Free WordPress Slider Plugin: WP 1 Slider – Documentation

Documentation of WP 1 Slider


Method 1

  1. Unzip
  2. Upload all the files to the /wp-content/plugins/wp-1-slider
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. For customizing the plugin’s settings, click on Wp 1 slider menu in WordPress of left admin menu.

Creating New Slider

For creating a new slider, you will simply need to click on the Add New submenu of the Wp 1 sliders menu or click on the “Add New” button in the slider manager’s listing table.

WP 1 Sliders-listing-page
Screenshot 1: WP 1 Slider Listing page

Once you click the button, you will be redirected to the new slider builder page where you can add the unlimited numbers of slides by clicking on “Add Image Slide” button.

Screenshot 2: Slider Adding Page

Once you click the Add Image Slide button, a slide box will appear where you can add the available input fields in the slide. You can see all the available fields in the slide box as shown below in the screenshot. You can enable or disable the buttons and can give text and link for button.

Add New WP 1 Slider -3
Screenshot 3: Slider Slide Box

General Settings

Just below the Slides Metabox ,there is general setting box where you can switch the tab by clicking the each setting tab to go to respective setting tab where you can edit the way you want to display slider by changing your own setting options.
We have following feature available in our current version to choose from:

Slider Settings: Allows you to choose either display slider box shadow or not and allow you to choose shadow box types template.
Caption Settings: Allows you to choose four different caption types option with its respective title font size, title font color,description font color and size,button color,background color,border color and caption position.
Pager Settings: Allows you to choose either display dot pager or thumbnail pager or disable the pager.Allow you to choose four different layout for dot pager with its respective background and active color setting and ten different layout for thumbnail pager.It also allow you to set count of thumbs slide for thumbnail pager setting.
Navigation Arrow Settings: Allows you to choose seven different navigation arrow style.

You can see the different setting options available in following section as shown in the screenshot.

Add New WP 1 Slider -slider general settings
Screenshot 4: Slider General Settings Tab

Add New WP 1 Slider - slider settings
Screenshot 5: Slider Setting Tab

Screenshot 6: Slider Caption Setting Tab

Screenshot 7: Slider Dot Pager Setting Tab

Screenshot 8: Slider Thumbnail Pager Setting Tab

Wp 1 Slider - slider navigation settings
Screenshot 9: Slider Navigation Arrow Setting Tab


Slider Option Settings

In Slider Option Metabox you can manage the slider’s configurations option.You can choose the auto, transition,controls,responsive options for slider and set the require speed and width of slider.

Screenshot 10: Slider Configuration Option


Once you click on add new buttoon, you will find a WP1S Usage metabox at the right side of the slides, below the slider options box.In WP1S Usage box you will find shortcode which you can paste to any page or post and template include shortcode which you can paste to theme or template to show the sliders.

wp1s usage
Screenshot 11: Slider WP1S Usage

Available layout screenshots

screenshot-1 (6)
Caption Type 1 Slider Layout

Caption Type 2 Slider Layout

Caption Type 3 Slider Layout

Caption Type 4 Slider Layout

Thumbnail Pager Slider Layout: