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All in ONE – Total GDPR Compliance WordPress Plugin is Released Now!

Get 70% off as special launch offer, instead of $29 – get the plugin for just $9 now!

Total GDPR Compliance plugin is a WordPress plugin for all in one EU GDPR compliance-related issues. Only by installing this one plugin, you can make your site completely EU GDPR compatible.

So, right now, if the GDPR laws are in any way confusing or troubling you, you can stop worrying about that right away! Just integrate Total GDPR Compliance Plugin into your WordPress site and leave all your worries to the plugin. With just one click, make your site perfectly compatible to all the EU GDPR regulations.

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Let’s check out some of the primary features of Total GDPR Compliance WordPress Plugin :

3 different layouts and 30+ cookie templates

The plugin comes up with three different cookie layouts and more than 30 cookies templates.

The three layouts of cookie templates are :

  • Cookie Bar
  • Popup Cookie
  • Floating Cookie

Compatible with almost all of the European Union’s(EU) GDPR Regulations

This plugin has been designed in a way that it is perfectly supportive and compatible with the GDPR regulations of EU. So via this plugin, you can effectively manage data rights of all your users and properly comply by all the regulations of EU that have been set for data protection. In short, Total GDPR plugin makes you completely risk-free by having your site follow all the EU GDPR regulations.

Consent for Default WordPress Sections & Third Party Plugins

The plugin also includes a consent box for numerous WordPress sections. The sections like WordPress comment submission, default WordPress login, WordPress register, and login page along with third-party plugins such as WooCommerce and contact form 7, and so on.

Advanced Cookie Control with Categorized Macro Cookie Control Options

Total GDPR compliance plugin also has this advanced cookie control feature, which lets your users decide what the cookie in your site can or can not store from their browsing experience. The categorized macro cookie control options that include the options of “Necessary”, “Analytics and Marketing”, and “Advertisement” define the levels of information that the users can authorize the cookie to use and store. By having this particular feature in your site via Total GDPR compliance plugin you can make the users of your site feel safest while browsing through your site, and that can definitely add value to your site as a whole.

Right to User Data

EU’s GDPR rules and regulations have been primarily focusing on business transparency and the rights of the users. And that is exactly what the plugin – “Total GDPR Compliance” supports and follows. This plugin enables you to maintain the transparency of your users’ data with them. This means, your users will be able to request to view, edit, erase, and modify their own personal information that is being stored in your site. EU GDPR requires sites to have a mechanism whereby users can do this, and it is exactly what the plugin does – provide the mechanism to make your site perfectly GDPR compliant.

Policy Consent Button

This plugin also includes the button to inform and ensure the user has allowed and accepted the “Privacy Policies” on the site.

Terms Consent Button

This is a button that you can include in your site via the plugin, and it lets you display and inform your users about the “Terms and Conditions” on your site.

Protected Content

Total GDPR Compliance plugin provides you with the “Terms Consent Button” that lets you include protected content via shortcode. Such protected action will only be visible if your user performs certain actions in the site like accepting “Terms and Condition” or “Privacy Policy” or such.

Import Demo Data

The plugin also gives you the liberty to directly import demo data from the demo site. There is no need to invest additional efforts to create the cookie templates to be displayed on your site. Just one click and have everything in your site already by importing demo data!

Including and apart from these, a plethora of features and functionalities are offered by the theme. To know more on this, please check the links below :

Feature Details                        Demo                           Documentation                       Purchase

Wrapping Up,

Total GDPR Compliance WordPress plugin is that one-stop solution for all your problems and queries on making your site GDPR compliant. With this plugin, you need not worry about anything at all and have everything done by the plugin itself. So, get the plugin today at a highly discounted price of just $9, and enjoy this 70% off discount. Welcome to the world of GDPR compliance with Total GDPR Compliance Plugin !!!

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