13 Super WordPress Web Design Resources

13 super wordpress web design resources post

Having your own website is mandatory in today’s modern business world. This is because the rapid growth and advancement of technology have made it indispensable for us to invest in a website for proper growth and expansion of your business.

Given the above scenario, it becomes inevitable that we design our website in the best way possible. However, building a good website takes time and costs a lot of money. Hence, we need to make the right decision at the right time for getting the best results.

Fortunately, there are quite a number of free tools that can help you with this task and bring down the expenses. One of these helpful tools is WordPress. This amazing designing tool can make your website stand out from the others. This is because it has a number of web design resources that can help you achieve your desired ends with the minimum of effort and expense.

Read on to find out about these resources that can make a website designing a piece of cake.

1.     Tailor Brands

tailor brands

Tailor Brands is a very useful tool that can help you develop your own website easily. It basically specializes in making free logos for your company. Even though that is their core specialization, still they have a lot more to offer as well. The usefulness of Tailor Brands is reflected in their utility and versatility. All you need to do is just visit Tailor Brands in order to get a detailed understanding of their products and services.

2.     Creative Bloq

creative bloq

As the name suggests, Creative Bloq is a tool that will definitely set the creative juices flowing. This web design resource provides you with a broad range of news, tips, and tutorials that are related to the topics. You also get an understanding of the savoir-faire that companies use for designing their websites.

The best part of this tool that they have a special section that is dedicated solely to web designing. Another useful part is that they have an insightful inspiration archive that will help you get new ideas for your website by just visiting their website. So what are you waiting for? Just visit Creative Bloq for getting the best design ideas and inputs.

3.     Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

As the name suggests, this site has some of the most attractive ideas for web design and development. You can read their blogs that are replete with useful articles and varied tutorials on a broad spectrum of topics. Their WordPress section is particularly awesome and hence, you must visit Smashing Magazine for seeing the stuff that they have.

4.     Site Point

site point

Site Point has a wide array of helpful articles with topics ranging from UX to even WordPress. The best part about this service is that they even have a free theme of WordPress on the basis of which you can make your own website. For doing this, all you need to do is just visit Site Point and see what they have to offer.

5.     CSS-Tricks

css tricks

CSS-Tricks definitely provide a lot of tricks and smart ideas for front end designers. This makes it a valuable resource. It provides you with many tutorials and best practices that can help you immensely in this task. Their library of useful code snippets and their knowledge on many business topics can come in really handy for getting more information on web design. All you need to do is just visit CSS Tricks and get the best that they have to offer.

6.     Flat Design & Colors


UXPin has brought out this free ebook on UI design. This tool provides you with a lot of detailed information on flat design and colors from which the tool gets its name. It also helps you stay up to date with many useful examples and advice. So just visit Flat Design & Colors for getting the best combination of design and colors.

7.     Google Web Designer


Google Web Designer was established in the year 2013. It consists of a lot of tools to make HTML5, JavaScript and XML files. The good thing about this service is that it lets you use drag and drop or code interfaces and then make a visual creation out of this. This tool is very versatile as it can work on any screen size. So just visit Google Web Designer for good website designs.

8.     Marvel


Marvel is prototyping and collaboration that is used by designers extensively. There is an option of including clients in the process of designing or even working together as a team. In this way, you can build prototypes for different kinds of devices that include version control and the added facility of importing files from Sketch and Photoshop. So just visit Marvel to get the best that it has to offer.

9.     Underscores


Automatic has set up this WordPress starter theme that contains HTML5 and CSS templates that help you get a lead of more than a thousand hours. Visit Underscores for more details.

10. AccessPress Parallax

accesspress parallax

AccessPress Parallax is a free and responsive beautiful WordPress theme with Parallax design. This theme offers a smooth, multi-layer parallax alongside many powerful features. It is a theme with easy to use theme options panel, highly configurable slider, multiple header layouts, advanced post settings and much more. Visit AccessPress Parallax for more details.

11.Zerif Lite

zerif lite

Zerif Lite is a free WordPress theme that is also one of the most popular. It was built on ThemeIsle as an in-house theme. It has been used on over 200,000 websites. Visit Zerif Lite for more details.


zakraZakra is an easy to use and highly flexible free tool for use on WordPress. It comes with a very easy setup process that helps you install it easily. This makes it possible for you to use on a number of sites like Restaurants, Yoga, Wedding, and Dentists. Visit Zakra for more details.


flash theme

Flash is a very responsive WordPress theme that can help you create the best possible websites. It helps you customize your website with the help of professional designs. It also has a Flash Toolkit that helps you make the tool more versatile, flexible and user-friendly. Visit Flash for more details.


From the above, we see that these 13 Super WordPress Design Resources can help you immensely in making your website outstanding. All you need to do is just pick and choose from these designs that will help you get your dream website!

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