Offering 70% free discount offer in WP Menu Icons – Plugin to effectively Add & Customize Icons For WordPress Menus

wp menu icons plugin discount offer

wp menu icons discount offer

WP Menu Icons plugin is now available with a huge discount!!!

Get 70% off as a special discount offer, instead of $23, get the plugin for just $7!

WP Menu Icons is a premium WordPress plugin which functions to assign advance font icons to display visually informative menus for WordPress Site. This plugin has more than 10 pre-available font icons for your WordPress menu. In addition, you can also upload custom icons to your menus by configuring its height and width.

The plugin, WP Menu Icons, is one of the best integration plugins which offers you the options to display icons in a unique, responsive and informative manner. It has a wide range of font icons for WordPress menus. You can even configure and display each menu item individually using WP Menu Icons.

Now let your menus have visually appealing and informative look and feel with WP Menu Icons!

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Primary Features of WP Menu Icons

10+ Font Icons Available

WP Menu Icons comes up with 10 different font icons that you can assign to various menu items. The font icons available with the menu are :

  • Font Awesome
  • Dashicons (WordPress core icons)
  • Genericons
  • Lineraicons
  • Icomoon
  • Themify Icons
  • Elusive icons
  • Typicons
  • Foundation Icons
  • Captainicon
  • Devicons
  • Elegant Icons
  • Ionicons
  • MFG Labs Icon Set

Uploading Custom Menu Icons

Alongside the already available font icons, WP Menu Icons also offers the option to assign your own custom image of icons using the WP Media Upload functionality. You can even customize the icon’s height and weight in px.

Versatile Icon Positioning

This plugin offers the functionality to add advanced font icon for each menu item and place them in three different positions (Left, Right and Top of Menu Label).

Menus System Integration

With this plugin, you can assign icons to all your menu items that are within the WP Menus Admin UI. You can even configure and use multiple options for each menu item.

15+ Icon Hover Animation
Enjoy using and displaying more than 15 different hover animations for your menu icons.

Integrate, Configure and Design Font Icons for Menus
This plugin also works to integrate a large range of icons for WordPress Menus that you can configure and display for each menu item individually. And you can even show the menu with selected icons in the most unique and easy way.

Wrapping Up,

WP Menu Icons is an advanced premium plugin that helps you keep your menus highly attractive and informative. Apart from the features mentioned above, with the plugin, you can also,
  • Show/Hide Icon On Desktop/Mobile/Tablet
  • Show/Hide Menu Label
  • Custom Style Icon Font Color/Hover Color/Size
  • Custom Style Menu Label Font Color/Hover Color
  • Enable Icon Divider/Color
  • Enable Icon Circular Design/Set Custom Background Color

And along with these all, there the plugin offers a wide range of features and functionalities that you can make the best use of to display icons in a unique, responsive and appealing way.

So, now add custom icons to your menu items, and make your menu items standout – with WP Menu Icons.

The best part about WP Menu Icons is we are giving out the plugin to you all at a highly discounted price. Instead of $23, you can now get the plugin at just $7. A whopping 70% discount !!!!

So, buy now, save now by getting the plugin WP Menu Icons at the least price possible 🙂

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