Premium WordPress Testimonial Plugin : AP Custom Testimonial Pro – Documentation

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  1. Unzip
  2. Upload all the files to the /wp-content/plugins/ap-custom-testimonial-pro
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. For customizing the plugin’s settings, click on Ap Custom Testimonial Pro menu in WordPress of left admin menu.

Testimonial Manager

Creating New Testimonial
– For creating a new testimonial, you will simply need to click on the “Add Testimonial” button of the Plugin’s main page. Once you click the button you will be redirected to the new testimonial builder page where you can add the testimonial adding details in input fields. Once you have created the testimonial, you will be redirected to testimonial listing page where you can view full detail,edit or delete the testimonial.

Screenshot-1: Testimonial Landing page

Testimonial manager
Screenshot-2: Testimonial Listing page

Testimonial Add/Edit page

– From the Testimonial add/edit section, you can create or edit the testimonial using the various fields as you wish for your testimonial. You can either leave them empty or later show or hide them using different shortcode parameters in “Generate Shortcode” tab in plugin main menu.
1. For testimonial image, you can either use image, youtube video, vimeo video or your own video uploaded to WordPress gallery. You can simply set the video by using id of it from either youtube or vimeo and when user click on video, it popups into the screen with full screen video preview.

2. For date section, you can either set the date currently the testimonial was entered into the database or use custom date for more realistic date effect to show actual date of testimonial submission by the user.

Screenshot-3: Testimonial Add/Edit page

Custom Display Setting

You can design your custom template layout changing different attributes in Custom Display Setting options. From this section you can configure all the custom testimonial layout design. When you generate the testimonial with custom_layout attribute enable, you can change and rebuild your own design of testimonial layout with specific buildin layout selected manipulating various options in setting page.
Current features available for custom layout design in our current plugin version are:

  1. Image Size :You can change custom image size for the testimonial image.
  2. Image Border Color :You can change custom image border color for the testimonial image
  3. Image Border Width :You can change custom image border width for the testimonial image
  4. Image Radius :You can change custom image border width for the testimonial image(in %). More the number, more circular the image will be.
  5. Author Text Color :You can change author text color to custom color.
  6. Rating Icon Color :You can change rating color to custom color.
  7. Font Color :you can change the font color of the all other content of the testimonial.
  8. Testimonial Background Option :You can either choose custom background color or background image for the testimonial.
  9. Font Family :You can choose among available fonts for the text in the testimonial
  10. Read More/Read Less Text :You can use custom Text for View more/View less button text if excerpt is chosen for the content length in testimonial.

You can see the different setting options available in following section as shown in the screenshot.
Custom Display Setting
Screenshot-4: Testimonial Custom Display Setting page

Available Layouts screenshots

Some List Layout Screenshots

Screenshot-5 : List Layout Template 1

Screenshot-6 : List Layout Template 2

Screenshot-7 : List Layout Template 3

Screenshot-8 : List Layout Template 5

Some Slider Layout Screenshots

Screenshot-9: Slider-Layout Template 1

Screenshot-10: Slider-Layout Template 2

Screenshot-11: Slider-Layout Template 4

Shortcode Generator Page

From this panel, you can configure the shortcode generator settings for the testimonial.

You can change various setting under the Shortcode Generator page, then you can click the Generate Shortcode tab to generate dynamic shortcode.
Once shortcode generated, You can copy that dynamically generated shortcode anywhere you want.
You can either use default shortcode [ap_custom_testimonial] that you can use to generate default list layout with template 1 for the testimonial.
Currently we have 12 Pre Designed Layout to choose from either list slider that you can choose from.
You can see the different options available in following section as shown in the screenshot.

Shortcode Generator
Screenshot-12: Testimonial Shortcode Generator page

Multi-configurable Review Submission Form

– Here, you can create frontend testimonial review submission form. With multiple configurable fields, you can create testimonial form to get review directly from a customer. You can display the form anywhere you want just using shortcode [apctp_submit_form].

-You can sort your own order and control show/hide, required, label and placeholder attribute for following fields in testimonial form.You can also set the option to enable/disable google recaptcha for possible BOT control as you prefer.

  • Username
  • Email
  • Company Name
  • Url of Company
  • User Position in Company
  • Rating
  • Image
  • Description
  • Social Site Link

Note – You can still use backend testimonial entry section to enter the testimonials manually if you don’t want to allow user to submit the testimonial from frontend form.
Submission Form Backend
Screenshot-13: Testimonial Submission Form Configuration Section

You can manage all the submitted testimonials from frontend form in “Submitted Testimonial” tab where you can preview detail, edit & approve or reject & delete the submitted testimonial. As you approve it, testimonial will be displayed into frontend.

Submission Form Frontend
Screenshot-14: Testimonial Submission Form Frontend Section

Show Specific Testimonials