Amazing Web Development Tools and Resources

The best and worst thing about the web development industry is web development trends never remain constant. It keeps on changing so web developer should always have an  interest to learn new techniques. They also should have desire to adapt the changes and get into new challenges.

Here, web development tools and resources come to great help to deal with the web development challenges. In fact, these tools help you to become more creative and better website developer.

Besides, web development tools and resource can be amazingly useful. They appear in every type that includes add-ons and plugins which helps you to develop the best probable website. They let you work instantly and creatively introducing you to the latest trends and techniques.

You can also find some browser with web development integration yet it is still handy to determine the user experience of the website. It also makes you aware of the performance of the website and makes you creative with the things you can do with the web. If development isn’t your cup of tea it’s always best to prefer a company like web design Perth agency that makes your work easier.

However, if you are a skilled developer looking to extend your skills here are the web design tools and resources that can help you out.

For your ease, here are some amazing web development tools and resources which might come to your help:

CSS Guideline

Developed by independent consultant Front-end architect from UK CSS Guideline are specially intended for experienced web developers rather than beginners. They hold high-level recommendation and utilising then will surely be helpful for better CSS.

These web development resources are useful for syntax and formatting, commenting, CSS selectors, Specificity and Architectural. The author goes on including the guideline to keep website developers updated to get more about their work.



Open source Google chrome extension Dimensions lets you measure everything you get in the browser that includes, input-fields, images, buttons, videos, text , icons and more. It is mostly useful when your web designer contains mocked up a web page in PDF.

Here, you can just drop into the browser and determine the elements. Also, you can set keyboard shortcut within the Chrome setting at the end of an extension which allows you to enable or disable the tool instantly.


Bootstrap studio

A desktop application Bootstrap studio assists web developers and designer to build responsive web design by the use of Bootstrap framework.

The framework supports an extensive range of elements along with enhanced features that make you more proficient. It comes to the choice of most of the developers and designers.


Subtle Patterns

Web development resources Subtle is ideal for textured patterns. There are lots of proficient artists who contributed here to develop the collection of truly quick and flexible images. You will really enjoy exploring the website.


Blokk font

Blokk is font particularly intended for instant mock-ups and wireframing for clients who are unaware about Latin. It appears to be helpful based on the edge of the art design that might not mostly combine with Latin on it.



Play framework come to the top notch for developing web application implementing Java and Scala. The resource is ease to use for web developers and you only need a browser and a text editor. Also, Hitting refresh takes your updated instantly as there are built-in testing web development tools.

Also, it allows you to scale Play Framework as it contains remarkable website tier and uses a totally asynchronous model developed on the top of Akka. The website development framework is mobile responsive and you can trust it to go along with Java libraries along with the compiler.


Apache Couch DB

An open source product Apache Couch DB is also said as “Database for the web”. It allows you to store documents and data in the cloud with JSON document and then index, combine and switch your documents by the use of JavaScript.

Also, you are in charge to query your indexes along with a web browser through HTTP and you will attain real-time update notification in order to keep track of your web development work. Everything appears together with the simple interface on the admin part.



Open source platform Flynn develops running application straight from your code so there is no requirement to understand configuration management or develop custom stacks for all the apps. It uses an integration of different elements to develop a system. It also routes and  balances traffic every point of your application.

Flynn contains built-in Postgres, MYSQL and MongoDB database with secured automatic ease of use. Also, it connects all the micro service along with the integrated service discovery and creates scaling your cluster only to keep the right size simple.



Coolors are instant colour scheme generator. It allows you to generate infinite colour palettes for your web designs and allocate, export or save your profile. It also provides an iOS app.


  • Develop striking colour schemes that works mutually
  • Choose starting colours from your images and acquire the ideal combination automatically
  • Customises your colour specifically by changing temperature, colour, saturation, brightness and more.


Font Pair

Font pair benefits web designers to pair up together with Google Fonts. Selecting an ideal typography is important for remarkable website design and the website come to help with a good font pair of suggestion.


Code beautify

Code beautify contains an ideal set of tools specially intended for website developers. They enclose the tools with:

  • Beautifying HTML, XML, CSS and more
  • Switch from XML to JSON, Image to Base64, CSV to XML and more
  • Validator, Broken Link Checker, Unit Converter, Number utilities and perhaps everything you might require in the upcoming days.


 Bug Muncher

Website developers must be always getting complain from their clients when the website is developed. No matter how much time you test, error or bugs and personal preference always follow you.

Web development tool Bug Muncher is ideal giving you feedback effortlessly. Clients only have to emphasise issues with your website and tools develops the screenshot of those issues. This also saves your time going through email and telephone conversation trying to illustrate the issues.

Also, most importantly, the name and version of the browser and operating system are reported back to you so you get everything to deal with an issue in one platform.


Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot helps you to keep your website up and monitors your site every 5 minutes and lets you know if your website is down. Also, it looks for HTTP(s), Ping, Port and keywords. The tools allow you to decide on how to stay aware via SMS or email. You are also allowed to look for uptime, downtime and response time too.



A programming language for website designer Uilang is intended for web designers. It is minimal and UI-focused, allowing developing different features of the website like popover, tabs, gallery and overlays. It is developed as feature light to make simple for those who lack programming experience.

When the code is inserted, you can just press the relevant button to hide notification using a toggle switch and check drop-down accordions. This surely includes interactivity to the website.


Wrapping Up

These are some amazing web development tools and resources which can come to your help during the website development venture. So, try these tools and check out how they enhance your website development experience. I would love to hear your experience, do not forget to comment in the box below.

Author Bio:

Nirmal is a front end web developer and founder of Nirmal Web Studio – Sydney Web Development company. You can always follow him on his twitter handle Nirmalgyanwali.

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