Box Profile Settings, please contact your admin and ask them to enable Ultimate Author Box Profile Settings in your profile page. (If you are the admin, check Permission Settings).

If you have the Ultimate Author Box Profile Settings you should see an Author Details Tab there. This is a Default tab and cannot be deleted.

Author Details tab

  • Frontend Tab Title: This content will replace the string ‘Author Details’ in the Frontend tab title and act as Author Detail Tab content header in template 4 and 5.
  • Profile Image Settings:
    • Choose Image Type: You can use your Profile image as the default Gravatar Image or use image from Social Profile such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Upload an image from the Media Library. By default your profile image is your Gravatar image. If you have made any mistake with your image settings then your image will revert back to your Gravatar image.
      Getting Social Profile Images:

      • Facebook: To display your Facebook Profile image, you will need your Facebook User ID. To get your User ID go to paste your Facebook Profile URL and click on Find Numeric ID.
      • Instagram: To get your Instagram Image ID, Please open any image on Instagram you want in the single preview. If your image URL is then 7FfbBpSOaC is your Instagram Image ID
      • Twitter: To get your Twitter Username, Please open your twitter profile. If your profile URL is then apthemes is your Twitter username.
    • Choose Image Shape: You can set your Profile image to be either round or boxed. This setting is applicable for all templates.
  • Company Information: You can enter your workplace and designation information here. If you leave any field blank, the respective field will not appear in the frontend.
    • Company Name: Enter your work place name here.
    • Company URL: Enter your Company Website link here.
    • Designation: Enter your Designation link here.
    • Separator: Enter a separator to separate your Designation and Company name. Designation [separator] Company Name. Example, Plugin Developer at AccessPress
    • Phone Number: Enter a Phone number
  • Social Media Icons: The plugin includes 10 social icons. You can assign the respective brand Profile URL to the URL option which will lead you to that specific URL. You can leave the URL field empty to not show that icon in the frontend. The icons settings are sortable i.e. you can drag and drop to position their order.

Adding a New Tab

You can click on the + button to add new tab. A pop-up should appear with Select Tab type where you can select a variation on 2 tabs. And Tab name. The Tab name you assign will also be the Tab header of your backend as well as your frontend. There is no option to edit this header. So, if you need to change the header label you will have to delete the tab and create a new one.

You can programmatically add unlimited number of tabs and repetitive tabs but design wise we recommend you to use at most 5 tabs. There are 2 types of tabs. These include a Author post list tab and a WYSIWYG Editor.

Default tab

Author Posts

  • Frontend Tab Title: This will be the Tab title in the frontend.
  • Number of Posts: You can set the number of post to display in the frontend here. Design wise we recommend you to not use more than three posts.
  • Select Post Type: You can choose between Recent Posts and Selective posts. Recent post will fetch the latest post by the author and Selective post will allow you to select the post you want to appear in the frontend.


Use the CK editor to place custom content into your tab. The tab name fields will appear as the tab title in the frontend.

Profile Customizer

Click on the Profile Customize to add individual theme to your author profile.

Click on Enable Personal Template to enable your Personal Template.

Select one of the many Default Templates or Select Custom Template.

If you select Custom Template, select one of the Default Template and choose the Primary, Secondary, Tertiary color or Background image.

Using Shortcode

You can use Shortcode to place the Author box between posts or page.

Shortcode structure

Basic Structure


Shortcode with parameters

You can pass two parameters to the Shortcode, user_id and template.

[ultimate_author_box user_id="1" template='uab-template-1']

You cannot use custom template with shortcode.

The plugin data and settings are all stored in your WordPress Database and will not be affected if you delete the plugin file.

Themes Compatible with the Plugin :

Ultimate Author Box Lite works best with every WordPress theme. It is even more remarkable when used with popular themes like VMagazine and AccessPress Parallax.


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