WordPress 4.3 Beta 1- Latest WP Release

WP 4.3 is around the corner! As mentioned in the Version 4.3 Project Schedule, it’s July 2015 and WordPress 4.3 Beta 1 is released. You can test a site with this latest release but some more patience is required to use its full features. Schedule shows that 4.3 Beta 2, 3 and 4 are also to be out in this same month of July and finally target date for release of WordPress 4.3 is set for early third week of August. It is better and finer software to address many of the issues present in the earlier versions of WordPress.


Added Features of WordPress 4.3

1. Manage menus, favicon & app icon easier than ever

WordPress 4.3 allows you to manage menus with theme customizer directly. You can make changes and observe the menu changes with the live preview. Another added feature in this version is customization ability of the site’s favicon and app icon from the admin area. Now there is no need of using a plugin to add a favicon or edit theme settings. It shows you the live preview of how it looks and you can crop the image for better result.

2. Improved security systems

This also will be a secure platform now as it has improved password processes. Though weak security was always an issue with WordPress in comparison to other CMS frameworks, setting long random passwords will certainly strengthen the site security. It will no longer send  passwords via email but it can generate and suggest secure passwords for you. It will also confine the password reset process.

3. Editor Improvements and improved list view


Editor Improvements and improved list view are other major changes in WP 4.3. It will be more post friendly with the text shortcuts, which allows you to format text simply with a markup in the text. If you type * or – will start an unordered list and if you type 1, it will start an ordered list etc. Besides, WP 4.3 will be more responsive with better performance on smaller mobile phone screens. Now, columns can be toggled into view which used be truncated before when you open a website post in a small size screen.

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