Top 5 WordPress Plagiarism Checker Plugins of 2021

WordPress Plagiarism Plugins

Do you want to get one of the best WordPress Plagiarism Checker Plugins for your WordPress website?

Plagiarism is a problem that becomes worse every day. A lot of cases of accidental and self-plagiarism are recorded, which means that anybody can be a victim of content robbing. If you post material on the web, you might be accused of cheating somebody even though you didn’t.

Before posting online content, you need to test the plagiarism to correct the text, and all chances of plagiarism should be eliminated. You may have also seen various websites providing free and premium plagiarism checkers. It is tough for newbies to choose the best for their precious job.

Here are some of the popular WordPress plugins of 2021 to eliminate plagiarism from your content.

1. Plagiarism Checker Pro

The Plagiarism Checker Pro is the perfect plagiarism detector for any duplicate content on the internet. It has more than 700000 + active deployments as of now.

It is a tool that tests the content most quickly online since it takes just a second to finish the content check for plagiarism. This allows you to find the exact pages that copied your actual content.

The trial pack can be purchased free of cost. Its basic plan costs $10 with 1000 queries, go plan costs $29 with 3000 queries, and the business plan costs $459 with 50,000 queries.

The plagiarized material can be viewed via a slider on your website. With this plugin, you can simply copy the pages, sentences, or links to check the content for plagiarism. It is fast and versatile so that you can connect it to your WordPress site everywhere and begin to review your content with only one click to finish your job.


2. Copyscape

Copyscape is a popular tool to monitor your content for plagiarism. The plugin includes different Copyscape APIs, which allows you to work in the WordPress dashboard to test the plagiarized content.

You can even find the person who copies your papers without asking you. Copyscaper recognizes copied data automatically so that you do not have to copy and paste text from your content to search constantly.

The regular pricing plan for Copyscaper costs $26. You do not need to review articles many times after adding this plugin to your website because Copyscaper tracks all of your data. It helps both authors and publishers to test for plagiarism in the article. The plugin is compliant with different browsers such as safari, opera, chrome, etc. It also finds the content to check for plagiarism automatically.

Copyscape WP Plugin

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the best tools for plagiarism and grammar checking available online. It does not only offers excellent spelling and punctuation errors checking but also offers unrivaled plagiarism services too.

Just log in with a free grammar account and copy the material of your editor to equate your writing with other websites. Then press on the circle in the left navigation bar that is visible to you. By doing so, you will learn whether the contents of your article are published on another website.

You can only use these choices if you are a premium Grammarly customer. Grammar membership is $29 a month, but it drops to $19.98 if you pay quarterly. Nonetheless, this tool is costly, but the investment is certainly worth testing large volumes of content.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

4. Prepostseo

Prepostseo is an online tool that provides easy-to-scan copy theft on the internet. This plugin is easy to use. You only need to copy the contents, and this tool automatically searches the entire text and spots each cross-reference material with other websites.

The software has a big advantage over others because it is free of charge for all services. For excellent features and functionalities, everybody needs a free tool. This is the best free tool and provides all users with outstanding services and features.

In fact, Prepostseo offers other free tools, such as a paraphrasing tool and grammar checker. These tools let you write error-free and perfect content for your SEO, as well as your papers and research. You can use other useful SEO tools free of cost and without any limitation.

Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker WP Plugin

5. Copyleaks

AI-powered Copyleaks has developed the smartest solutions for plagiarism detection. Their technology is highly advanced and is suitable for highlighting every type of plagiarism, including poorly paraphrased sentences and hidden characters. So, if students think that they can use special or hidden characters to cheat the test, they cannot do that.

Copyleaks has revolutionized plagiarism checking with their most advanced tool called Copyshield. The tool acts as a safety net that prevents website content from being plagiarized. and warns content scrapers when they attempt to steal content from a website. It also generates an alert for the website owner whose content is unethically used.

6. Plagiarism Auto-Check

Plagiarism Auto-Check has long owned the title of the finest WordPress plagiarism detection tool. It offers a user-friendly and simple interface. Plagiarism auto-check is the fifth most popular plugin.

You can find the exact pages by which your real material was copied. You can also know the name of the user, the email IDs, and the addresses of the people who plagiarized your material. In addition to protecting your content, you can also monitor people’s reactions to your content.

It offers a regular license for $17 and a Pro version for $85.

This allows you to send a DMCA warning to the recipient so that his copied page is taken down. If any of the text has been plagiarized, the plugin will check the information in a planned manner. To use Google search services, it is built with Google Custom Search API. It offers the feature to immediately detect plagiarism for any content.

Plagiarism Auto Checker WP Plugin

Consequences of Plagiarism

There are many severe consequences of plagiarism seen with a negative impact on the life of students and professionals who are found guilty of plagiarism. With the use of plagiarism detection software, plagiarists are getting caught at an alarming rate. Plagiarists include journalists, authors, academic professionals, students, and any kind of writer.

Here are some major and common seen consequences in different people: 

Student Reputation

Students are most commonly found accused of plagiarism, as most of the students are not having proper knowledge about plagiarism. The problem lies when students are given long lengthy assignments that they are unable to complete in a particular time period and tend to copy other people’s work and represent it as their own.

Plagiarism accusations can cause different problems for students like they may get suspended or expelled. Once accused of plagiarism can affect their academic record and reflect the ethics offense. Expelled students might not get admission to other colleges or high schools.

Schools and colleges around the world take plagiarism a serious academic offense and many of the colleges have committees that deal with such cases and police students involved in plagiarism.

Professional reputation

Professional writers, bloggers, and website owners are usually found guilty of plagiarism. This is because they have to provide articles to their readers almost every day which is quite difficult to produce high-quality content on a daily basis.

Plagiarism indictment may stop websites and blogs not to rank on search engines which is quite a punishment for a blogger or webmaster.

Those who are doing jobs are most likely to be fired and may not get a job with the same dignity and position as the previous one. Depending on the severity and plagiarist’s public stature, his or her name may become derelict.

Legal Repercussions

The legal consequences are quite serious. Plagiarism and Copyright laws are outright and strict. One person cannot intentionally or unintentionally use any other person’s work and represent it as one’s own without citation or proper reference.

The author can sue plagiarists and some serious types of plagiarism can even be reckoned as a criminal offense which can lead to a prison sentence or heavy fines. People who write to earn money for a living are most likely to get involved in plagiarism.

Most of the writers, bloggers, and other professionals knowledgeable about copyright laws and well-aware of the ways to avoid them. If you are unaware of ways of avoiding plagiarism then all you need to do is to check your work using plagiarism checker tools and avoid any kind of plagiarism.

The consequences are far-reaching and no one is absolutely immune to plagiarism. Before attempting any writing project you should first consider knowing about plagiarism and ways to avoid it. The rules are easy and fair enough to follow.


Plagiarism is getting worse, and in many cases, unintentional and deliberate plagiarism is seen. It is important to proofread your content before publishing. Most WordPress blogs include WordPress plugins to search for plagiarism before the content is posted to the site. You can act against the academic dishonesty based on the level of copied material when you scan the submissions of students and find duplicate information. You can file a DMCA complaint if you are a website owner and you catch someone who copies your website. Additionally, you should file a free and trouble-free Google copyright removal. You are also allowed to file a petition against infringement of copyright.

We hope this list will do the magic for you. All of these WordPress plugins for plagiarism checking are hot in the market. Grammarly is the most reliable and effective tool for revision before the publication of your pages. Prepostseo not only detects plagiarism automatically, but it can also be used to test SEO online to improve the ranking of the site accordingly.

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