The100 Pro – Multipurpose and Multi layout Premium WordPress Theme(Comprehensive Theme Review with Full Demo Screenshots Attached)

the100 pro premium multipurpose wordpress theme

The100 Pro is a multipurpose and multi layout premium WordPress theme by 8Degree Themes. And here in this article, you and I are going to explore all the features and potentials of The100 Pro. Together we are going to understand everything about The100 Pro and why it is the perfect theme for corporate, business, travel, creative purposes, events, charity, medicine, e-commerce, blog, construction, or any website.

First things first, what you need to understand about the theme is that – The100 Pro is a minimally designed theme with special focus to SEO and great attention to details and is powerful in terms of features and functionalities. Also, this theme has 8+ demo templates (importable with one click) and 500+ layout combinations, making it perfectly suitable for multiple niches, and of course multiple purposes.

Before you and I go on digging deeper on all the aspects that make this theme a must have, here are three things that might help you to know more about The100 Pro on a surface level –

  • This theme has been designed in such a way that, each one who uses the theme can take advantage of the multiple layouts it offers and customize in the easiest ways possible.
  • Each layout of the theme has been designed for a different niche, for a new market but one thing that is consistent with the theme is clean designs and elegant outlook.
  • You are not going to find excessively powerful features with the theme. This theme is powerful and has a plethora of features, yes, but it does not confuse you with anything that you might not need or want. In short, this theme has just the right features most of us need to create that perfect site – nothing less, nothing excessive.

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The 100 Pro – Features of the Theme

One Click Demo Import

The100 Pro is a multipurpose and multi layout premium WordPress theme that enables you to import any of its clean coded and elegantly designed demos with just one click. All you have to do is go to the theme’s backend, install and activate demo importer plugin, click on “Install Demo” and voila your website will ready with the imported demo.

Do you guys realize what this means? You can use all the 8+ demo layouts in your theme with one click of a button. This means now no one needs to start their website creation process from scratch. With The100 Pro you can have everything up and running by importing any of the available demos.

With just one click, you can enjoy a full-fledged website!

the100 pro one click demo import

8+ Demo Templates

As we briefly talked about earlier, this elegantly designed multipurpose and multi layout premium WordPress theme- The 100Pro comes up with 8+ demo templates. Each of these templates serves a unique niche market and have their own special set of features to optimize your website. The range of demo templates that The100 Pro offers is such that you can use this one theme for a large variety of websites.

So, with one theme you can now enjoy the benefits of 8 different themes and more 🙂

Check all 8+ Demo Templates Here

the100 pro all demos

Fully Built On Customizer Tools

The 100Pro is a theme that is fully built on customizer tools. You can change, edit and improve all the intricate details of your website via The100 Pro. Everything ranging from the template settings to the footer, theme color, header, menu, widgets and all other aspects of the site can be customized with simple tools to suit your needs, and to help to design your website exactly how you wanted.

Customizing The100 Pro is not just easy, but very convenient to understand and so eventually takes very little of your time.


Numerous Well-Coded Homepage Sections

This one is really cool! This theme has tons of well-coded and beautifully designed homepage sections that are set for your need for any kind of website.

Here I have listed all the sections that are available with the theme :

  • Promo Page Section
  • Featured Section
  • Team Section
  • Blog Section
  • Testimonial Section
  • Counter & CTA Section
  • About and Services Section

These all listed sections alongside some more similar sections are there for you to create your website easily with this multipurpose and multi layout premium WordPress theme.


Sortable Homepage Sections

Just now we talked about how different sections that are pre-designed and ready to use come up with the theme – The100 Pro. So, here I would like you to show you one more interesting aspect about the homepage sections.

Not only are all those sections designed elegantly and can be customized easily, they can also be reordered and sorted in any way you prefer. That too with simple drag and drop. So, if you want any section in a different place than where it was originally, just drag and drop.


8 Header Layouts

the100 pro header layouts

It’s not just the demo layouts that have an impressive variety for you to choose from, even the header layouts have 8 different layouts that you can use and configure for your site. All these layouts are designed with a clean and minimal outlook and would look great on any type of website. Choose and use these layouts to your fullest!

Unlimited Color Options

The100 Pro also gives you the liberty of choosing from unlimited color options to paint your canvas i.e., your website with any shade of color that you want. The theme colors – both primary and secondary can be set to any color that you prefer.


The100 Pro – Theme Demos

Classic Demo

This demo layout of this multipurpose and multi layout premium WordPress theme is tailor-made for all corporations, businesses, and agencies. Any individual or organization that requires a website to push their business via a strong online presence can use this demo to get things started.

Construction Demo

This theme is perfect for anyone in the construction and building business -architects, builders, tradesperson, etc. For any individual or firm related to the construction business, this is the theme to go.


Restaurant Demo

Needless to say, this theme demo is the one for all the people who are in any way connected or working in the restaurant and food-related business.

Each component or section of this demo has been designed in a way that your restaurant and its dishes will be displayed and presented like never before.

the100 pro clean and elegant multipurpose theme restaurant demo

Events Demo

For all those of us who manage events, handle conferences, work relentlessly for program management purposes, this theme is for us.

the100 pro clean and elegant multipurpose theme events demo

Charity Demo

Are you in the field of charity, non-profit, fundraising, or NGO? If yes, then charity demo is for you. This demo is designed as such that with the sections present in this demo you can – appeal to people to raise help for your noble cause, let the world know about the people who are assisting you in your journey to create a better world, invite people to your events, etc.

the100 pro clean and elegant multipurpose theme charity demo

Medical Demo

This is a demo layout that has been tailor-made to suit the needs of all hospitals and medicine related institutions perfectly. Each section of the medical demo is designed to match the requirements of any website that deals with healthcare.

the100 pro clean and elegant multipurpose theme medical demo

Creative Demo

If you are a creative soul, that is filled with ideas of art and innovation, this theme demo layout is the one for you. For any business or individual involved in the sector that demands everyday creativity, innovation, and art, this demo layout is the one to choose.

the100 pro clean and elegant multipurpose theme creative demo


Travel Demo

This demo is perfect for all the people and businesses related to the travel and tourism market – travel agencies, travel blogger, travel event planners, and such.

the100 pro clean and elegant multipurpose theme travel demo

And then we also do have two more demos that are in the process of being added in the theme. So if you get the theme, these two demos are going to be added in the demo layouts along with many others.

  • eCommerce Demo
  • Blog Demo

Many more demos to be added soon…

The100 Pro – Price

The price of The100 Pro is only $55. And once you have this theme with yourself, you can enjoy the perks of eight different themes, because this theme can be used for 8 different niche markets. So, with the cost of just one theme, it will be like you are enjoying multiple themes, all because of the variety of options that this theme offers.

The 100 Pro- Support and Documentation

8Degree Themes, the company that is responsible for this multipurpose and multi layout premium WordPress theme has left no stone unturned to give you the best support and documentation. For documentation, you can easily access their documentation page that has comprehensive details of everything you can and need to do for creating a perfect website. The documentation is so well organized and elaborately explained that it makes your website creation process smoother than never before.

Check out the Theme Documentation Page Here

And for support, you can simply go to the page of 8Degree Themes and feed your queries to the live chat box. Then your queries will be sorted out and answered in real time by the developers and support team of 8Degree Themes.


For support, you can also simply mail your queries at

So, these are the ways via which you can easily and conveniently receive support from the team of 8Degree Themes and use the documentation to smoothen the process of web development for yourself.

Wrapping Up,

In this review, I presented to you all about The100 Pro theme – a multipurpose and multi layout premium WordPress theme with its features, its demo layouts, price, support and documentation, and everything else that I felt you would want to know before purchasing the theme.

If you feel like you have to learn more and want to know more about the theme, please check the links here :

Demo             Documentation             Purchase Theme              Get Hosting

And if you have any questions about this multipurpose and multi layout premium WordPress theme that you want to have personally answered, please put them in the comment section below.

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