Documentation: AccessPress Social Share Pro

Once the plugin is installed and activated you will find a menu named “AccessPress Social Pro” in the left menu bar of the admin menu. When clicked or hovered on it, you will see sub menus of the plugin. Clicking on the submenu ‘Social Share Pro’ will redirect you to the Social Share settings page where you can set the plugin’s social share options.

The social profiles with share option can be implemented in your site by either using a [apss-share] Shortcode and/or a AccessPress Social Share Widget from Appearance’s widget section. They can also be displayed inline and/or in a popup, and/or a flyin, and/or floating sidebar and/or as a sticky header, depending on your requirements . All of them are described below.

Before proceeding with creating an inline button, popup window or flyin window, lets understand what all settings we will need to set that will be common for all of them.

When you click on Social Share Pro, you will see that it has a total of 5 main tabs, The tab on the top – Social Share will have further six sub tabs inside it. All the settings that you will set in these sub tabs of Social Share will be common for all the buttons through out your site, unless you use a shortcode to display the buttons with social profile. However, the values set for the other two main tabs – Url shortner and Share Counter Settings will be common for the shortcode aswell.

  1. Social Network
    You can configure the social media you want to display and sort the orders of selected social medias here
  2. Share Options
    From Share options tab, you can configure the options for display of the social share icons. You can show the social shares in posts, pages, archive, categories, custom post types, custom taxonomies. Additionally you will get an options for display of the pineterest hover social share options for images.
  3. Miscellaneous
    All the options that you can set for the social share icons are described below

    • Twitter Username: Enter your twitter username here. This will help extract your twitter share count.

    • Twitter 3rd Party API Integration: Select any one of the two available third party APIs to extract the total share count for Twitter

    • Facebook APP ID: If facebook counter is not working. Please setup the facebook APP and enter your Facebook App Id here

    • Facebook APP Secret: If facebook counter is not working. Please setup the facebook APP and enter your Facebook App Secret here

    • Fetch Share Counts from HTTP URL: Please set this option as ‘Yes’, if you have moved your site from HTTP to HTTPS. For Facebook and Google+, The crawler still needs to be able to access the old page, so exempt the crawler’s user agent from the redirect and only send an HTTP redirect to non-Facebook crawler clients. If you have done 301 redirect then the old url share counts will be lost.

    • Social Share Link Option: Select how you wish your share link to be opened in the windows

    • Disable WhatsApp Share:Select ‘Yes’ to disable WhatsApp share in non mobile devices

    • Disable Viber Share: Select ‘Yes’ to disable Viber share in non mobile devices

    • Disable SMS Share: Select ‘Yes’ to disable SMS share in non mobile devices

    • Disable Messenger Share: Select ‘Yes’ to disable Messenger share in non mobile devices

  4. Custom Text

    You can set the custom short and long share texts here. If you keep it blank the default values will be loaded.

  5. Template Settings

    • Social Icon Sets: Please select any one of the available templates

    • Enable Animation: Check to enable animation in the share buttons

    • Animation Template: Please select any one of the available animation templates

Now that all the common settings has been set for the social share icons, we can proceed with the individual settings for each of the display methods. Each of them has been described below.

Inline Display

Flyin Display

Floating Sidebar Display

Widget Display

Shortcode [apss-share]


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