Beautiful FAQ Plugin for WordPress – Everest FAQ Manager Lite

Everest FAQ Manager Lite – Beautiful FAQ Plugin for WordPress

Installation Instructions

  • Unzip <plugin>.zip file.
  • Upload all the files to the /wp-content/plugins/everest-faq-manager-lite
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Everest FAQ Manager Lite Plugin Introduction

After successful activation of the “Everest FAQ Manager Lite” plugin, you will see the “Everest FAQ Manager Lite” menu in WordPress left admin menu. Now click on “Add New Everest FAQ” to add/create FAQs .

1) FAQ items

In this section you can add new FAQ items. Click on “Add FAQ Item” to add up to 7 new FAQ item . Here you can edit/delete/order the FAQ items as per your need.

Item settings

2) Display Settings

After configuring the required number of FAQ items. Now you need to configure the display settings of the plugin. The display settings consist of template selection,and Tab settings.

  • Template Selection:

    Here you can configure the display layout. You will get 5 predesigned templates options to choose.

    Template selection

  • Tab settings:

    You can choose any tab settings like “Default”, “Close all tabs ” and “Open all tabs ”

  • Title styles :

    You can choose font size and text color of title

  • Content styles :

    You can choose font size and text color of content

If you’ve any questions, please submit a ticket in our support system: