5 Plugins to Write Engaging Content with WordPress - know how to make your content better with these plugins!

5 Plugins to Write Engaging Content with WordPress – know how to make your content better with these plugins!

Who hasn’t heard of WordPress? Right – no one. It is the world’s leading open-source and user-friendly CMS platform available on the web today. It’s already gained immense popularity due to the flexible features of a plugin architecture and a convenient template system that everyone can use for their personal needs. Apart from blogging, WordPress supports media and mailing lists, forums, and online stores. But what makes this content management system even more popular is numerous plugins which greatly facilitate the process of working with it from creating reserve copies to enhancing security. Pair these functions with an immaculate interface, and you get a perfect platform for publishing as much content as you want.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional writer or a novice blogger, a website owner, or a developer. All of the plugins we’re going to introduce and analyze in this article will come in handy for everyone. So stay tuned and read the list of top WordPress plugins for blogs to watch for in 2019.

1.Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

No other plugin works as good as Yoast for content creators. It’s an excellent solution for those who strive to combine the efforts of writing and marketing and dream to see their publications shine in the first ranks of Google search. If you aspire to create high-quality, useful, and optimized material, Yoast SEO will always have your back. As an indisputable leader among other sources for content creation, it offers a wide range of features that you, dear writer/blogger, might implement on a regular. The important ones include:

  • Readability analysis. The plugin displays an accurate analysis of your text and checks if your content’s length is either too long or too short. It also shows if the text is way too complicated to understand. Besides, it gives recommendations on how to best improve the content.
  • Evaluation of WordPress posts and pages. Yoast effectively detects all blank spaces of the text concerning SEO and thus helps users to create more elaborated content.
  • Yoast updates page analysis results as soon as SEO changes are made.
  • Creates a navigation chain in similar WordPress themes.

If you choose to work with Yoast SEO, it’s always available for free. But there is an extended, premium version for the most demanding users, the price of which starts from 69$. However, there’ll also be situations when you’ll need to ask for professional help, especially if you’re not a competent writer or blogger. To get the content you want, simply use write my essay service. The company has experienced writers, great support, and lucrative offers. But more importantly, they can craft original and customized content according to your needs. This way, you can save time and effort on generating your own pieces that might be dull or boring.

2. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker

Another great news for SEO hunters – Broken Link Checker can protect your content and hinder it from getting lost in the last search result pages. The main peculiarity of this plugin is that it searches for links that might lead to the appearance of a 404 error on your website. And if you think it’s not that important, think twice. The matter is that search engines tend to impose sanctions against your site in case it is damaged and polluted with broken or absent links.

Once you download the plugin, you can use it freely for analysis of a site on notorious SEO bugs and irrelevant links. The Broken Link Checker will provide you with results report in the control panel. Then, you can either fix the links that don’t work successfully or just hide the notification. The evaluation of content usually takes a minute on average, but for more significant sites, the entire check might take a couple of minutes. Either way, you can see analysis progression in the control panel anytime. The main functions of the plugin are:

  • A quick search of broken links on a website
  • Timely notifications concerning critical mistakes both via e-message and the control panel.
  • Prevents search engines from accessing the content with broken links

Overall, Broken Link Checker is the right solution for you to optimize the website and make sure it doesn’t hover in the last search engine positions.

3. Jetpack


If you’re an experienced blogger who seeks more attraction from visitors, Jetpack is a perfect option. As traffic represents the most critical part of every content writer’s activity, it’s likewise important to pay attention to this factor. This plugin is in charge of bringing in more visitors to your website. Moreover, it’s a useful tool that protects your site, tracks its overall performance level and upscales functionality.

Jetpack is equipped with multiple modules explicitly designed for customized activation. That is, you can activate any module you want, depending on your preferences.

Just like Yoast SEO, Jetpack is free. Yet, the premium version has many additional features on top of the standard set, such as the opportunity to make reserve copies or improve security levels with more layers. The list of Jetpack functions embraces the following points:

  • Analysis of a website and statistics display
  • Website security
  • Monitoring of site’s running time
  • Opportunity to interact with your visitors with the help of social media sites, improved comments system, and stylish feedback forms.

A jetpack is an essential tool for all those who looked forward to using a plugin with a big pack of functional features in one set.

4. NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery

Content is not only about writing, but it’s also about visualizing. The vast majority of contemporary users are visual learners. They need not only bold texts but also images to grasp the idea of an expressed thought. And no modern-day website is meaningful enough without this element, which is both engaging and doesn’t distract from the main text. This plugin offers millions of users and developers an opportunity to benefit from the WordPress gallery that uses a modern way of displaying images.

The basic set of functional features allows everyone who uses NextGEN Gallery to control your media files more effectively than with the standard Media Library. Upon downloading, you’ll also get two layouts and two design styles. The overall list of key plugin’s features includes:

  • A powerful image control system
  • Several configurable design layouts
  • Options for expanding functionality through premium extensions

NextGEN Gallery is a primal choice for content creators, especially if you are the one who wants to present vibrant images following your content. This way, your readings will get more engagement and attract more visitors to the site.

5. Easy Content Templates

When it comes to the process of content creation itself, content marketers, writers, and bloggers alike obviously want to facilitate it as much as possible. Easy Content Templates is a plugin that can save much of your time and effort on writing posts. The plugin allows you to create unique templates that you can use when generating new publications.

Usually, the blogger already has a specific format of posts to adhere to, and this tool is designed for such cases. It allows you to customize the template, and then apply it to existing or future posts.

By default, templates are available only to their author, but they can be shared with other users too. They will be able to use the template when creating their posts. But keep in mind that users will not be able to edit the template.

With Easy Content Templates plugin you can:

  • Create a new template
  • Save it
  • Select and load the template when creating a new post (selected in the drop-down menu by name).

In general, the plugin significantly saves time, considering that there’s no need to look at past posts and edit formatting.

If you are eager to use the WordPress blogging plugin mentioned above but have doubts about the quality of your future content, there are many useful resources that you can use anytime. For instance, those who face obstacles while writing pieces of content send to a time-tested, reliable custom essay writing service. Thus, they only need to wait a day or two until the content is ready and then use it for individual purposes.

But in case none of these plugins work for you, we have great news – you can invent one yourself! If you want to know how to create a WordPress plugin, there are multiple guides available on the Internet too. Just choose any article from Google and learn a new thing and get practical advice fast.

That’s all folks! We’ve counted down the list of the most advanced and popular WordPress plugins the humanity has ever seen. These are just a real boon for content lovers, as well as for those who want to advance their website positions in the global digital web. In case you need assistance with creating worthy and well-readable content, you can address a professional essay writing service and get your work in a matter of days.


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