Is WordPress Secure for eCommerce? Here is what you have to learn

Are you looking for ways to WordPress Secure for your eCommerce WordPress? Here, in the article, we have listed undoubtedly one of the most popular content management systems (CMS). It has a considerable fraction of sites across the web.

Although it started as just a primary tool for publishing content, now it has risen to the status of a modern powerhouse trusted by millions of site owners. In any case, even if you are looking for options on how to protect your site in a theme like best VPN for Netflix – the ideas provided in this article will be useful to you.

This might have something to do with the simplified user functionality that allows you to build and launch a site in a few, simple steps even without prior IT or design knowledge.

Whether you want to develop a simple poetry blog to showcase your writing skills to the world or have your eyes set on something more significant like creating an eCommerce site and making a fortune while at it, WordPress has something tailored for everyone. Here your wish will come true. Nonetheless, like with most popular forms of tech, WordPress Security is a significant problem.

It’s common knowledge that eCommerce Security remains one of the major threats of our time. Cybercriminals are always looking for loopholes in eCommerce sites where they can steal sensitive information like login credentials and credit card details. Such information is gold to them because they can use it for malicious purposes like making fraudulent purchases or even sell it to the highest bidder. As an eCommerce store owner, you can also attract hefty fines from regulatory bodies like the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) especially if your site was to be compromised due to your negligence. Therefore, it’s essential to open your eCommerce store on a trusted CMS, and WordPress seems to be a favourite for many wannabe eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Top Reasons Why Ecommerce Entrepreneurs prefer WordPress

Countless Ecommerce Security Plugins

By merely being a part of WordPress, you are protected by default through WordPress core’s reliable security solutions. On top of this, the WordPress repository comes with thousands of free security plugins and firewalls that you can add to your site to stand guard against malware and other malicious bots trying to take your site under. iThemes Security Pro, Wordfence, Sucuri, Jetpack Security and other popular plugins on eCommerce sites.

Ecommerce Security Plugins

All-Round Control Over Your Store

WordPress is a favourite for many due to its favourable features to geeks and people with no idea whatsoever about coding. For instance, a platform like Magento favours professionals more if you consider its unfriendly user experience that may prove disturbing for non-coders. However, WordPress makes it super easy for you to decorate your site using the many easy-to-use themes, and you can also manage your products and content alike. Therefore, you can sell your goods with ease, showcase your portfolios, and even create blogs to promote your services further.

Regular Updates on WordPress Core, Plugins, and Themes

Most hacks online usually happen from vulnerabilities associated with outdated software, themes, and plugins. The best thing about WordPress is that they take Ecommerce Security very seriously and as such. They are frequently updating their WordPress core software, themes, and plugins. Whenever new updated versions or patches are released, be on the frontline to install them. Doing this all the bugs and vulnerabilities of previous versions at bay. You will also get to enjoy a more advanced user interface and overall browsing experience.

Top Tips to Secure Your WordPress Ecommerce Site

Install a Cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate

If you are going to run a WordPress eCommerce site, you will be selling goods and accepting payments. To do so, you must comply with the PCI DSS regulations. One of which is that any website accepting payments must have an SSL certificate installed. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It’s an essential eCommerce Security protocol to ensure that the communication between your web server and client browsers is encrypted. This way, any third party trying to intercept any sensitive details like credit card info only sees ambiguous, encrypted characters. A cheap Wildcard SSL certificate is preferable because you can cover your main domain and all first-level subdomains using one certificate.

Cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate

Enforce Strong Passwords and 2FA

Ignorance like employing weak, apparent passwords such as 1234 that anyone with half a brain can guess can be dangerous. You should emphasize that each of your customers uses strong passwords. It should be ideally at least eight characters long and contain a mixture of uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Additionally, enable two-factor authentication (2FA) that adds an extra layer of protection to a customer’s account. One-time pin (OTP) is sent to customers when a hacker sign into a customer’s account. It will notify them of the breach.

Work with A Reliable Hosting Company

It’s essential to cut down on the risks involved when you run your online store on WordPress. Don’t share your hosting plan with anyone. Instead, go for an eCommerce -tailored hosting plan that will offer you perfect WordPress Security right from the start. Some reputable hosts also provide security services like cleaning for you in case of a breakdown to recover faster.

Pick a Secure Payment Gateway

WordPress eCommerce store exists to make money. As such, the payment gateway you choose will arguably be the most important decisions you will have to make. The best idea is not to store your customers’ payment details on your server. By doing this you would make them directly available to hackers if an attack were successful. Instead, opt for a third-party payment gateway like PayPal or Stripe.


In case if you were wondering whether WordPress is secure for Ecommerce? Now you have some valuable insights that will guide you in making an informed decision. You can enjoy top-notch WordPress Security by using their trusted plugins like Sucuri and Jetpack.

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