VMagazine: Review – A Perfect Newspaper and Magazine Premium WordPress Theme

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#1 Blog and Magazine WordPress Theme for Next Generation – VMagazine is a beautifully crafted WordPress theme that is :

  • Powerful, yet easy to use
  • Packed with features, yet lightweight
  • Secure – It is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliant
  • Highly configurable

You can create any magazine, blog or newspaper website with this theme with just few clicks of a button. We say few clicks of a button because this theme comes up with four pre-built demos that can be imported to your site with only one click.

vmagazine demo import

And once you have inserted the demos all you need to do is change a few its and bits according to your requirements, and ta-da you have your website up and running.

Then again, if you want your website to look completely different from the theme demos, then no problem, you can even create your own layouts using the pre-built modules to suit your requirements.

Though you have both the options – importing already built content or creating your own layouts, if you are a novice, you might want to import the demos. Here are the four well crafted demos that are already upbeat for creating any news magazine website :

World Magazine Demo

vmagazine world magazine demo

Want to have a closer and extensive look at World Magazine Demo? Punch the button below if you do.

World Magazine Demo

Tech Magazine Demo

vmagazine tech magazine demo

Want to have a closer and extensive look at Tech Magazine Demo? Hit the button below if you do.

Tech Magazine Demo

Travel Magazine Demo

vmagazine travel magazine demo

Want to have a closer and extensive look at World Magazine Demo? Press the button below if you do.

Travel Magazine Demo

Sports Magazine Demo

vmagazine sports magazine demo

Want to have a closer and extensive look at Sports Magazine Demo? Do click on the button below if you do.

Sports Magazine Demo

And, here below we have an introduction video of VMagazine for you :

Now that we have seen the surface of this blog and magazine WordPress theme, let’s have a look at its core. As we mentioned earlier, this theme is immensely packed with powerful features while being very lightweight. So with VMagazine you are getting a theme with every intricate feature required to create that perfect website, without complexity and heaviness of the theme.

VMagazine – Customize your Homepage via Page Builder

One of the most advanced and important features of this theme is – PAGE BUILDER. Normally we customize our homepage via customizer which looks something like this :

vmagazine customizer

In VMagazine, however, we are doing the customization of our home page part in a different manner. For home page customization, we are using the page builder which looks like this :

vmagazine page builder

By using this page builder you can do the following :

  • Choose from the 20+ widgets available with the theme, and add all the required ones for you in your homepage
  • Set the number of rows you want to have in your homepage
  • Determine the proportion, ratio, attributes, layout and design of the rows that you want to have in your homepage frontend

set rows in homepage       

  • Check the page builder change history
  • Use the page builder layouts that are pre-designed by VMagazine’s developers

  • Use live editor to view the changes in your homepage as you make them

In very simple terms, Page Builder is the new,advanced and easy way to customize your homepage. It’s more lively and easy to use so high chances are you can have fun with this feature while creating your website.

After necessary additions and customizations are done, the page builder section of our theme customization creates itself into this :

page builder vmagazine

Page Builder, is one of the most prominent features of the theme. Except for it, here are the overall features of the theme.

VMagazine – Features

4 Different Headers

Configure your website with any header layouts according to your need

Live Ajax Search

Find your considered article fast and easy

Build in Mega Menu

Configure your mega menu without any hassles, with easy configuration options

One Click Demo Import

No need to configure the site from scratch. Build the entire site on click of a button

20+ Engaging Widgets

The theme comes with more than 20 widgets with multiple layouts options and Powerful Configuration Features

Ads Placements

Place your ads anywhere you prefer using page builder

WooCommerce Ready

Sell your products with VMagazine, the theme is compatible with WooCommerce Plugin

Fully SEO optimized 

Follows the best SEO practices to rank your site higher in SERPs.

Fast loading 

Optimized for fast loading speed to give you best user experience.

Cross browser compatible 

Well tested across all major browsers.

Unlimited theme colors 

Offers unlimited theme colors – choose any of your choice and create a delightful site.

Translation Ready

Translate the whole theme in any language of your choice – work with full comfort.

VMagazine – Major Customization Options

Once you have installed and activated this blog and magazine WordPress theme, you can customize everything to create the website you desire.

vmagazine customization options

This is what the customization page looks from a surface.  The real magic lies underneath this. We are below explaining those parts of the customization options that are most prominent to help you.

Block Title Layout

This setting allows you to change your widgets title layouts. The theme comes with 5 different block titles which you can choose as your wish.

vmagazine customization options block title layout

Social Icons

Here you can configure your social profiles to display on the site( header & footer).

vmagazine customization options social icons

Header Option

Header Option allows you to :

  • Choose icon to display as home icon
  • Enable or Disable ajax search for header search
  • Show or Hide shopping cart from header
  • Show or Hide social icons from header

vmagazine customization options header option

Footer Options

Footer Options gives you the privilege to:

  • Choose and change footer layouts
  • Show or Hide Social Icons on footer
  • Show or Hide footer menus
  • Add footer logo to display on footer
  • Change footer copyright text
  • Change footer description text

vmagazine customization options footer option


Here you can change typography for menus, paragraphs and heading tags as per your needs

vmagazine customization options typography vmagazine customization options typography header

Even with these many action packed features, the price of the theme is just $44 (for a limited time period only). And the best part is, with this theme you get premium plugins worth more than $125. Here are the list of premium plugins that you get with this theme absolutely free of cost :

  • AccessPress Social Pro – $24
  • AccessPress Instagram Pro – $19
  • Anonymous Post Pro – $26
  • Everest Coming Soon – $15
  • Ultimate Author Box – $17
  • Ultimate Form Builder – $26

You can also learn how to create a blog and magazine website using VMagazine by watching the following video :

Wrapping Up,

VMagazine is one blog and magazine WordPress theme that will surpass your expectations in every way. From its power packed features to its incredible flexibility and speech, everything will leave you in awe. The page builder is going to make your experience of homepage customization smoother and easier than ever before. The premium plugins worth more than a hundred dollars that come up free with this theme will enhance your website immensely. Due to live ajax search, you can search any article in the shortest period of time. Most importantly, this theme is GDPR compliant – which means the theme won’t store any of your data if its used alone(However, we cannot guarantee GDPR compliance if used with other plugins that violate GDPR.) So your entire data is safest with VMagazine.

We know you will love this theme once you start using it. Because we have not created this theme just for the sake of creating a blog and magazine WordPress theme. We have put our best efforts in this theme to make the website creation process smooth, easier and hassle free.  And also to help every aspiring website creator to enjoy the most powerful features in a lightweight theme. Check the links of demo, documentation and purchase right below and let us know what you think of VMagazine.

Demo                     Documentation                       Purchase                    Free Version

Have fun creating your blog and magazine WordPress site with VMagazine 🙂 

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