Free WordPress Social Login Plugin: AccessPress Social Login Lite – Documentation new

Documentation of AccessPress Social Login Lite Plugin


  1. Unzip
  2. Upload all the files to the /wp-content/plugins/accesspress-social-login-lite
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. For customizing the plugin’s settings, click on AccessPress Social Login lite menu in WordPress of left admin menu.


Network Settings

In this tab you can enable and disable the available social medias as per your need.
Also you can order the apperance of the social media’s simply by drag and drop.

For each social media you need to configure following:
Enable/Disable: You can enable and disable the social media.

App ID: App id of the social media.
App secret: App secret of the social media.
To get the App ID and App Secret please follow the instructions(notes).


Other Settings

In this tab you can do various settings of a plugin.
Enable or disable the social login.
Options to enable the social logins for login form, registration form and in comments.
Options to choose the pre available themes, You can choose any one theme from the pre available 4 themes.
Login text: Here you can setup the login text as per your need.



When you install the plugin, you will find a widget named “AccessPress Social Login Lite” in the widget section, You can place these widgets in any widget area and can configure as per your needs. Since the widget has the multi instance, you can add the same widget as much as you want.

Widget Attributes

Attribute Description
Title You can set the name of the widget.
Login text You can add your own custom login text here.



Use the shortcode [apsl-login-lite] to display the social login within your content in posts and pages.

Use the function <?php echo do_shortcode('[apsl-login-lite]'); ?>
to display within template or theme files.

Available Attributes

Attribute Description
login_text You can use the custom login text for the shortcodes using this attribute.


  • [apsl-login-lite login_text='Social Connect']

New Section For Facebook Setting

We have now updated our facebook  sdk version to 5.0 so to make the face book login work you need to have PHP version 5.4 at least.

Please follow these steps to set up using Facebook

    1. Go to ‘’log into your facebook account.
    2. create an app -> provide app name and your mail address too.

      Click on create
      security box arise, Type and press enter.


    1. Go to Settings-> Basic and at below of page choose to Add Platform ->choose website (WWW/WEB) and give               site URL -> save it.
    2. Again go to setting -> Basic -> you can see App ID and App Secret (paste them into plugin’s network setting)

    1. Now in same basic page setting, provide App Domains, select your App’s category.
      Now go to product on your left, under product you can see face book login -> go to setting -> There Please set the Use Strict Mode for Redirect URIs as Yes.

    1. Please configure the Valid OAuth redirect URIs (which is given below as a note at the end of this note).
    2. The next thing is to make this app Public. To do this checks your left panel for App Review. You will see Make [Your App Name] Public. Slide the button to enable it.

And you are done! You can check for your App ID and App Secret from your Dashboard (Setting -> Basic setting).

Save setting.

New Section For Twitter Setting

Follow These listed steps to set up twitter  with your Website.

1 .   Go to login to Twitter from your account.

2 . Create new app
Provide application Name, Description, Also provide a Valid Website. e.g.:
On the section of callback URL: provide the Callback URl provided below on documentation.
After filling up all field, click on create app.

      1.  New window opens, then go to Keys and Access tokens, where you can see API key and API secret.

4.Now paste these keys into setting page of  the plugin (Don’t forget to enable it first).

      1. Don’t forget to enable[Tick] Request email address from users under the Permission category.

save all setting and you are ready to go.

New Section For Google Setting

      1. Go to into google from your google account.
      2. click on creat new project on right top of the screen.give project name as u like and click to create.
      3. New page will apppear,click on Enable APIs and Services
      4. New page appear,do some scroll,you can find Google + API,select it and Enable it.

      1. On left side of screen,click on Credentials,go to OAuth consent Screen,fill the form and save it.

      1. Now click on create credentials, select OAuth client ID,select application type as Web Application.fill the form

(Take redirect URL from our Note Below.)

      1. after that,a new page will appear showing Client ID and Client Secret,paste these on google setting of our plugin as follows(Dont forgot to enable first)

Save this setting,and you are ready to go.


Follow these redirect URL respectively