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Is your site powered by WooCommerce? Is Easy Digital Downloads your eCommerce site partner? Would you like to build an e-commerce site without any of these plugins?

For all eCommerce sites powered by WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads or neither, we have one plugin. One plugin that helps to bring forward the best in your eCommerce site – WP Product Gallery. One plugin that helps you create that perfect eCommerce website.

We all know that the key aspect of a great eCommerce site is the way products are showcased in the site. After all, all your visitors are there to see the products you have for them. The presentation of your products does all the taking for you. That is why product showcasing holds extreme importance in every eCommerce site. This is exactly where our plugin – WP Product Gallery works its magic. With over 60 pre-designed templates, WP Product Gallery is the finest plugin to showcase your products.

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WP Product Gallery is a plugin which solves the problem of custom programming/design to showcase products (WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download) in your WordPress site.

This plugin perfectly complements WooCommerce, and the blend of both these plugins (WooCommerce and WP Product Gallery) will make your eCommerce site a powerful phenomenon. Don’t believe us ? Here in this article is a detailed explanation of WP Product Gallery’s functionalities/mechanism, layouts along with all the benefits it has to offer for your eCommerce site.

First, we will here explain how you can showcase your products in your eCommerce site using WP Product Gallery (Lets take you to the insides of this plugin)

1.Once you have installed and activated this plugin, you can find a “WP Product Gallery” option in your menu tab. If you click on it, this is what you will find :wp product gallery post settings

2. This is WP Product Gallery Builder Page. From this builder page you can add WooCommerce, easy digital download and custom WP product manager’s posts from taxonomies,categories,terms,custom meta data,popular post and create your products by managing the required settings for the product

3. In the Post Settings you can filter the post through categories,terms,custom field,search keyword and many more.This tab includes the product type, taxonomies/categories, custom field, search keyword, popular post tab. All of these will help you create your perfect eCommerce website.

(Excited already to showcase your products using WP Product Gallery? If you wish to, please do check out our documentation page right here to learn in detail about all these processes mentioned here)


4. As we talked about earlier, this plugin supports three different types of product types – that is WooCommerce,Easy Digital Download and (Inbuilt) WP Product Manager.If you want to showcase product from WooCommerce plugin then select the WooCommerce option. If you want to fetch product from Easy Digital Downloads plugin then select Easy Digital Downloads.If you want to create your own product then select WP Product Manager.The WP Product Manager is custom post type that can be used to create product post.

Now moving on, you can use the taxonomies tabs to filter the product post from taxonomies/categories terms.

5. Once you are done with the taxonomies, if you want to show posts associated with certain custom fields then you can enable this particular feature too.

6. You can also enable the filter keyword search to show posts based on a keyword search. For instance – If you enter the keyword to search the post that is related to the keyword for example if the keyword is Hello then it will display posts that match the search term “Hello”:

7. Popular Post option is also there in the builder page that provides you with the liberty of filtering popular posts either by views or comment count.

 Please do check out all the layouts available with WooCommerce. Easy Digital Download and Inbuilt WP Product Manager by simply clicking here 


The following fields are also available in post settings to help you create a perfect ecommerce site:

  • Order By: This is used to sort retrieved posts by parameter.
  • Order:This is used to designates the ascending or descending order of the ‘orderby’ parameter.
  • Post Status: This is used to retrieves posts by Post Status

Now that you know about how can this plugin help you build your blog, we will take you on a tour to all the layouts WP Product Gallery includes. 60+ layouts for making your site welcoming and presentable for the visitors. 60+ to give your site a new look every other day. Let’s check them out here :

The layouts are separately set for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. In here we are showing you all the layouts for WooCommerce.

WP Product Gallery – WooCommerce Layouts

wp product gallery woocommerce layouts

Grid Layout

24 pre-designed beautiful, responsive grid templates ready to use. Full controls of columns in desktop, mobile or tablet.

wp product gallery grid layout

List Layout

5 pre-designed list templates.Manage right or left image position.


wp product gallery list layout

Masonry Layout

8 pre designed ready to use Masonry template.

wp product gallery masonry layout

Slider Layout

7 pre designed slider template.Full control on transition speed, pager,autoplay,controls and many other

wp product gallery slider layout

Carousel Layout

10 pre designed carousel template. Full control on number of slides to show, the transition speed, pager,autoplay,controls and many other settings.

wp product gallery caraousel layout

Frame Layout

5 pre designed frame template.Full controls of columns in desktop, mobile or tablet.

wp product gallery frame layout

Now, these  were the layouts of which you could take advantage of for building your eCommerce site. Let us also take you through all the ribbon templates that come along this plugin.

WP Product Gallery – Ribbon Templates

Gemstone Template

wp product gallery ribbon gemstone template

Edge Template

wp product gallery ribbon edge template

Mulberry Template

wp product gallery ribbon mulberry template

Testimony Template

wp product gallery ribbon testimony template

Circular Template

wp product gallery ribbon circular template

Cathedra Template

wp product gallery ribbon cathedra template

Bow Template

wp product gallery ribbon bow template

Plain Border Template

wp product gallery ribbon plain border template

So, these were the beautiful ribbon templates that add just the right flavor to your eCommerce site. We now take youon a tour of all our  product filters and pagination options.

WP Product Gallery – Product Filters

5 product filters to choose from :

wp product gallery product filters

WP Product Gallery – Pagination Options

Show all your products with number pagination, load more or infinite scroll :

wp product gallery pagination options

WP Product Gallery – Other features

Some more features of this plugin are here below :

  • Lots of configuration option to filter product from all possible wp queries condition.
  • Sort retrieved products from order and order by parameters
  • Show products associated with certain status.
  • Showcase the detail view of product through lightbox.
  • Showcase the product image through swap,scroll and other hover effects.
  • Order your product’s posts with easy pagination options.Standard,load more and infinite scroll pagination.5 each templates for standard and load more pagination.
  • 16 available loader images to show load more and infinite scroll pagination.
  • Feature to preview in backend – test with ease before going live.
  • Enable or disable the share link of the product to the different social media.
  • Show the post detail page from post link or custom link or common link.
  • Show full length or excerpt length of post content.
  • Automatically generated shortcode which can be added to any post, page or templates.
  • Supports various mobile devices so it will be no issue to view in any desktop and mobile devices.

WP Product Gallery is something every eCommerce site needs. And for a perfect eCommerce site, WP Product Gallery is indispensable. Everything you do via this plugin is extremely friendly, works through user interface and hence without coding. The large varieties of layouts offered by this plugin makes your eCommerce site fun and lively for yourself and your visitors. People would love to visit your site and browse through your products – if you make use of the tremendously creative layouts offered by this plugin to showcase your products.

But, hey are you still in a fix about this plugin? Can’t decide whether this plugin is the right one for your eCommerce site ? Not to worry, here down below we have for you – the documentation, demo and purchase link of the plugin. Once you go through these and learn in more detail about the plugin, you can make your choice 🙂

Demo                                              Documentation                                         Buy 

Please check these and let us know in the comment section what you think of this plugin. Got any questions we could answer? Put them in the comment section too. We hope WP Product Gallery becomes a milestone in making your site the best eCommerce site.

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