Top 3 Custom Icons Plugins for WordPress Menu – Compared

Top 3 Custom Icons Plugins for WordPress Menu
Top 3 Custom Icons Plugins for WordPress Menu

If you are wondering to add some of the attractive icons on your navigation menu then, you are at the right place. Here, in this article, we will compare 3 of the best WordPress plugins that will let you set beautiful icons on your menu items. But before we start the comparison lets look at some advantages of adding icons on the item of your menu bar.

Makes your Menu More Informative: Adding the icons and graphics on the items of your navigation menu will help your audience know more about a page before even visiting it. Hence, it can play a vital role in motivating your visitors to navigate through pages.

Decreases Bounce Rate: The menu that contains icons will be more visible to your audience that may boost the click ratio of your website. Therefore, it may hold your visitors longer on your site and decrease the bounce rate.

Increases Usability of your site: A navigation menu with icons look more attractive and may have higher click ratio. Due to this reason, your website becomes more usable and easily accessible.

The Best Custom Icons Plugins for WordPress Menu – Comparison

Now let’s talk about some of the bestselling WordPress plugins that will let you add the icons on each of the items present on your WordPress menu. These plugins are well tested and contain different configuration and customization options.

WP Menu Icons

Best Custom Icons Plugins for WordPress Menu: WP Menu Icons
Best Custom Icons Plugin for WordPress Menu: WP Menu Icons

The first menu icon plugin of the list is WP Menu Icons. It is the latest and most trending WordPress plugin for assigning various advanced font icons for displaying a visually appealing and informative menu. It consists of a wide range of icon sets and you can configure it to the most to add attractive and engaging navigation icons.

Major Features of WP Menu Icons:

  • Inbuilt Icons Menu Designs
  • Upload and Add Custom Icons in your Navigation Menu
  • 10+ Pre Available Font Icons for Menus
  • 15+ Icon Hover Animation
  • Custom Styling Options
  • Different Menu Position Options

Live Preview of WP Menu Icons  Purchase WP Menu Icons

Awesome Icons

Best Custom Icons Plugins for WordPress Menu: Awesome Icons
Best Custom Icons Plugin for WordPress Menu: Awesome Icons

Awesome Icons is another popular WordPress plugin that lets you add the icon set on the menu item of your WordPress website. It supports 9 great icon fonts and 2500+ different variation of icons for displaying a totally unique navigation menu. The plugin consists of different options to customize the shape, size, and alignment icons to make your WordPress menu more attractive to your clients.

Major Features of Awesome Icons:

  • 9 Great Icon Fonts
  • Supports over 2500+ Icons
  • Insert Icons on Page, Post or Menu
  • Customize the Icons Color, Size, and Alignment
  • Animation Effects
  • Icon Titles

Live Preview of Awesome Icons  Purchase Awesome Icons


Best Custom Icons Plugins for WordPress Menu: Iconize
Best Custom Icons Plugin for WordPress Menu: Iconize

If you are looking for an easy yet highly configurable plugin then, Iconize is just the WordPress plugin you need. It lets you add vector icons on any posts, pages, menu items, widget titles, using the modal dialog. Within the dialog, there are different types of configuration options to define the size, align and animation of your icons. Moreover, the plugin is integrated with  TinyMCE visual editors to make the editing of your icons easy like never before.

Major Features of Iconize:

  • 10 Readymade Set of Font Icons
  • More than 2000 Icons Supported
  • 25+ Icon Transformations
  • 13 Animations
  • 55+ Hover Effects
  • Integrated with TinyMCE Visual Editor

Live Preview of Iconize  Purchase Iconize

Which is the Best Custom Icons Plugins for your WordPress Menu?

Plugin NameWP Menu IconsAwesome IconsIconize
Plugin AuthorAccessPress Themeswow-companyMladen16
Inbuilt Font Icons15910
Icon Supported3000+2500+2000+
Icon Hover Animation19313

Wrapping Up

These are the best WordPress custom icons plugins available on the internet for adding the icons on your WordPress menu. They comes with different configuration and customization options for creating a sleek and elegant for your navigation menu.

Hope the article is helpful for you to find out the most popular WordPress custom icons plugins along with their features. If you are already a user of any of the plugin mentioned above then, share us your experience on the comment box below.

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