Total Team Lite – Responsive Team Manager / Showcase Plugin for WordPress

Total Team Lite – is the free WordPress utility plugin for you to display team members faster and simpler and beautfuly with minimal setting and configuration possible.

Check out the plugin’s full features: View Plugin’s Full Features
Check out the plugin’s demo: View Plugin’s Demo

Installation Instructions

  • Unzip
  • Upload all the files to the /wp-content/plugins/total-team-lite
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • For customizing the plugin’s settings, click on Total Team Lite > Add New Member in WordPress left admin menu and create unlimited team member items.
  • To display team members, use generated shortcode from “Shortcode Generator” page or “Total Team Shortcode” button above page/post editor.

Plugin Introduction

Once the plugin is installed and activated you will find a menu named “Total Team Lite” in the left menu bar of the admin menu.Once you click on that menu, you will go to the plugin’s Team member listed page and you will also see the “Add New Member” button to create new team member data, once you click on that button you will go to the “Add New Member” page where you can create new team member with multiple meta box options. Basically, there are 9 main settings to create and assign team member elements.

A) Team Members

Total Team Landing Page
This is the landing page for plugin. Here you can see the listing of the created Team post type data of Post type: “total_team”. Here you can see Add New Members button at top of “Total Team Member Listing” page. For creating new team member, you will simply need to click on the “Add New Member” sub-menu of the “Total Team Lite” menu or click on the “Add New Member”button in the Total Team listing section. You can add, edit or delete Team members from here.Once, you click the button, you will be redirected to the new team member builder page where you can add the various elements for any individual team member and also set its other settings.
There are mainly 3 tabs to insert 3 different team member components.

B) Add New Member

Add New Member Total Team Lite
From this builder page you can indidividual team member elements and assign assign them to the team member elements section for the team member description. Below are the detail description for team member element Settings.


From here, you can create set simple general info about the team member.

    1. Post/Position

First tab section is called “post/position”. Here, you can set the post/position that represent the team member.

    1. Address

This tab contain the input field for the address input of the team member.

    1. Telephone

This tab contain the input field for the telephone input field for the team member.

    1. Email Address

This section contains the input field for the email address for the team member.


From here, you can add, edit, sort custom skills to external sites. You can have unlimited skills as per your need.

Social Link

From here, you can add, edit, sort custom skills to external sites. You can have unlimited skills as per your need. You can either select among default 11 social links or upload your own with custom link.

C) Team Category

Total Team Categories

From this panel , you can configure the taxnomy options for the team member added. This is the default taxonomy option generated for custom post type in the plugin where you can either create, edit or delete the categories for the team member.

D)Shortcode Generator

Total Team Shortcode Generator

From this panel, you can configure the shortcode to display the team member in frontend. This defines how the team member will be displayed. Shortcode attribute can be generated for following elements and their inner attributes are as follows:

  1. Grid Layout
  2. List Layout
  3. Carousal Layout

Here are few basic settings that can be configured while generating the shortcode options:

  • Team Member Filter :Select how you want the team member to be displayed either all, team member by id or team member by category. Default is “no filter”.
  • Team Member to Show :Set how many team member you would like to display. Default is “99”.
  • Custom Template :Select whether you want to set the custom template or not. Default is “off”.
  • Select Template :Select pre built template layouts from the select option. Selectable for grid, list, carosual.
  • Element To Show on Grid :Select element to show on front content. You can select among description, skills links, or none at all. It is selectable for grid layout, list layout.
  • Element Per Row: Select how many element to be displayed per row. It varies according to layout such as maximum number to 4 for grid layout
  • Element Margin :Set element margin values i.e. gapping between the two elements.
  • Image Size :Select various image size according to your requirement. It is currently only available for grid layout.
  • Additional Detail Display Type :Additional detail display type integrated with lightbox. Currently default to popup.
  • Popup Content Position :Additional detail display position integrated with lightbox. Currently default to center.
  • Auto Slide :Implementable for caroual layout, select if you want to set auto slide.
  • Showe/Hide Pagination :Set to either display or hide pagiantion for carousal layout.
  • Carousal Auto Slide Speed :If popup content display is to be set, you can select what position will be displayed.
  • Autoplay Pause Duration :Only for carousal layout, pause duration value refers to the pause duration(in milliseconds) to be set when on autoplay..
  • Element Per Carousal :Only for carousal layout, it allows how many element to show per carousal.

M) Widget Integration

Our plugin also support the widget feature. Our plugin had options for in the widget for the following layouts:

  1. Grid Layout
  2. Carousal Layout

Themes Compatible with the Plugin :Total Team Lite works best with every WordPress theme. Its even more remarkable when used with popular themes like VMagazine and AccessPress Parallax.


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