Top 10 WooCommerce SEO Plugins in 2021 for Higher Ranking

Top 10 WooCommerce SEO Plugins in 2021 for Higher Ranking

SEO is very important to increase the visibility of your content among your audience, to sell your content, or to get your content-wide public attention. An SEO expert or an SEO tool can surely help you reaching or fulfilling your agenda. It can optimize your traffic and rank of WooCommerce. 

WooCommerce SEO plugins are very popular among the wide masses and various companies use the SEO plugins for generating a lot of traffic.

It helps to grab the attention of popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and many more added to the list. To increase the presence of your eCommerce website the SEO is the simple key in your hand. Woo Commerce store optimization is really important here and it can help you in ways never imagined before. 

The WooCommerce SEO will never disappoint you and is a game-changer. Hence having the right kind of plugin and the right type of extensions for your store especially the WooCommerce store will help you in getting the best rank on search engines and will also help you to identify the mistakes related to the SEO that you might have done on your eCommerce related website.

Now here I am trying to draw your attention towards the best Top 10 WooCommerce SEO Plugins in 2021 for Higher Ranking. Following these suggestions might also help you in securing a good rank in the long run.

1. Rank Math


The no. one-word press plugin of modern times is your Rank Math. Gaining the first position on our list, it configures itself. Its striking features are easy to optimize keywords, has google search console integration and the main and foremost point is that it adds overlay icons in the image for social media. The plugin is used for various optimizations onsite hence improving the SEO of the page.

Rank Math is perfect for bloggers, niche sites, e-commerce stores, startups, directories, photographers and videographers.

Main Features are: 

  • Translation plugins support
  • Has Elementor SEO
  • Automatic keyword suggestions from google
  • Has light-weighted code as compared to other SEO.

2. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO Plugin

The no. one-word press plugin of modern times is your Yoast SEO. Gaining the first position on our list, the popular Plugin has stood the test of time gaining hundreds of positive reviews and over 5 million downloads. The striking figure is not very much surprised when the kind of services it provides to the users are fabulous. The plugin is used for various optimizations onsite hence improving the SEO of the page

The plugin provides a free version and also provides a paid version for a higher level of SEO needs

Main Features are:

  • Content insights
  • Alert of Duplicate Content 
  • Use of updated and new algorithms of Google
  • d)Free 24/7 support for 1 year
  • e)Most important Keyword optimization

3. All in One SEO Pack 

All in One SEO Pack is the most popular WooCommerce SEO plugin used by a large no. of people. It is great for beginners. It works automatically and you don’t have to manually change things too much.

Main Features are:

  • Google Analytics Support
  • PHP 7 Compatible
  • c)XML Sitemap Support
  • d)Bad Bot Blocker

4.  SEO Press

SEO Press WordPress Plugin

This plugin automatically analysis broken lines and other issues related to SEO. You can optimize the titles, various descriptions, and many other things. 

Main Features are:

  • Saving of various plugin spaces.
  • A premium feature allows one-year support.
  • It provides ad-free options.

5. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker

This plugin allows you to check whether you have any broken links or not for the markdown by search engines. 

Main Features are:

  • Sending various notifications by email or dashboards.
  • Finding various missing redirections and images.
  • Monitoring of various links in posts, comments, pages, and Blogroll
  • Making of broken links Display in various Posts.
  • Easily Detecting links that won’t work ever.

6. All In One Schema Rich Snippets

This provides a summary that is quite short relating to your website in common search results like Yahoo, Bing, Google hence receiving an entire content of the page is possible.

Main Features are:

  • Interactive Rich Snippets.
  • Optimize Content for Higher SERPs.
  • Display Information on Facebook Links.
  • Improves Click Through Rate (CTR).

7. WP Smushit

Uploading images is a tedious task and a task that requires a lot of energy as well as time. So if you are willing to save your store from this disastrous situation all you can do is use the WP Smushit plugin. This plugin works like magic. It not only allows you to resize but also allows you to compress and optimize your images. The image quality remains excellent so does your site quality.

Main Features are:

  • Multisite Compatibility.
  • WPML Media Translation is an Add-on.
  • Supporting PNG image files, GIFs JPG, JPEG.
  • Optimization of Images Using Lossless Compression.

8. WP-Backlinks

This plugin allows you to monitor new backlinks using your dashboard directly. Hence, increasing your SEO store optimization. It also helps you to look into your competitor’s backlinks as well.

Main Features are:

  • Premium: provides 3 Competitors
  • Premium: Cloud Protection is also provided
  • Premium: Discount for Other Websites.
  • Refresh Every 24 hours.
  • Free: Monitors Blog Backlinks.
  • Discount for Other available websites.

9. Jetpack by

Jetpack WordPress Plugin

For beginners, this plugin is very much useful. A statistical tool is there in its free version. On social networks, automatic sharing can be found and similar articles are also present so that while the people are searching for other articles they can reach the articles of their choice as well. The plugin also provides its paid versions if one wants to go for SEA or any SEO tools. To simplify content production SEO plugin can also be used.

Main Features are:

  • Paid Programs for Advertising for Facebook Ads, AdSense, AOL, Google AdX, Amazon, and Yahoo as well.
  • Free analytics and site statistics.

10. WPtouch Mobile Plugin 

WP Touch WordPress Plugin

Whenever you are optimizing for your mobile WPtouch Mobile Plugin is a great source for you. You can create an attractive and simple theme for visitors and hence it is a great choice for the users of your shop.

Main Features are:

  • Mobile-friendly and google preferred
  • Easy keeping of desktop theme.
  • Controlling your product page, menus, homepage, and blog pages as well.

11. JetPack 

Jetpack WordPress Plugin

This plugin helps you to optimize your Google Ads, Facebook Ads, using the paid feature you can do all such stuff very easily and with minimum costs. Search engine optimization is also possible like Bing, Google, etc. This can surely increase your content production and can also allow you to create image mosaics and carousels.

Main Features are:

  • SEO tools for a wide no. of social media platforms.
  • It also provides 24X7 site security.
  • Provide related large no. of posts as well.

I hope this list helped you in finding the best Top 10 WooCommerce SEO Plugins in 2021 for Higher Ranking. Now you are ready to monetize your websites and business and get yourself ranked high up in the search results gaining large public attention and this will help you in getting a lot of leads generated in very little time and with very little money. Hence you have got a key to a successful business which I am sure you will never want to lose it. 

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