Top 10 WordPress Email Marketing Plugins

WordPress Email Marketing Plugins


Business trends have been changing enormously since the history of mankind and one of the biggest changed that have taken place is the inclination of this occupation more towards online platforms. A large number of different websites, portals, applications, and advertisements have been used for the same.

Shift to online modes

This shifting to online platforms has taken place because of unlimited marketing opportunities, less capital requirement, global coverage and ease of doing business online. Existing business houses and individuals take full advantage of the internet in order to start their business, write and publish their interests and creatively earn through their hobbies.


One such website providing a platform to all the content writers, businesses and hobbyist is WordPress. This site was launched in the year 2003 by b2 better known as a cafelog. WordPress now provides opportunities to more than 75 million businesses in the world. It is preferred by a lot of people throughout the world because it is free to a certain limit, very easy to use and much more popular as compared to the other sites. The contents of WordPress sites may include plugins, themes, apps and many other features.


Plugins are specific software that enhances the working of computers by adding additional features to it. These plugins add more customization to a computer and increase its usability. WordPress also has a large number of plugins for email marketing which are easily downloadable in order to increase the efficiency of marketing. A tentative list of the 10 best WordPress email marketing plugins is given below:


MailChimp-WordPress Email Marketing Plugins

MailChimp is one of the most used WordPress plugins in the world. With more than 9 million downloads of the same, it is almost certain that a business organization may require to download it anytime in the future. The MailChimp account can be easily connected with your WordPress account and has a lot of features like accessible sign-up forms, email tracking, pool for auto-response, feasible connection with other plugins and it also helps in starting up campaigns and promotions as soon as your WordPress account is equipped with new posts.

This increases engagement since all the followers of the page get information about the page. It also has an attached API key which makes it stand out. And also can analyze consumer preferences along with the creation of various email templates. It also provides best in class design options to fetch more customers.

2. Contact form 7

Contact Form7-WordPress Email Marketing Plugins

This is a preferable form of the plugin since it can be used easily by WordPress and plugin users. This plugin helps in generating customers through emails are a very low cost. A list of multiple contacts can be created easily through this plugin as compared to the others. It also supports features like Captcha, spam filtering and high-level authentication. It can also be connected to MailChimp accounts in a few clicks only which make it more popular among the users. A WordPress account owner can easily contact the people who registered by sending them regular online newsletters on their emails.

3. Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly Email Marketing is not a WordPress plugin but a complete bulk emailing tool that provides a tremendous inbox placement rate of 99%. With its easy to use interface, you can create a successful marketing campaign within a few minutes.

Moreover, this software doesn’t restrict you on features and provides unlimited access to all features like autoresponders, integrations, subscription forms, etc even with its initial plan. Pabbly Email Marketing comes with a handy feature named SMTP routing which allows you to send emails via multiple SMTPs. You can either use its inbuilt SMTP or connect any other external server like Pepipost, Aweber, etc for sending the emails. This can improve the inbox deliverability, reduce bounce rates, and prevent emails from landing in the spam folder.

Unlike the other services that provide marketing automation only with their higher plans, this tool comes with unlimited automation with the basic plan itself. Also, its auto follow-up feature helps in improving customer engagement by sending automatic emails to non-opens. Besides, this emailing tool enables you to send automatic welcome emails whenever a new customer joins your subscriber’s list. Its other valuable features include efficient list management, MX cleaner, and advanced email tracking.

4. SumoMe’s List builder

Sumo Me List Builder

This is another email marketing subscriber generating blog with the help of small request boxes on your WordPress account that asks for the visitor’s email address. It helps in creating a larger base of the audience very easily.

This plugin can be used along with other plugins like MailChimp, Constant contract and many others in order to increase the degree of customization available to the owner of the WordPress account. It also connects your WordPress blogs to social media, newsletters, other websites, channels and heat maps as well. The scroll box provided by this plugin is easy to be filled so that more and more people subscribe to the dialogue box.

5. Opt-In Panda

Opt-In-Panda-WordPress Email Marketing Plugins

Through this plugin, the account owners of WordPress can attract more impressions on their page by initially showing only a part of your websites. This develops interest among the people online to read more. It can also help firms in hiding their exclusive content. It provides a lot of freebies along with it including analytics result trackers, Facebook and LinkedIn connection and many other features. But the content can be searched by using bots which helps in making your rank among the sites stable. It can be connected to other plugins as well.

6. Attention Grabber Plugin

Attention Grabber Plugin-WordPress Email Marketing Plugins

In order to grab the attention of more visitors towards your site interest development is really necessary. This plugin provides a sharp toolbox to its users in order to attract more people. It is based on the number of clicks specifically. Some features of the same are its easy integration and feasible downloading options.

It can also efficiency be connected to google analytics which is highly recognized. This site can also be used to hide content and has a lot many freebies along.

7. ALO EasyMail Newsletter

ALO EasyMail Newsletter-WordPress Email Marketing Plugins

A lot of firms prefer sending their content with the help of GUI and API interfaces. This app allows distribution of newsletters with the help of text newsletters in the mail with a redirecting link so that people can open the site through their emails only. The site also has a bugging tool which is uncommon in most of the other plugins. It automatically unsubscribes the mail users that do not show much interest for a long time. This plugin also has features like easy internal functions management and multi-languages so as to attract a large number of impressions.

8. FreshMail

FreshMail-WordPress Email Marketing Plugins

This is a really famous plugin that has achieved various laurels for its simplicity but advanced functions. It basically allows email marketing and production of newsletters through its functions. A firm can also add up sign up forms in this plugin along with unique pop-ups that can differentiate one’s page. It also provides room for taking reviews of other people, comments and star ratings in order to increase goodwill. FreshMail is initially easy to be used but is later chargeable. But the charges are very low as compared to the other plugins.

9. Newsletter

Newsletter-WordPress Email Marketing Plugins

This is a centralized plugin which can be used for a lot of diverse functions only with the help of a single plugin. It reduces confusion and costs to a huge level. This plugin helps in managing newsletters and insights of the users of the WordPress site. There are a lot of features available on this plugin like widgets, email tracking, and editable forms.

It can be very easily connected to your WordPress account in order to save time and resources. This plugin is becoming very common in the business market these days.

10. MailPoet Newsletter

MailPoet Newsletter-WordPress Email Marketing Plugins

This is yet another form of a plugin which is easily downloadable and helps to edit newsletters through drop down options. This plugin also helps in contacts management, content editing and production of more and more auto-responses which naturally help in increasing insights of the webpage. There are a lot of themes that are available on this plugin to enhance the beauty of the newsletter and the website too. It is easily adaptable with both Windows and IOS. A lot of email services like google and yahoo have similar standards of appearance of the newsletters for this plugin in order to create stability.

11. Remarkety

Remarkety-WordPress Email Marketing Plugins

Last but not the least is definitely remarked, a plug-in software that is being in use by many business houses in order to increase their level of operations online. This software helps to differentiate different block of customers from each other in order to reduce instability of data and acts as a basis for analytics. This plugin comes with 30-days free trial and charges around $32 on monthly basis after that. There are other plans available as well.

It also creates customer forums and campaigns which increases engagement to a very large extent. The plugin also tracks interest fields of various customers like preferences of taste, fashion, behavior, and many other indices.


In a nutshell, WordPress is a website that is for sure providing livelihood to many. Besides its function of content creation, it can be used for many enhanced functions through email marketing and social media plugins. These plugins have various functions ranging from the creation of newsletters, social media promotion, customer forums, and enhancement of themes, contact build ups, campaigns implementation and many other tiny features that increase the performance of a website. In this busy world, one might not directly go and visit up a website.

Email marketing provides a direct link to the customers with the help of newsletters and persuasive links that increase engagement. There are a lot of plugins that are only meant for beginners in order to reduce the discomfort of the webpage owners. We can install most of the plugins at minimal or no cost. Plugins are a very amazing option for customer base development if a company is a startup or unable to fetch many users. Selection of the right plugin is really essential since different plugins have their unique features.

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