Selecting the Best WordPress Theme for Your Business – Updated

Before picking up a theme for your site, there are always four things that you need to consider i.e. Form, Functionality, Customizability, and Cost. Each one of these matters in a different way and by considering all of them when searching for the correct theme you will ensure that your site meets your needs. For those, who want to use WordPress as a cms system for their business, the quality of themes available to businesses is always improving.

For any serious business looking at WordPress, the following six design points are mandatory:

1. CSS menu (not images) – which is better for SEO and page speed

2. 1000px body width – as most screens are now 1200px and anything less is a waste of space.

3. XHTML & CSS compliant, as it can be read in all browsers

4. Any Javascript show degrade gracefully so that if people have JS turned off, they don’t end up with ugly text all over the place

5. Menu bar across the top, right-hand side mostly preferable.

6. Two Column Layout, which reduces the clutter on your website

7. Space for your logo in the top left-hand corner – the most prominent position

8. Background color of the body is white – makes for the most readable content.

9. Stretchable side areas (outside of the body) – makes your website easy to read on most screens

10. Having Javascript at the bottom of the page is a bonus point for your website.

11. CSS in one file to adds plus point.


Choosing the right theme has always been confusing tasks for users. while choosing the theme choose a flexible template to match your brand. Select a WordPress template that is flexible enough, customizable and can be changed to suit your business.

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