Extra Tabs Plugin for WooCommerce : TabWoo – Documentation

Installing Instructions

After having bought our plugin or any other plugin, You can download either of the two types of plugin packages – full version with documentation and ready to install WordPress plugin.

TabWoo Installation Methods

If you download the Installable WordPress file only then you can directly go and install it.

If you download the full package including documentation and extensions then unzip the file and find folder named webinstall. You will find the installable zip file of the plugin inside this folder.

Now, There are two different ways to install the plugin in your WordPress site.

  1. Via WordPress Plugin Uploader
  2. Via FTP
  • Via WordPress Plugin Uploader

    Steps to install plugin via WordPress uploader are mentioned below :

    1. Download TabWoo from CodeCanyon on your device using of the two menthods mentioned above
    2. From your website dashboard, Go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin -> Select your downloaded plugin file-> Install File
    3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • Via FTP

    Steps to install plugin via FTP are mentioned below :

    1. Download TabWoo from CodeCanyon on your device using of the two menthods mentioned above
    2. Unzip tabwoo.zip file
    3. Upload the unzipped file to the you site’s /wp-content/plugins/ folder
    4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

For customizing the plugin’s settings, click on TabWoo menu in WordPress left admin menu. You will notice 5 submenus in TabWoo. They are, All Tab Set, Add Tab Set, Settings, How To Use and More WordPress Stuff.

TabWoo Menu

To start using the plugin, please go to the ‘Settings’ submenu and make sure you enable the plugin. This setting also gives you an option to select any one of the tabsets that you have created, as a default tabset, for all your products. Also, If you want to display a map inside any one of your tab, please enter your GoogLe Map API inside this setting.

TabWoo Setting Page

All Tab Set

TabWoo Tab Listing Page

On clicking TabWoo menu, you will go to the plugin’s listing page with a ‘Add New’ button at the top. Clicking on that button will redirect you to the TabWoo page where you can create your tab set. Basically, there are three metaboxes inside the page to help you create tabs, assign them to products and provide layouts to the tabset.

Tab Items

The Tab Items metabox is for adding tabs to your tabset. You will notice four tabs already available in this metabox along with a “Add Tab Item” button. The 1st three tabs are default tabs provided by WooCommerce for their products. The fourth tab is the custom tab provided by our plugin. If you want more tabs in your tab set, please
click the “Add Tab Item” button. This will add a custom tab at the end of the tab list. Also, please note that all the tab items are sortable.
You can set a order for them, to display, as per your requirement.

Each of the tab settings are explained below

Default WooCommerce Tab

TabWoo Default WooCommerce Tab

  • Tab Label: Please enter a label for this tab. Note: The label you enter here will replace the default ‘Description’, Additional Description’ and ‘Reviews’ label of the tabs accordingly.
  • Choose Icon Type: Please select a icon for this tab here. You can either select a icon from the available list of icons or upload your own custom icon.

Custom Tab

TabWoo Default WooCommerce Tab

  • Tab Label: Please enter a label for this tab.
  • Choose Icon Type: Please select a icon for this tab here. You can either select a icon from the available list of icons or upload your own custom icon.
  • Choose Component: Please select a component for this tab here. There are a total of 9 different options you can choose from for the custom tab. You can add content to your tabs using any one of the components that suits you the best. Each of them are described below:

Custom Tab Components


TabWoo Editor Component

This is a normal editor provided by WordPress. You can add your contents here.

External Shortcode

TabWoo External Shortcode Component

This component is the most versatile of all the components available. You can add shortcode of any plugin here and display the respective result in a tab.


TabWoo Product Component

This components helps display products inside a tab. There are various options available for this component.

  • Product Type: You can select the kind of products you want to display in the tab here. It could be product of any category as per your preference. The products you will filter will be displayed in a list inside the tab. Also, you will be provided with further settings.

    • Taxonomy/Category: You can select the taxonomy to filter your products from, here
    • Product Categories: Based on the taxonomy you have selected in the above option, all the list of items available for that particular taxonomy will be displayed here. You can select your product category from the available list of items.
    • OrderBy: Please select a order in which you want to display your products. It can be ordered on the basis of ID, Author, Title, Date, Parent ID, Random or Comment Count.
    • Order: The order of the item can be either ascending or descending.
    • Number of Post: Please enter the number of products you want to display in this tab
    • Display Product Excerpt: Please enable to show content
    • Product Excerpt Length: Please enter the length of post content
    • Display Product Link in Title: Please enable to show product link in title
    • Link Option: Please select how you want your links to be opened. It can either be opened in a new window or same window.
    • Price Type: Please select the kind of price you want to display in your products. It can either be sales price or actual price.
Custom Link

TabWoo Custom Link Component

This component helps assign a custom url to the tab title. So that, when you click on the tab, you are redirected to a custom link that you enter in the text field.


TabWoo Map Component

This components helps you display a map inside your tab. Please make sure that you have entered your Google API inside the main plugin setting for this feature to work. The main plugin settings
is one of the sub menus of our plugin- Tabwoo.

Once the API is set and stored, please enter the latitude, longitude and zoom level of your location to display in the map.


TabWoo Download Component

This components helps you display downloadable files inside your tab. These downloadable files can be uploaded inside this component.


TabWoo FAQ Component

A list of frequently asked questionaires can be put in this component. These lists will be then displayed inside a tab.

Photo Gallery

TabWoo Photo Gallery Component

Any number of pictures can be uploaded in this componenent. The uploaded picture will be displayed inside a tab.

Video Gallery

TabWoo Video Gallery Component

Either a Youtube video or Viemo video can be uploaded in this tab. The video will be displayed inside a tab.

Assign Tab Set

This metabox is for assigning the above generated tab set to any product categories/tags or a list of random individual products.
TabWoo Assign Tab

This metabox has following fields:

  • Assign Tab: Please select which products, product tag or product categories you want this particular tab set to be assigned to. NOTE: Please make sure that you do not assign the same product/ product categories to multiple tab sets.

    Based on what you have seleted in this setting, the following settings will be displayed.

    • Product Categories: Please select categories of product you want to display in this tab
    • Product Tags: Please select categories of product you want to display in this tab
    • Products: Please enter name of the product that you want this tab set to be assigned to here.

Main Settings

The Main Settings metabox is for basic settings of tabset. It has 3 main tabs which are described below:

General Settings

TabWoo Main Settings

  • Tab Labels Display Format: Please select how you want your tab set to be displayed. You can either choose to show tab title only or show icon and title both or show icon only
  • Show Icon Position: Please select an icon position for the tab set. It can either be left or right or top or bottom of the tab title
  • Tab Width: Set width for the individual tabs as per your requirement. When you select ‘Automatic Width Calculation’, the individual tab items will take a width according to the length oftab label. However, if you select ‘Same Width tabs’, it will take the width that you enter for the tab.
  • Enable Accordion For Responsive: Please check to enable accordion for responsive. Note: If this option is enabled, then on mobile version tab will work in accordion.

Display Settings

TabWoo Display Settings

  • Orientation Type: Please select an orientation for this tab. It can either be horizontal or vertical.
  • Choose Tab Template: Select a template for the tabset from the available list of templates.

Custom Styling

TabWoo Custom Styling

This tab helps you give custom styling to the available templates as per your requirement.

Individual Product Page Settings (TabWoo Customization Options)

TabWoo Individual Product Page Settings

This metabox will be available in all of your individual product pages. This settings will help you overwrite the content you have set for the product or the category that this product has been set to, in the tabset.

For example, You have created a Tabset named “TabSet ABC” using our plugin and have assigned this particular tabset to product category “CAT XYZ”. Now, Assume, your tabset has a tab whose content is a video. All the products that fall under the category CAT XYZ will have a tab with the video content, entered inside the Video component of that paticular tabset. However, if you want a different video to be displayed for any one of the product that belongs to the category CAT XYZ, you can set it here.

Also, please note, the contents you have set for the respective tab here will not be displayed in your product page unless, this product has been assigned a tab set. To assign this product or the category this product falls under to a tab set, please go to our plugin settings.

This documentation tries to cover as much details about plugin as possible to ease your plugin experience.

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Themes Compatible with the Plugin :

TabWoo works best with every WordPress theme. It is even more remarkable when used with popular themes like VMagazine and AccessPress Parallax.


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