A collection of 20 Top Free and Premium WordPress Themes with Parallax Effect

A professional looking website is a vital element of any business strategy. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you pay extra attention to the design and style of your pages as that will be a contributing factor to your success. Today you can purchase a top-notch theme at a reasonable price or even download it for free. But which design is better to use for your business? There are a number of samples from which to choose, but if you are searching for something really impressive, go for a template with parallax scrolling. This effect is growing in popularity across the web so it will be a worthwhile feature in powerful WordPress websites for several years to come.

So, what is parallax? Actually, this technique is not new, it has been used in animation since the 1940s and in arcade video games since the 1980s. Later it became a popular trend in web design. Parallax scrolling makes the background images of the site move at a different speed to the rest of the page. In this way, it gives the website quite an impressive look and fresh style. This effect is difficult to replace with any other. If you manage to find a really unique image to use on your homepage, you can make it look more striking with parallax effect.

Of course, a hot look is important but it should be combined with a powerful functionality if you want it to work to its full potential. For this reason, we offer you a collection of high-quality WP themes with parallax effect; these are sourced only from trusted resources like AccessPressThemes, TemplateMonster, WordPress, Athemes, Themify, etc. You can buy a pre-designed template with a stunning look and unmatched functionality, or get a free one that may also be a great fit for your business.

Premium WP Themes with Parallax Effect

AccessPress Parallax Pro

Check this Pro WP theme with a responsive design and a selection of custom features like parallax, full-width slider, CSS animation, etc. In the list below you can also find a free version of the template. However, we strongly recommend you purchase a pro package as it will offer an extended set of features such as page builder, 10 cool animation effects, unlimited color options, multiple menu styles and much more. I hope this collection will be handy for your business.

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Wanderer is a custom theme that features a minimal design and includes a large hero area, burger menu, hovers and parallax effects. It can be used as an online CV or portfolio website for bloggers, writers, and photographers.

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This striking template offers an incredibly sharp look and features a full-screen slider with parallax effect at the top of the homepage. In addition, there is a lazy load and a fixed menu with hover effect.

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Music is a pro-designed template that is a perfect fit for music blogs and news websites. It comes loaded with a full-width animated background at the top, images with parallax and hover effects in the content block along with a built-in audio player.

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Improve your business with this highly effective corporate theme that offers a hot style and powerful navigation. Use it to introduce your company to a wider audience.

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This template can be used as an online CV or portfolio for freelancers and designers. However, you can customize the Parallax directly for your business and use it like a regular website. It offers striking design with a good selection of features, including a full-width slider. lazy load, parallax, hover, fixed mega menu, etc.

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Neve is a high-quality one-page template that will be a great fit for those who need an attention-getting CV or a powerful promotional website.

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Game Portal

This theme is specially designed for game portals. It offers a clean and minimal layout along with powerful functionality. At the top of the page, there is a full-width slider with parallax effect and a mega menu that ensures user-friendly navigation.

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Tobacco and Cigars

Advertise your business with the help of this pro-designed template. It will also give your website a classy and respectable look. The theme is loaded with many effects including parallax and hover.

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This template can be used for corporate and business sites or for an online CV for designers and photographers. It is loaded with a full-width image with parallax effect, a gallery with hover, lazy load, fixed mega menu, etc.

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Extreme Sports Club

Here is another one-page template with a hot look and handy navigation. It can be used both for business and an online CV.

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Free WordPress Themes with Parallax Effect

AccessPress Parallax

Check this free WP theme with a responsive design and a bunch of custom features like parallax, full-width slider, Css animation,etc.

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This template features a clean layout with a mega menu, hover and parallax effects. It looks both simple and sharp and would be a perfect fit for corporate and business websites.

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Build an effective business with this free Moesia WP template. It features a simple but attractive design with a full-screen slider with parallax effect, lazy load, fixed mega menu, etc.

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This one-page theme offers you a number of pro solutions for building a powerful website for business and online portfolios. It comes loaded with a full-screen slider, fixed mega menu, images with parallax and hover effects, and lazy load.

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Radiate is a beautiful template for blogs. It is loaded with a fixed mega menu, parallax and hover effects.

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Invert Lite

This multipurpose template features a responsive design with parallax, hover and lazy load effects. There are two versions of the Invert theme. We offer you an opportunity to download this package for free. If you need more options to go for the pro version.

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I hope you found these themes useful. If you have any questions feel free to ask them or comment on the samples you liked the most.

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