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top 10 wordpress themes for writers


There are endless WordPress themes, free or for purchase, that anyone can use for so many different purposes. Writers especially need a great website and a blog that will represent their personality and craft properly. It needs to be modern and appropriate for the type of writing they do and it still needs to fill all of the requirements of a popular website. It needs to load fast and offer a lot of options. It can be overwhelming looking at collections of themes and templates, so to save you the trouble, we’ve compiled here a list of the ten best WordPress themes for essay writers and authors.

1. VMagazine News

VMagazine News is a free news magazine theme which features an elegant layout created for news sites, an online magazine and editorial sites, and other news portals. This theme has a one-click demo import, engaging widgets, and a homepage that is easy to configure. It is perfect for writers and authors as you can quickly search articles, has quick loading pages, and is SEO optimized, very crucial for your written work. This theme will showcase your work in the best way possible and it will enable you to be happy with your professional website, proud to show it to your followers. You can also easily integrate your social media links and customize as much
as you want to.

2. AccessPress Root Pro

AccessPress Root Pro is without a doubt the best minimalist business WordPress theme out there. If you’re a writer looking for a professional and uncluttered business theme, this is your best bet. This theme is perfect for a personal or business site, as it is ready for translation, can be used on different browsers, and is SEO friendly. You can use a theme options panel to quickly and easily configure your site, and also reorder your home sections to meet your
requirements. Last but not least, AccessPress Root Pro has a blog layout option and a portfolio layout option where you can pick one of a few options which suit your needs.

3. Hoffman

Hoffman is a very clear and crisp WordPress theme with a responsive design, two-page templates, and three custom widgets. Its configurable colors, background and photo gallery sections allow you to make your site your own. According to Greg Long, a blogger at Academized and Paperfellows, “the support for editor styles are extremely helpful for writers who wish to draw people’s attention to their writing by focusing on the small details that make
the difference.”

4. Forte

Forte is a very sleek WordPress theme designed specifically for authors who are looking for a simple design to display their portfolio. The layout focuses on the title and tagline and its minimalism means that viewers won’t be distracted from the essential. This is a great option for beginners because the customizing tool is simple to use while still providing a lot of options. It’s a popular option as well since it’s free but it offers numerous fun options for any writer.

5. Ink

This WordPress theme is considered more daring since it’s highly visual and relies on photography to entice viewers to find your written content. The Ink WordPress is geared towards sharing stories, and you can even enable an option for viewers to see a few pages before selling a book. It is a mobile-friendly layout with a focus on your work. The name is also a perfect match for anyone who wants to showcase their writing skills. You can enjoy the beautiful, visual theme which looks even better with your words on it.

6. Chosen

Chosen also has a minimalist design which has a two-column blog layout ideal for writers. Similar to others on this list, it has large images and a custom menu which collapses for mobile view. Finally, its elegant and readable typography is one of the major bonuses of the Chosen WordPress theme. Readability and your words looking good is an important thing for you and your website. This will attract people to interact more with you and to be more open to reading more. Looks sometimes matter just as much as what you say to make sure that you pick this
theme for its simplicity and beautiful font.

7. Impose

Impose is different in that it provides writers a platform for their blogs, but also has room for resumes, portfolios, and photography for a wide range of creative outlets. As per Lucia Wilson, a website admin at Australian help and Oxessays, “there are over 10 blog layouts that you can choose from, and its option to include related posts at the end of each blog post is helpful for viewers of your site”.

This theme is the perfect one for freelance writers who need to have a portfolio and resume on their website as well as a blog and the perfect home page that entices the readers to click

8. Literatum

Literatum is a theme that’s more geared to online magazines and has a straightforward and simple way to present its hosted articles. You can navigate through articles easily and it can support third-party comment boxes like Facebook Comments. This is perfect for any writer who wanted to be a journalist – they can write and collect stories that they love and care about and this theme will feature them in the best way possible. It adds that unique charm and visuals which will support your stories and make them even more interesting because of the way they are displayed. Impress your readers with this writer theme.

9. Libretto

Libretto’s one column theme with space for pull quotes and drop-cap paragraphs are elegant and minimalist and writers everywhere will enjoy its long-form writing display. Viewers will also appreciate the large and small visual adaptability and photo-heavy layout. Libretto is a free theme which you can easily download. It doesn’t have any bells and whistles but it has an aesthetic that would appeal to any writer – simple, book-like, with a nice, readable font and a beautiful structure.

10. Author

Author is a WordPress theme which puts the content first, and the black and white color scheme makes sure the focus stays on the writing without distractions. There’s a left sidebar with a menu that works on your computer like on a mobile device. Finally, the excerpt controls highlight the key information you wish to display. You’ll get that clean, minimalist look that makes the content look amazing and it will display your words in the best way possible. If you just want something simple and elegant, you should definitely go for this theme and enjoy all of the benefits it can offer. It even has the appropriate name that would really attract any writer out there.

Wrapping Up,

Well, there you have it: the top 10 WordPress themes that authors should look into right away. Choosing a theme can be a cumbersome business, no matter how interesting it may seem at the outset. There are so many of them that most people just have no idea what to pick and end up with something that they don’t like. Prevent that by looking up the themes on this list and finding one that suits you just right.

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