We thank all the contributors!

AccessPress Parallax Translators
(Those who helped in translating our popular AccessPress Parallax Theme)

– Pavstyuk (Russian)
– Rio Bermano (Indonesian)

AccessPress Lite Translators
(Those who helped in translating beautiful AccessPress Lite Theme)

– France Behzad Damghani (French)
– Iran Behzad Damghani (Persian)
– Japan Nori (Japanese)
– Denmark Per Bovbjerg (Danish)
– Italy Francesco (Italian)
– Portugal (Portuguese)
– Netherlands Glencree (Dutch)
– José Roldán (Espanish)

How to contribute? 

  1. By translating our themes / plugins into your native language (Its an easy Job, we’ll guide you on technical side. Its a job of just a few hours)
  2. By replying in our forums (
  3. By making child themes
  4. By helping us develop / upgrade our free themes / plugins.

Contributor benefits:

  1. We give you recognition!
  2. We mention your name on our website (and social media)
  3. We give you special discounts and give away(s) on our premium products.
  4. We might be interested to collaborate with you in the long run 🙂

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