WordPress Social Icons Plugin: AccessPress Social Icons Pro – Documentation

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Installing Instructions

  1. Unzip accesspress-social-icons-pro.zip
  2. Upload all the files to the /wp-content/plugins/accesspress-social-icons-pro
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. For customizing the plugin’s settings, click on AccessPress Social Icons Pro option menu in WordPress left admin menu.
  5. To display the  AccessPress Social Icons Pro, please use [aps-social id=”1″] shortcode wherever necessary.

How to use

Once the plugin is installed and activated you will find a menu named “AccessPress Social Icon Pro” in the left menu bar of the admin menu.Once you click on that menu , you will go to the plugin’s page, click on Add New and you will go to plugin’s main settings page.

  1. Enter the name of Set
    There you will see  Choose Icon Set Type option, either to choose icon individually or to choose from available themes.

Choose Icon Individually,

Choose icon individually

  1. Enter Icon Title
  2. Select icon type to Image Icons or Font Awesome Icons
    If you select Icon image,
    For icon image you can either select pre-available icon or upload your own icon.
    In pre available icon, there are 12 sets of PNG Icon and 12 sets of SVG Icon, you can select as per your requirement.
    Pre available icons
    pre-available icons set
  3. If you want to Upload your own icons then, click on upload and select your required icons.
    You can also define Icon Width and Icon Height
    If you select Font Awesome Icon,
    Select Font Awesome Icon from the list as per your need,
    Select Font Awesome IconFont Awesome Icon list
  4. Define Icon Size, Icon Color, Color(Hover)
  5. Check yes/No to enable/disable Icon Background
    If you check on yes,
    You can define Background Color, Background Color(Hover)
    Define Top/Bottom Space between Icon and Border
    Define Left/Right Space between Icon and Border
    Select Icon Shape to Square, Rounded Corner or Circuler according to your preferance
    Enter the Border Radius of each border in px
    font-awesome icon setting
  6. In Border style option, select border style of icon from drop down menu
  7. You can also define Border Spacing, Border Thickness and Border colour
  8. In Shadow option, select yes/no to show shadow in icons as per your need
    If you select yes, Insert Offset X, Offset Y and Blur inside the box
  9. Insert Icon link inside the box
  10. Enter tooltip text
  11. Select Icon Link Target to New Window or Same Window
  12. Click on Add Icon to List
    Similarly, add other social icon to list
    ( You can add only required icons and each Icon will only show up in the frontend if icon link is not empty)
    Click on Save Icon Set

Choose from available themes,

Choose from available themes copy


  1. Choose Available Icon Themes, there are 12 each themes for PNG Icons and SVG Icons, select any theme from the list as per your need
  2. In Icon List, select the icon that you want to display (You can add only required icons)
  3. Enter Icon Title
  4. Insert Icon Width and Height
  5. Insert Icon Link
  6. Insert Tooltip Text
  7. Select Icon Link Target to open in New Window or Same Window
  8. Similarly, add other social icon as per your requirement. ( Each Icon will only show up in the frontend if icon link is not empty)
  9. You can drag and drop the icon as per you need.


  1. In Display option, Select to display icon Horizontally or Vertically as per your need.
  2. Enter the no. of rows or columns to display icons
  3. Enter the margin for each icon in px
  4. In Tooltip option, you can show/hide tooltip
    If you select to Show Tooltip then, Select Tooltip Background Color, Tooltip Text Color, Tooltip Position to Top, Right, Bottom, or Left from drop down menu as per your requirement
  5. Select Icons Hover Animation from drop down menu
    Icon Animation
  6. Select Opacity on Non Hover from drop down menu
    Click on Save icon set

Social Sidebar settings

  1. Click on AccessPress Social Icons Pro > Social Sidebar
  2. Check to enable Social Sidebar Settings in the site
  3. Choose Icon Set
  4. Margin between each icon
  5. Select Social Sidebar Position from drop down menu
  6. Set Social Sidebar Attachment to Fixed or Absolute
  7. Select Yes/No to show/Hide social sidebar half Hidden
  8. Display sidebar in All Pages, Only on Homepages or Except Homepage
  9. Choose Icon Hover Animation

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