Woo Product Grid/List Design Plugin Featured On Codecanyon


Wohoooo !!! We are glad to share with you that – Woo Product Grid/List Design has been featured on Codecanyon’s list of best plugins. 

woo product grid list design featured on codecanyon

An advanced WooCommerce Product Showcase Plugin, Woo Product Grid/List is not just our favorite anymore. It is also Codecanyon’s favorite 🙂

Know more about this BEST WooCommerce extension to showcase your products in style right here!

woo product grid list design demo

Plugin Introduction

Woo Product Grid List Design is an advanced WooCommerce extension that lets you showcase your online products in the most appealing style. This WooCommerce extension supports grid and list layout and features lots of customization options. It is a ready-to-go plugin packed with 40+ beautiful pre-designed templates. The plugin also has integrated beautiful lightbox effects to showcase the product details.

Woo Product Grid List Design comes with 8 different ribbon templates and 6 different ribbon position to easily mark your featured products, latest products, best selling products and so on. The extension offers product filter feature (can be filtered on the basis of taxonomies, category, custom fields, keyword etc.) and product sorting option – which makes your eCommerce site more convincing. It is a simple and easy-to-use plugin that allows you to add unlimited product grid/list anywhere in your website via shortcode. This WooCommerce extension works flawlessly with all the WordPress themes and is well tested across a wide range of devices available.

Features of the Plugin

  • Advanced WooCommerce extension
  • Option to display your products in the grid and list layout
  • 40+ beautiful pre-designed templates available
  • Feature to filter the products from all possible wp query conditions
  • Options to sort the products based order, order by and status parameters
  • Integrated with beautiful lightbox effect to showcase the product details
  • 8 different ribbon templates and 6 different ribbon positions
  • Showcase the variable product attribute and pricing through lightbox
  • 5 stunning image filters templates to introduce your product in a unique way.
  • Standard, load more and infinite scroll pagination. 5 each template for standard and load more pagination.
  • 16 available loader images to show load more and infinite scroll pagination.
  • Feature to add attractive Call To Action buttons and engage your customers even more
  • Enable/disable share link of the product to different social media

Demo                                          Documentation                                        Details/Purchase

Wrapping Up,

Hey, we know you are impressed by the plugin 😉 So instead of wondering whether this might be best for your site or not, just check the details of the plugin here, and if it’s perfectly suitable for your website, give it a go! Also, if you have any questions regarding the plugin, leave it in the comment section below.

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