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If you own an app or have decided to build one, then you need to familiarize yourself with the App Store Optimization (a.k.a ASO) process since it can help in improving the visibility of your mobile app in the app stores.

While some people admit that they don’t have any clue what does ASO means, a few others consider to be something like SEO. Though the latter is partially true, but the process of App Store Optimization is far more complex and requires deep understanding compared to SEO.


When it comes to SEO, the process ends once you have added certain keyword(s) within your website content, so as to make the site appear in search engine result pages (SERPs). However, the SERPs might present relevant or irrelevant queries. ASO also helps generate traffic for an app page, however, it focuses on making the app discovered by loyal users only – the ones who will continue using your app regularly.

Put it simply, ASO is about improving conversion instead of traffic. But, you might be wondering how you can optimize your app store page? I’ve listed some easy-to-follow steps that will help you achieve such an objective in the most efficient manner possible:

1. Search For The Relevant Keywords


This might sound a bit similar to SEO. There are many useful tools such as App Annie and several others that helps in locating relevant search terms for your app-page that increases the chances of attracting potential leads to your app. However, you need to maintain the right balance between the traffic and the level of difficulty – that your users might face when browsing your app pages.

One best way to bring organic traffic to your app store page is to make the process of searching your app and anything related to it a hassle-free process.

2. Provide Clear and Precise App Description

Undoubtedly, keywords research is an excellent way to drive traffic to your app page, but keep in mind that the majority of users prefer installing an app only after reading its description. After all, why would users choose to download an app that doesn’t meet their needs. And so, merely stuffing the content of your app page with keywords is just the first step. The main step lies in creating a detailed yet a precise app description that helps encourage users to download your app.

Remember that potential users are not concerned about keywords, rather they want access to smart and valuable information about the app. Thus, it is important that you should write text that provides some value to your users.

3. Use Interactive and Engaging Screenshots

One of the biggest mistake that app creators (usually novice developers) make is that they add bland screenshots presenting the list of app features. While this might work in the case of popular brands (not to mention, people are always curious to  know what recognized brands have to offer), the same is not true in case of an unfamiliar brand.

In simple words, any start-up brand or a less recognized brand won’t be able to capture users’ attention towards their app page, by adding screenshots to their app that looks nothing more than just a simple banner. Remember that this is an advertising platform that can help you brand get noticed and gives you the opportunity to shine. So, instead of using boring screenshots use ones that tell a story to keep your users engaged.

4. Use a Video to Promote Your App Page

You might have often heard of the strict restrictions Apple impose in publishing an app, but you’ll be happy to hear that Apple doesn’t seem to enforce any guidelines on approving videos (except that it doesn’t contain footage just like the old in-app footage). This means investing in creating a video trailer will help in promoting your app page.

The best aspect about adding a video trailer is that it will make users understand about your product in a much better way, and will keep them entertained.

Experts suggest that your brand logo must help users sense what it is all about. This makes sense considering how the app store is filled with millions of mobile apps. Of course, creating an icon that is unique and conveys your brand message will help users easily recognize your product and brand.

Remember that your brand logo is the first thing that your potential will notice, and can help you stand out from the competitors. So, make sure to create a logo with cool 3D effect that quickly catches the fancy of your users.

6. Choose a Short and Catchy App Name

Apart from your app’s logo, the name of your app can also drive good traffic to your app page. However, make sure that the app name should be captivating and informative. For this purpose, you can include some of the most searched keywords in your app name. Also, a good practice is to choose a short app name since Google Play Store and Apple impose a strict character limitation.

Furthermore, don’t get tempted into choosing an app name solely on what you find interesting and fun. Ensure to spend quality time in researching for your title, as it can have an enormous impact on your search ranking.

7. Choose a Relevant Category For Your App

Every app is associated with a particular category, because it makes it easier for users to find an app based on their exact needs. And so, it is imperative that your app is placed under a relevant category. In fact, focus on choosing a category that helps you stand out from the competition.

Selecting the right app category plays a crucial role in making your app rank highly in your specific arena.

8. Add Reviews and Ratings


Today users usually view previous users’ reviews and ratings about a product carefully, prior to using that product. As a matter of fact, the reviews section is prominently visible on the Google Play store, which will certainly bring any users’ attention to the reviews. This clearly suggests that you should also consider adding reviews and ratings to your app.

A good practice is to highlight all of your app’s positive reviews and immediately respond to negative ones (if any).

Few Other Recommendations:

Apart from the above tips, here are a few other recommendations that you must take into account for optimizing your app store page:

  • You can consider making your app free to download and can charge some fee for the in-app purchases. Or else if you want to charge for your app in the beginning, introduce some offer that is hard to resist.
  • Make sure to provide cultural references along with your app.
  • Measure your results after trying different keywords, descriptions, etc. to analyze which one can help you app succeed.

Let’s Wrap Up!

No matter whether you’re just a beginner or an experienced app developer, you must follow techniques that can help in optimizing your mobile app visibility in app stores to generate traffic. This can be achieved by creating a solid app store page that can compel your potential users to install the app. Remember that your app page is the entry point that influence the users’ mind in installing the app.

But, in case your app page is not attractive it won’t be able to convince your users in using your app. Through this post, I’ve discussed some easy to follow tips that will help you improve your app store page.

Author Bio:

Victoria Brinsley is an app developer working with Appsted – mobile app development company. In case, you are willing to dig out more information about the related services, get in touch with her.

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