Significance of Security for WordPress Users

An increasing number of sites are created on the web every day. For most owners, their sites are of great value, so the safety of their projects comes first. Site protection is a set of measures, every point of which is significant. Missing one thing, someone will certainly take advantage of it. It’s a wrong belief little-known websites aren’t hacked: modern capacities allow you scanning the entire Internet without manual participation. And owners of popular sites should be especially careful because of unfair competitors. Nowadays, the Internet is not the safest place in the world, and it is worth being aware of all the threats that await website owners.

The main thing worth being aware of is cyber fraudsters. They hack accounts, actively create new tools for hacking social network and blog platform accounts, so using on Hide me Review is really relevant nowadays. A virtual private network complicates the login and password interception when logging in to the network from a public place, as well as protects against possible cyber attacks.


Why Take Advantage of WordPress

One of the biggest WordPress achievements is the presence of its own library which stores more than 40,000 plugins. The vast majority of these plugins have an open-source and are distributed free of charge. If your WordPress site is currently just a simple blog, and you want to add an online store to it, it will take about 15 minutes for an experienced developer. If you need a built-in Google form with CSS that matches your site design, you can easily do that. Thus, if you need some functionality in WordPress, perhaps it already exists.

Managed solutions often contain numerous carefully designed site templates developed by the company. The WordPress ecosystem is more open, extensive and focused on sales. The consequence is the presence of numerous high-quality WordPress themes that are suitable for different tasks starting from ultra-minimalistic one-column blogging themes to sophisticated ones created for online stores, creative agencies, religious institutions, and hospitals.

Managed solutions creators really don’t want you to work with their code. What they offer is a site that looks great and works correctly. The offer of full control over each line of code conflicts with this model, and therefore the procedure for setting up a site is usually very complicated and limited.

Although some things are not very convenient to do in WordPress (for example, creating an exact Facebook clone), there are no limits on how to set up WordPress. You can create an arbitrary type of user that will have the authority to interact only with comments which can be implemented using the role system. Such extensibility makes WP the perfect solution for projects with growing goals and objectives and makes it easy to get around managed solutions.

Why Protect WordPress?

WordPress sites can be hacked manually, as well as automatically using various robotic programs. The second option is the most common one since it has a massive impact. Moreover, the site can be either a huge portal with a traffic of several thousand users per day or a personal blog that has a dozen readers.

Auto-hacking is based on using WordPress security flaws as a platform. Resources using the old version of the site are especially susceptible to it, as developers are constantly analyzing the reasons why the WP website can be hacked and eliminate shortcomings in new versions. When automatically hacking WordPress sites, attackers can be guided by the following motives:

  • site theft, full resource copying and transferring it to a new domain to appropriate the results of the developer’s labor, monetize the resource, etc.;
  • making a profit by substituting information on the site (replacing card numbers, changing payment information);
  • redirecting your traffic to their resources;
  • using the site to infect users by sending letters or programs with viruses;
  • receiving links from a resource for compiling a satellite grid, improving a link profile;
  • blackmail;
  • obtaining personal users data or other useful commercial information;
  • using system resources to store their data, more efficient hacking of other resources.

Hacking sites manually, attackers are also guided by personal motives, such as revenge and envy in addition to the above-mentioned reasons. That is why WordPress security settings are a must-have stage in any website development. If you neglect it, you will be the victim of an attack sooner or later.


Reliable Protection: Is That Real?

To ensure reliable WordPress protection, you just need to follow certain recommendations which, in fact, are very simple.

  1. Reliable hosting

The hacking attack is carried out not only directly, but also through other software which can also be vulnerable. Hosting with a competent security policy and advanced specialists is a factor of paramount importance since the server part goes beyond the control of the site owner.

If the site is installed on VDS, then its set up must be carefully checked, and the problems have to be fixed as soon as possible. You must constantly monitor the news to quickly find out about new threats and methods of protection.

  1. Database setup

You shouldn’t use the same MySQL user for several sites, since in case of hacking one of them each of them may also be hacked. Installing WordPress, you should change the standard table prefix to a random string of different case letters.

  1. Correct rights establishment

For the wp-config.php and .htaccess files, it is recommended to use 444 permissions it’s easy to modify. For the rest of the directories (except the download folder), it is worth using 775 permissions, and 644 permissions for the files. Lots of security plugins, for example, All In One WP Security check the correctness of the rights set.

  1. Using encryption

SSL/TSL protocol won’t let third parties intercept data in an insecure channel while working with the site. This is especially important when the site is periodically logged in through public access points.

Functionality to enable encryption is built into many plugins for security. There are separate solutions: Really Simple SSL, One-Click SSL, and others. And you can verify the correct setup using the SSL Server Test service.

  1. Rename wp-content

This directory contains all third-party elements (themes, plugins, downloads). Using a well-known path, scanners easily detect vulnerabilities known to them in the code. Renaming a directory will make scanning more difficult by eliminating some of the attacks. You can implement it using iThemes Security and similar plugins, or manually by making changes to the wp-config.php file.

  1. Turn off file browsing

The ability to browse directories helps in figuring out the exact list of all installed components required for finding vulnerabilities. To prevent this, it’s enough to create index files everywhere, set up .htaccess or use plugins.

  1. Moving wp-config.php

WordPress can find this file at levels higher; that’s why it’s not necessary to keep it in the same folder where the site is installed. Thanks to this simple move, it will be more difficult to find it both automatically and manually.

  1. Checking plugins and themes

Third-party elements may contain vulnerabilities and malicious code, so they need to be inspected after installation.

  • Theme Authenticity Checker (TAC). Its purpose is to search for signs of malicious code and static links in theme files. Scanning is automatic, and information is displayed on a special tab in the Appearance section.
  • AntiVirus. A similar application plugin for checking an installed template. Its difference is that you can turn on daily scanning receiving the results to email. This is useful when automatic WordPress and its components updating is turned on.

To perform a thorough check, you must have PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS knowledge. The absence of warnings from scanners doesn’t mean complete security, as well as the presence of real viruses in the opposite case. Truth can only be established by manual verification. Another scanners con is that they are not able to recognize all vulnerabilities which don’t harm but can be used for hacking.

  1. Administrator account protection

The most common errors that make hacking possible are:

  • the simple password which can be easily guessed;
  • login and nickname are the same;
  • «admin», «administrator», «root» logins it’s easy to hack;
  • the same password on several websites.

Compliance with the elementary rules of network security makes it almost impossible to crack your password and hack your website.

Account created during the WordPress installation has an ID of 1 which is also used for unauthorized access attempts. Using a different profile or changing the ID in the database complicates the hackers’ task.

Google Authenticator and Clef Two-Factor Authentication plugins make it possible to log in via mobile device drawing an additional line of defense towards the control panel. Thus, even knowing the password will make it impossible to hack the website.

  1. Installing plugins for protection

WordPress has no built-in security mechanisms, not even a limit on the number of authorization attempts. But this is easily compensated by some plugins that prevent most common attacks.

  • All In One WP Security. Belongs to the number of universal WP defenders, provides comprehensive protection in so many ways. The plugin has a good user rating and is free of charge.
  • IThemes Security. It’s a more open plugin in terms of protection. It turns HTTPS on, backs database up, blocks full access on certain days and hours, hides the login page, and much more which can greatly help the webmaster. A paid version is equipped with additional features, such as an anti-virus scan.
  1. Creating backups

Backups are salvation in cases where it’s not possible to avoid infection. It is important not to store them in the same place where the site is located for two reasons:

  • if you face any problems with hosting, you can easily deploy the current version of the site;
  • in case of hacking, they can also disappear.

In case the site is installed on a server, the best solution would be to write your own scripts and run them through cron. Then, it will be impossible to access backup copies, as well as keys to external resources for unloading when hacking a website.

  1. Regular updates

Often, new WP versions descriptions contain information that all the vulnerabilities have been fixed or other changes affecting security have been made. The same applies to plugins and themes: developers are trying to fix the detected problems. Timely updates make it possible for you to avoid being hacked. Also, if you ever need to log in to your WP dashboard when connecting to an unprotected network, be sure to use a secure VPN that will protect your login information.

Why You Need a VPN

Accessing network from a public place, your DNS queries are not protected, as well as are visible. Therefore, anyone can easily find out your IP address, passwords, logins, as well as to detect which websites you visit. This is common for all wireless Net access points.

Today, more and more users are willing to protect their IP address. After all, hardly anyone likes it when someone tracks their actions on the web. VPN service helps users protect their IP address and other personal data. Moreover, VPN allows you viewing resources blocked in your region.

VPN uses technology making it possible for you to access the web from IP addresses located in different parts of the world bypassing the server of the ISP. Your data doesn’t go to the provider’s server eliminating personal data theft. Data passes through any mobile server wherever it is, while it becomes possible to switch from one server to another without being identified.

One more reason to use a VPN is the ability to visit resources that are not always available in your region. For example, view American programs broadcasted by services like Pandora or Netflix. Installing a VPN service, you will be able to access the service sites via mobile IP addresses located in the United States and easily watch programs and movies.

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