Top 10 Web Design Trends of 2020

It’s a new year, and that means it’s time to look at what we left behind and what we have ahead of us. There were a lot of great website designs in 2019 and so we’re anxiously awaiting what 2020 will offer regarding web design. Every day top web designers put their efforts to offer something unique to the community.

We’re sure that there will be some great web designs in 2020. If you take a close look, you can already see the trends that are emerging and will likely dominate web design in 2020.

Here are the top 10 web design trends of 2020.

An Emphasis on Content


Over the years a lot of time and effort has been spent on adding things to websites such as headers, banners, sidebars, comments, calls to action, social media buttons, and the like. The result is a cluttered website that takes up a lot of real estates and takes the focus away from the content. You know; the thing that matters.

The websites of 2020 will go back to basics with an emphasis on content. We’re not sure yet if this means that those extra things will disappear or if they’ll just be made smaller. However, we can say for sure that content will be key in 2020.


Flat Design is Finished

It’s time we admitted that flat design had gone so far everything looks the same, and the creativity and personality have gone out of web design. Take everything away and all you’ve got left is the basics; which is what everyone else has. It makes everything look the same.

While the flat design may have started out as an updated version of skeuomorphic design, it’s gone on to become a set of design aesthetics used by everyone. It’s no wonder that websites are all starting to look alike and there’s not much that differentiates one website from another. Designers are really feeling the lack of creativity and they’ve gained back their desire to design something spectacular. Given this, it seems clear that flat design is finished and 2020 will see more unique and imaginative website designs.

Geometric Shapes

Website designs employing geometric lines, shapes and patterns exploded in late 2019 and this is a trend that is expected to continue in 2020. There are plenty of different ways that websites have embraced geometric shapes. It could be circles around images, geometric heavy photos, or it could also be a design that has a heavy reliance on lines and patterns.

The number of ways that geometric shapes can be integrated into a website design is almost infinite. Embracing geometry could be how website designers move away from flat design and embrace creativity and personality. All in all you should expect more of this design style during 2020.


Imaginative Heading Styles

Web design is moving away from basic headings and is starting to embrace creative headings. Using a different style of heading is a great way to add some creativity and uniqueness to a website design.

Web designers are beginning to experiment with the way that headers are used and designed by changing their layout and justification, adding some unique elements, and in some cases doing away with the heading altogether.


Duotone Gradient Imagery

Brands have begun using duotone imagery and graphics to stay on brand. Some brands, such as TNW, have even got a headstart on duotone so we’re confident this is a coming trend.

There are also designs that feature two or three colors with a duotone effect, even though this isn’t a true duotone. One example of this is Instagram. Flat design did take out the need for gradients but duotone imagery made up of different colors used together has been a welcome addition.


More Gifs and Animations

We’re already seeing websites use more animations. They’re an ideal way to show the inner workings of something, along with explaining how to do something or just being meaningful content in general. These animations are mainly in GIF form. These days GIFs are more sophisticated than ever, and there is a rise in CSS and SVG animations that offer unique design elements.

2020 will see animation use become an even bigger deal as more kinds of content are shared. Not to mention animations can be more efficient than videos when it comes to explaining things. They can also take up less space and be more lightweight than the average video or series of images.


Navigation Diets

Given that society has become much more mobile, many people are accessing the internet through their phones. As such there has been a trend of making websites easier to navigate and it’s had an effect on navigation habits.

Many websites have begun throwing out their complicated designs and navigations and reducing them to only a few items. Minimising navigation makes it easier for visitors to keep the intent of the website in mind rather than trying to get off the page.



Micro-interactions provide a subtle yet powerful way to interact with websites. They commonly present themselves as hovers, click animations, scrolling effects, and the like. These design elements have always been around, but now they are receiving more attention and becoming more refined and informative.

The most common micro-interaction is the hover/rollover. This is when a visitor hovers their cursor over a part of the website and have a micro-interaction they can interact with show up.


More Hand-Drawn Elements

One web design trend we expect for 2020 is an increase in hand drawn elements. This could be fonts, graphics, icons, buttons, and other elements. Making them hand drawn gives a website a unique touch.

You might not imagine hand drawn elements to be part of a website, but we feel that they have become a nice change to standard designs and are glad they have really taken off for 2020.


An Emphasis on Landing Pages Rather than Home Pages


As content becomes more refined and shared, it’s likely that 2020 will see less emphasis placed on the home page. Every website does need their own home page, but marketers will become more interested in sending visitors to landing pages in an effort to target visitors for content marketing.

The idea makes sense when you think about it. Content marketing is designed to improve conversions and increase awareness, and the best way to do this is to create a landing page designed for users. A landing page may not be better designed than other pages on the website, but it does target the user more.

Source: Web Design Perth


There will be a lot of great websites designed in 2020, and we expect to see many of these design trends on the biggest and best of the year.

These design trends, from hand-drawn elements, to animations and imaginative headings, will be the future of website design in 2020.

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