Easiest Contact Form for WordPress – AP Contact Form

Documentation of AP Contact Form

Check out the plugin’s full features: View Plugin’s Full Features
Check out the plugin’s demo: View Plugin’s Demo


  1. Unzip ap-contact-form.zip
  2. Upload all the files to the /wp-content/plugins/ap-contact-form
  3. Go to Dashboard-> Plugins to activate the AP Contact Plugin
  4. For configuration of the plugin’s settings, click on AP Contact Form menu in WordPress of left admin menu.

Form Settings

Form Settings

In form settings you can configure Form Fields and their Label name, Visibility, Requirement, Required Message and Form Submission Success Message in the frontend.

Click on the Form Feild such as Name, Email, Subject, Message, Submit to display respective Field Options

  • Label: Provide a label to the feild to be displayed in the Frontend
  • Display (Show/Hide): Check if you want to display this field in the Frontend
  • Required (Yes/No): Check if you want to make this field a Required Field
  • Required Message: Provide Message to be showed when you try to submit the form when Required Field is checked

Form Field Settings

Email Setting

Email Setting

In Email settings you can configure email settings for the receiving end of the Frontend form.

  • From Email: Provide an email that will receive the Frontend email.
  • From Name: Provide a name to whom the email will be addressed to
  • Email Subject: Provide Subject to the receiving email
  • Email Message: Provide Message template for the receiving mail. This is the format on how the Frontend message inputs will be received.
    Please use

    • #name to extract form name
    • #email to extract form email
    • #subject to extract form subject
    • #message to extract form message

    from the Frontend Inputs

Captcha Settings

Captcha Setting

The AP Contact Form uses Google recaptcha version 2 to secure your form against bots.

    • Add a Captcha: Check to enable google captcha in your frontend
    • Captcha Label: Provide a Captcha Label for the Frontend
    • Keys:To set Google reCaptcha you will need to to go to https://www.google.com/recaptcha/intro/index.html
      • Click on Get captcha
      • You will need to Register your site
      • Add a label to identify your Google captcha
      • Provide Domain such as accesspressthemes.com
      • Click on register
      • Click on Keys to get your Site Key and Secret Key
    • Site Key: Set Site Key
    • Secret Key: Set Secret Key

Incase you do not set site key and secret key, the captcha option will not appear on the frontend form

How to use

Captcha Setting

There are 3 ways of using the newly created form:

  1. Add a widget
    • Go to Dashboard-> Appearance-> Widgets.
    • Assign AP Contact Form Widget to required Widget area.
    • Give Title to the Contact Form and save.
  2. Use the shortcode [ap_contact_form] in any page or post.
  3. Use the shortcode <?php echo do_shortcode( '[ap_contact_form]' ); ?> in the theme’s files.

Frontend Form Style

The Frontend of the form is adaptive to your theme’s form style settings.